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Splurge vs. Steal

Recently I got the opportunity to do some heavy shopping.  One of my best purchases this weekend was… a dress for my sister’s 25th anniversary party!
I really didn’t intend on dress hunting too much, except at the Goodwill.  But my first stop at the mall at ten a.m. was Dillard’s.  I went bargain hunting on the clearance rack and found this beauty!  It has a small tear and also is missing some beads (but comes with extra).  It was on sale for $60 and I got an extra 10% off because of its flaws.  What I like most about it is that I can wear it t this event, but should there be something else that comes up that I need a fancy formal for, it won’t look too bridesmaidy to wear again!
Some of my other purchases include the following photos.  Can you tell which purchases were from the Goodwill and which were new merchadise?

And We’re Off

It’s another Monday and your day is FULL.  You need something professional but sustainable.
How about this wonderful sheath dress in a fall favorite print-
Houndstooth Sheath Dress
Houndstooth Sheath Dress on sale for $50 from Newport News
Top this with your cardigan from Vanity-
Fair Aisle Belted Sweater Cardigan
Add black opaque tights and these sassy little shooties from Payless (Women’s Iris Shootie)-
Womens Christian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Iris Shootie
On sale right now for $45 from Christian Siriano
Add this show stopper necklace-
Lux Juniors Layered Multi-Chain Liquid Rhinestone Necklace
Lux Juniors Layered Multi-Chain Liquid Rhinestone Necklace from Von Maur $22

Go tackle your Monday!

Substitute Sunday School Teacher

Uh oh.  Someone called you to fill in.  Not only are you dressing for church, but it needs to be comfortable and kid-friendly.
Let’s start with our black skirt from JCPenney
Worthington® Pleated Front Skirt
Top if off with our printed blouse from Forever 21-

And throw on your patient leather heels from Newport News-
Patent Stiletto Platform Pumps
This outfit needs something else to spice things up.  Left alone, it makes me want to yawn.
Enhance it with some color-

Tuxedo Collared Blazer $20 from Zara.com
Then add on this necklace from JCPenney-
MNG by Mango® Pendant Necklace
MNG for $32
Okay, now I’m awake.  And so will be those little happy faces ready for their lesson!

What I Own

This is in response to a reader’s question- 

You put alot of clothing/accessories on your blog. Do you have all that stuff(?) 🙂

What are a few of your favorite things that you don’t have, but would like?

Alas I do not own all of the pieces that are posted on this blog.  I would need a bigger closet!  But my closet is pretty extensive, mainly because clothes are my hobby.  Some people enjoy working with clay, I work in clothes.
The clothes that I post are either clothes that I’m currently wishing I could own and/or have something similar in my closet.  As you all know, I am a HUGE bargain shopper, therefore most of my clothing comes pre-owned.  The new pieces that I buy typically represent a trend that I can’t live without in my wardrobe or something I know will go with many other pieces in my closet.
If I do spend “real” money on a piece of clothing, you can almost always bet that it is an accessory.  And by that I mean, shoes, coats, etc.  They can really complete an outfit and transform it into something trendy.  (See post Accessories Addiction for pictures on how accessories can change a look.)
A few of my favorite things that I don’t have but would like right now include some new pairs of practical shoes (see post To Be Or Not To Be).  They are becoming a must have.  I can’t wear my flats every day!  And I’m always on the hunt for printed tops that I like (I’m a print snob) and will work with things I own.

As far as my fantasy wish list items.  This blog is not long enough.  Thanks for the question!

Movie Night

It could be the latest chick flick or maybe it’s a comedy and you need a good laugh, but tonight you’re headed to the theatre for a little bit of melted butter (oh and popcorn too) and your favorite candy indulgence (for me, Junior Mints all the way baby).
Sure, it’ll be dark so the need to dress carefully could be overlooked.  But that simply would not do when you have to stare at some professionally stylied star on the big screen.
Grab a striped t-shirt, like this one from Old Navy on sale for $15-

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, a striped t-shirt is a closet STAPLE.  It is simply a must have.  You pick your shape, color, sleeve-length, etc.  Just watch how wide the stripes are, too wide and you may look wider too.  You must own one.
Throw together with your Loft khakis-
Marisa Slouchy Straight Twill Pants
Unroll your pants and tuck them into your tall boots from Payless-
Womens BrashWomen's Zippy Riding Boot
Pick at your popcorn (or inhale, you choose) with this beautiful ring on-
Alternating Stackable Cream Ring
Limited Alternating Stackable Cream Ring $25 (on sale right now for 1/2 off)
Throw in some new and interesting studs-
1/4 Carat T.W. Brown Diamond Solitaire Earrings in 10kt Yellow Gold
Aren’t these strange?  Brown diamonds?
1/4 Carat T.W. Brown Diamond Solitaire Earrings in 10kt Yellow Gold $109 from Wal-Mart
Now you won’t be envious of the Hollywood costume designer’s put together looks, okay maybe you will.  But find comfort in knowing that you are no fashion slouch!

Now back to my popcorn!

Loving Leather

With the arrival of cool weather means dusting off those leather jackets! And wearing them without sweating! Leather is a must have for fall and winter. It keeps you warm and looks amazing.
Here is a question I received today about finding a leather jacket. See my response below.
Holly – Great outfit today! I was writing to get your input on a leather jacket. I’m looking for something for fall/winter and also something that doesn’t break the bank 😉 Where would you look or what do you know of that is out there? Thanks! Andrea
Thank you so much for the question! LOVE getting comments!
After doing some hunting, here are my recommendations. Keep in mind that for real leather, you almost always are going to be spending over $100. Be careful when buying black leather. It can very easily look too Harley Davidson or 1990s pleather.
1) ASOS Leather Biker Jacket $180
I love this color and also the biker style. It goes great with a feminine dress.Image 1 of ASOS Leather Biker Jacket


2) Macy’s Buffalo Jacket $240 on sale
(Stand Collar Leather Motorcycle)

I love the ruffly collar and fun zippers on this one, not to mention again the color.

3) Bloomington’s Via Spiga Giselle Bomber Jacket with Banded Hem $190 on sale

Via Spiga Giselle Bomber Jacket with Banded Hem
I love the silver color, although you can get it in brown or black.

4) Nordstrom’s Kenneth Cole New York Belted Leather Jacket $298

Kenneth Cole New York Belted Leather Jacket
This one is just a little more sophisticated with the belt and longer length.

5) Then there’s good ole Wilson’s Leather
Pelle Studio Smooth Lamb Asymmetrical 3/4-Length Coat on sale for $230

Pelle Studio Smooth Lamb Asymmetrical 3/4-Length Coat - Wilsons Leather
This coat will have a more traditional trenchcoat like feel to it making it more business worthy, but also maybe a little less versatile?
Hope this helps you!  And don’t forget to watch for sales in January.  Anytime thereafter is great time to buy winter coats, typically marked down 40% off or more!

Out With the Clients Thursday

It isn’t quite work and it isn’t quite NOT work.  Tonight you’re wining and dining clients.  What to wear?
I’d start with our basic white blouse from Delia’s-

Tuck it into a pair of cropped colored trousers that you might not feel comfortable wearing in the office, but yet are business worthy-

I’m kind of in love with these right now.  I’m also having a hot pink moment.  (Maybe I’m just learning to appreciate its punch watching all the NFL players add a bit of it to their uniforms?)
Women’s Cuffed Dress Capris from Old Navy on sale for $33
Keep the look office appropriate and not about your shoes with your Piperlime “loafers”-

The neutral shade will make your feet disappear and lengthen your legs.
Add a small touch of color up by your face with these earrings from The Limited-
Filigree Frame Latchback Earrings
Filigree Frame Latchback Earrings $10
Slip on these bracelets that you may not normally wear to the office-
Image 1 of River Island Gold and tiger print bracelet pack
River Island Gold and tiger print bracelet pack $18 from asos.com


Throw together with this bold tote from Juicy Couture (Gen Y Lovebirds with Bow Tote)
Juicy Couture Gen Y Lovebirds with Bow Tote
At Von Maur for $88
It will house anything work related you need to bring and yet be a fun way from being too serious.
Stick to buying them drinks and you’ll soon be toasting your future endeavors!

Parent/Teacher Wednesday

You’ve worked a hard day, but it ain’t over yet.  Tonight you need to visit with Johnny’s teacher about his progress at a little session known as the Parent/Teacher Conference.
Keep on that flowy blouse you wore to work so you don’t look sloppy.

Military Shirt from Victoria’s Secret on sale $40
Add your trusty GAP jeans.

Belt them with this-
Reversible Croco Belt
a.n.a. Reversible Croco Belt from JCPenney on sale $14
This belt will be a good investment simply because of its classic style and dual colors.
And walk (no running in the hallways) to the meeting in your Kmart flats-

Keep the focus on Johnny and not your accessories with these simple earrings.

Stick Earrings from the Limited on sale for $10
Great outfit.  I’d give you an A+!

Simply Tuesday

I’m in the mood for a cozy cardigan.  Let’s start today’s look with yours from Vanity.
Fair Aisle Belted Sweater Cardigan

Wear a simple tank underneath for climate control (so you’re not sweating at work)-

Splendid Women's Contemporary Basic Tank

Splendid Women’s Contemporary Basic Tank $40 from Von Maur
Sometimes staples are just worth more money.  And then again, sometimes they aren’t.
Combine this with your JCPenney’s black skirt.
FYI, leave the cardi open and it won’t matter how long the skirt’s hem is. Tie the belt behind your waist to wear open and give you some shape.
Worthington® Pleated Front Skirt
Anchor with your Alloy boots and some black opaque tights.

Finally, tame your mane with this headband from SallyBeauty.com
A product thumbnail of DCNL Multi Strand Headwraps

DCNL Multi Strand Headwraps $6


In this outfit, you’re gonna look a little bit tough biker babe but feel like you’re wearing your yoga pants at work!  Happy Tuesday!

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