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Day 2- Christmas Concert

Day 2 continues without relaxing for a moment!  As I had to already think of what to wear in this situation, we’re off to see a Christmas concert. Any time you’re going to see a professional show- e.i. a play, musical, musical group, etc., please do everyone a favor and try to look nice.  It is so sad to see people in the audience who are wearing exactly what they would wear on a bus tour.  (Wait, maybe they did just really get off a tourist bus!) This is a time for dressing up!
Any of the following are acceptable:
1) A dress
2) Anything paired with a skirt
3) Dress pants that are dressy, leave the khakis for work
This is what I chose to wear the other night:

I found an H&M dress (new with tags) at the Goodwill this weekend similar to the one pictured above.  I paired it with black pantyhose and my tall black velvet boots that I bought last year on Black Friday from JCPenney.
Similar to these also from JCPenney (who is still having primarily Black Friday prices!)-
Worthington® Boots, Velvet 'Mercury'
Worthington Boots, Velvet Mercury on sale $30
I kept things simple with my accessories since there was already a lot to look at.  I wore my Premiere “Crystal connection” earrings and my own 5th anniversary ring.
It was a wonderful way to ring in the holidays!

Day 1- His Office Party

The holidays are here officially.  With Alan Jackson’s “Let It Be Christmas” stuck in my head (wonderful song if you’ve never heard it), it’s time to look in your closet and bring out any of the following:
1) Sequins and Sparkle
2) Fur
3) Satin
4) Anything velvet or brocade
Pretty much anything over the top!
These are requirements for the month of December.  Even if you’re just walking the dog.  What other time of year can you get away with such excess?
This month I’ll be posting my 25 Days of Christmas so that hopefully as the stress of Christmas shopping presses on you, you won’t be stressing about what to wear!
I received this question and just in the nick of time!  I know many of you are already worrying about the following… His. Work. Party.  What to wear?!
My hubby’s work Christmas party is this Saturday at a casino. I bought a peachy colored sequin tank top with a mid length slim fitting gray sweater, but I don’t know if that is the right look for a Christmas party & I am having trouble thinking of other ways to wear the sequins!? I have a black blazer & a black “flowy-longer in the front than in the back” open cardigan type thing too. I am open for suggestion & looking for a good excuse to go shopping too! Also, what type of accessories do you wear with sequins?
Thank you for your question!  At his work party, you can be the trophy wife.  Put your hair up and have a good time, there isn’t any business dealings you have to make.  So leave the conservative sweater at home and find a more fun way to cover up!
Gotta love me some sequins!!  There are a million ways to wear them!  Think of sequins the way you would a t-shirt and the possibilities will be endless.  Sequins are absolutely appropriate for a Christmas work party, especially at a casino!
There are two ways to wear sequins, dressed up or down.  If you’re going to be wearing this top for a day at work, I’d stick to casual fabrics and solid colors.  But in your case, you’re dressing this top up, I’d pair the sequins with a fabric as equally fabulous.
Here are a few ideas:
1) Velvet pants or even leggings, flats and a satin jacket
2) Shiny tuxedo-like black pants, shooties and an awesome coat
OR a fabulous full skirt!  (My personal favorite.)
I like the following two for a peachy color theme-
plumes in paradise skirt
Plumes in Paradise Skirt from ModCloth for $82 or-

Free People Rosey Holiday Skirt $128 from ShopBop
(There are also some wonderful ones from JCrew if you are willing to spend a few more $$$.)
Top the outfit off with your black blazer (or a white one) to keep it from looking too feminine and to have more coverage. Always keep in mind your proportions.  If you are wearing something slinky on top, cover up on the bottom and vice versa.  And don’t forget to tuck in your top so you can show off your waist!
Add on some heels, and we’re not talking your every day pumps.  Throw on something fun!  You could do something like these-
Olsenboye Pepper Pumps
Olsenboye Pepper Pumps from JCPenney $40 (plus free shipping on all shoes right now)
Yes they are sparkly also but on a smaller scale and in a neutral.  Plus peach and gold look great together.
For accessories, especially when wearing sequins, keep them streamlined.  That doesn’t mean you can’t sparkle, it just shouldn’t compete with your top.  I’d go for some fun gold hoop earrings, like these-
Kenneth Cole Linked Teardrop Earrings
Kenneth Cole Linked Teardrop Earrings from Von Maur on sale $20
And also a gold bangle like this one-
R.J. Graziano Sculpted Cuff Bangle
R.J. Graziano Sculpted Cuff Bangle on sale $18 also from Von Maur
I hope you enjoy your night out!
Below are a few picts to give you sequins inspiration.
Heidi Klum rocking a sequins day outfit-

(Photo courtesy of
Blake Lively sporting sequins-

(Photo courtesy of
And here are three sequin dresses-

(Photo courtesy of

Life Happens

Well, I’m going to delay one more day with my start of the 25 days of Christmas.  Life happened today and I had to pick up the kids from school in my yoga pants.  Not only that, but I was told I was in yoga pants by two good friends.  Neat.  In my defense, this is WHY I was in yoga pants.
1)  Just got home from Thanksgiving vacation and have been trying to find the floor of my home ever since.
2)  Had a big night out planned with my husband and his coworkers to see a concert. (FYI-Date nights do NOT happen in this household.)
3)  Did not want to dirty anything nice before dressing up for said concert.
Other than that-
4) I was a complete lazy bum all day.  🙂  I even went to pick up our dog from the kennel without makeup on and THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN.
But these days happen.  And I know they happen a lot for moms every day.  All we can do is strive to make them few and far between.
It is nice to know for all of you out there that even the fashion blogger has yoga pant days.
See you tomorrow!

4 Rules of Fashion

I’m not sure where I remember hearing these first.  It could have been one of my favorite shows (What Not to Wear, of course!) or perhaps in a magazine.  But these four rules will help you put any outfit together and help “idiot proof” your style.
Four Basic Fashion Rules
The following help build an outfit:
1) Color
2) Texture
3) Pattern
4) Shine
If your outfit has one or all four of these basic rules, it is going to help create visual interest.
For an example of a model wearing all four, here’s a picture from the Loft-
She has color in her corduroys and belt, texture in the fur collar and cabling of the sweater vest, pattern in the shirt and fur and shine in her shoes and jewelry.
You definitely do not have to have all four in one outfit like this, but you should try for at least one.
I find that us Midwestern women tend to overlook number three, for whatever reason.  Maybe it’s because so many of us had hated 80s prints that we vowed never to be caught dead in them again when the 90s black and tan minimalism rolled around.  That combined with how hard it is to find patterns that you like.  Do some web browsing right now at your favorite store and you’ll see how many plain shirts you will see.  They are just easier to find and easier to buy.  When you pick up a basic black t-shirt, you know the countless ways you can use it.  But a printed blouse?  A little harder.
My focus lately is to try and buy more prints.
They just expand your wardrobe.  Now you can take all of those basic colored items you already own and make a visual stimulating outfit.  You will instantly look more pulled together.
This goes for accessories too.  How many solid colored scarves do you own?  I bet more than the printed ones?  What about coats?  I bet you have black or red or white, but do you have tweed?  Do you have an orange one?
Think of clothing in new ways to help expand what you already own.  And use these four rules to broaden your mind when it comes to your wardrobe.
It isn’t as hard as it looks!
p.s.  Tune in tomorrow for the start of 25 days of Christmas!

25th Wedding Anniversary

I finally found it, the dress I’m going to wear for my sister’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration…

Tada!  It is from Dillard’s and is my most favoritest purchase of a recent girl’s weekend of shopping.  And I got it at a steal!  It needs a bit of sewing but I’m so excited about it!  She asked me to wear a long black dress.  She knows I’m not a big fan of black, but this dress I think I can wear to many different occasions, should I need a gown.  You may be seeing this again and again!  It had a few small issues.  It has a small rip on a strap in the back and it is missing some beads.  But these are all easy fixes and because of those issues I got an extra 10% off the final clearance price!  We are talking about less than $60 for a dress that was originally in the $150 price range.  Oh the sweetness of a good deal.  Now I hope that I can dance and enjoy the night with equal excitement!

Beauty Shop Saturday

I’m not a large beauty blogger.  Occasionally I stumble upon a product that I simply LOVE and think it is worth sharing.  And as most of you are pretty busy on the weekend, I decided I’m going to do a little post each Saturday devoted to a beauty product.
Today’s product is Cover Girl’s new mascara, promoted by Taylor Swift, natural luxe water resistant mouse mascara (on sale at CVS Pharmacy for $8) which comes in very black, black and black/brown.  It is simply wonderful.
CoverGirl Natureluxe Mascara Very Black 520
You can find it almost anywhere that sells Cover Girl products.  What I love about it is the way it feels.  I hate the way your traditional drugstore waterproof mascara feels.  The little black spikes on my eyelashes aren’t very comfy.  And sometimes you just feel better wearing waterproof mascara versus non.  This mascara is soft, and as I wore it to a funeral recently, also water resistant.  Plus, you can find it anywhere and it doesn’t break your bank account. It’s a three pointer! 
I highly recommend this mascara.  It’s just a great every day mascara that doesn’t look invisible and feels comfortable.  Comment and tell me what your favorite mascaras are and why!

Family Get Together

We get double the family time when we travel.  So we’ll have our second Thanksgiving get together on Saturday.

This year I have this skirt that I purchased at the Goodwill (originally from JCPenney by Worthington) that I’m excited to wear.  To dress it down just a bit, I’m pairing it with this cashmere sweater (Ann Taylor) and this soft little faux sherling Sweater Project vest (both also purchased at the Goodwill).
For shoes, I’m planning on wearing my Steve Madden clogs again.
And for accessories, I’ll add on my brown Premier jewelry I purchased this fall with a little bangle that I picked up who knows where?!
I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving with lots of family!

Black Friday

Oh, it is next to a religious experience.  Mainly because I get to spend the entire day shopping with my sister without interruptions.  For us, it isn’t so much about the deals (although we definitely pick up those!) but being together and doing what we do best…shopping!
For a day like this you must focus on what is quick, comfortable and easy.  You may be shopping from sun up to sun down and you may be trying on clothes, walking for miles, standing in long lines and carrying loads of bags.
This year I’m wearing these jeans from Banana Republic and this red zip up sweater coat from Carolyn Taylor ( purchased from the Goodwill) to avoid having to bring a heavy coat inside stores.  The t-shirt is from Old Navy.

Don’t forget cute little Sketchers sneakers!
Keep the accessories simple.  For me, it’ll just mean grabbing these Premier earrings that echo the grommets in the shirt.  I may potentially sleeping in them as well!
Happy Hunting!

Thanksgiving Day

Outfit #2-Thanksgiving Day

I like to wear something a little more special than just jeans on a holiday.  This year I will wear this faux wrap dress by London Times (originally from Macy’s but purchased at the Goodwill!).
To keep it casual, I’m going to pair it with my Payless boots and Target knee high socks.
And for accessories, this time, I’ll just wear this big chunky necklace from Von Maur.
There are so many things I’m thankful for this year- good health, my husband and kids, my family and devoted readers!  But mostly to God for blessing me with all of these!

What I’m Packin’

For Thanksgiving, that is.  I’ve had some requests to put on my blog outfits that I put together for myself.  I would glad do more of this, but the photo quality is not going to be stellar.  So you’ll have to put up with my poor photography skills.
This Turkey Day weekend, I’ll be packing mostly fall colors, oranges, pea greens, browns and reds.  It just makes me feel a little more fallish.
Outfit #1-Travel Day

You need to pack something comfortable, so I’m going with these dark “Starlet” jeans by Joe’s Jeans, my pea green t-shirt from Loft and this pea green scarf from JCPenney that I’m going to tie into an infinity loop. If you’ve forgotten how to do that, check out The Skinny on Scarves.
For shoes, probably my Steve Madden clogs so I can slip them off when in the truck.
And don’t forget the accessories!  Here’s what I’m pairing with this look-
Some small mixed metal teardrop earrings and a hammered metal ring.

Hope we get there safely!

*writer retains the right to change these outfits at her discretion (as they have not been tried on yet! 🙂

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