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Today I am a little uninspired.  Could be cuz it’s Monday, could be because I had a long day yesterday (it’s not like I’m a rock star and had a big show last night, geez), could be that I can barely shut my bathroom door due to the amount of laundry in there.  But alas, I keep on keeping on.
Here’s my Pinterest look today-
Pinned Image
(From stylezi.com)
And here is my version-

(Wow, black is really hard to photograph without good lighting.)
Turtleneck (JCPenney)
Jeans (iT)
Boots (Nine West)
Necklace (Cookie Lee)
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling a little less s-l-o-w!

15 Years

I’ve seen a good friend of mine from high school maybe twice in 15 years.  So when we got to spend an important day together, I was very excited!  Melissa Ohden is such an inspiration!  She is an abortion survivor and an international prolife speaker and my little church was so honored to have her speak today. (Please check out her website- melissaohden.com for more information!)
Here’s a picture of us at our senior prom (I almost had water come out my nose when I found this picture).  Hilarious!

I’m seriously wondering where that 17 year old body went.  Ug. Not to mention I now know where all my wrinkles are from, geez I was way too dark! Here was the outfit I chose to wear for this event at my church based on Pinterest-
Pinned Image
(From dorothyperkins.com)

My version (please be kind to this photo, it was taken after being at church today for over eight hours) included:
Blouse (Banana Republic)
Skirt (Kmart)
Heels (Sears)
I added a jacket (JCPenney) because it was borderline too uninteresting with no pattern or statement piece or pop of color.
And by this time I had already taken off most of my jewelry (and my hose too)- sorry!  
I also had a wardrobe malfunction!  (These kind of things only happen when you write a fashion blog).  My husband noticed my zipper in the back was starting to pull apart about a half hour before things were supposed to start.  And I had no time to drive home to change!  So I safety pinned the skirt, turned it around (the front didn’t look much different from the back) and untucked my shirt to cover the pins.  It was a little sloppy but at least no one noticed!  I can tell you I had a few stressing moments in the bathroom however!
It was a great day and I’m exhausted.  Thanks again Melissa!

My Night Out

It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a blue moon, I get a night out.  I guess it’s acceptable when you’re meeting a friend that you haven’t really seen in 15 years.  Here’s the outfit I copied from Pinterest-
Pinned Image
(From polyvore.com)
Here’s my take on the look-

Blazer (JCPenney)
Velvet cami (Wal-Mart)
Shirt (Sears)
Jeans (Gap)
Heels (Banana Republic)
Jewelry (JCPenney)
Here’s to a fun night!

Old Hose

I’m not sure if ya’ll saw the YouTube sock bun hair curls video that went around on Facebook, but in case you missed it, I’ll explain.  There are countless ways to use old pantyhose.  Now, I’m of the variety that tries to buy a nicer quality pair of hose and wash them by hand to wear again.  I know it inspires an image in your head of pantyhose all over the bathroom drying.  Yup, that’s where I’m from.  I was taught to take care of my clothes and I’m sure this stems from the generation of women in my family who came through the Depression who were forced to reuse.  As long as there are no runs in the hose, they can and should be worn again!
Should your pantyhose have a mishap (mine are often the victims of my jagged unmanicured Mommy fingernails), then it is time to put them to use.
Somebody out there in cyberworld discovered a great use for old pantyhose, hair ties!  Not only do they never snag (no metal pieces) but they make excellent bun shapers.  And in this one particular video, you can make wonderful curls out of old socks.  Well, I challenge that by using something even softer and more pliable, pantyhose!
The directions include (and this is an overnight process):
1) Have your hair damp and combed through
2) Take a snipping of old pantyhose in the leg somewhere so it resembles a rubber band.
3) Pile your hair into a ponytail on top of your head using a piece of the hose and your hairband
(On top of your head is simply so that you’ll not only have body to your hair tomorrow but so you won’t be sleeping on the bun at the back of your head all night)
4) Take another section of cut off pantyhose (make this one longer, more like a kid’s sock length) and starting at the base by the hairband, encase all the hair until the ends of your ponytail (it helps if you pull the ends straight up). 
5) Roll the hair on top of the hose down to the base of the ponytail into a large bun, tucking the ends under as you go
6)  Now go to sleep
7)  The next morning, voila!  You take out your bun and you’ll have luscious curls
Note, the longer the hair, the more curls and better this will work.
What are your uses for old pantyhose?

(Image courtesy of bigboxsave.com)
One other tip I’ve found for old pantyhose -emergency bras.  Cut off the waist and you have an instant tube bra or cover up if your white bra is showing through your black dress.

Taking It Easy

Today’s image from Pinterest was pretty casual (and to be honest, kinda boring).  But normally I’m not too fancy on a daily basis so it is more like how I’d look when not trying (and have made the attempt to get out of yoga pants ;).
Pinned Image
(From polyvore.com)
I think if I would have had a sweater with a little more pattern in it, like this one, I would have been happier.  But this is what I had in my closet-

White t-shirt (Mossimo)
Knit grey sweater (Gap)
Jeans (Gap)
Boots (Payless)
Belt (Target)
Two-Tone Necklace (Cookie Lee)
Cross Necklace (Dollar General)


So, I’ve decided to try a week of copycat looks from Pinterest.  Lately, it has been a source of inspiration.  Please stick with me as I experiment with camera work.  My photographer is a four and half year old.  (If he grows up to be a professional, you’ll know where it started.)
Here’s today’s look to copy-
Pinned Image
(Pinned from Wendy’s Lookbook at Pinterest)
Here’s my poor man’s version-
How to create the look:
1) Short sleeved sweater with large collar (Victoria’s Secret)
2) Printed top underneath (Gap)
3) Flare leg jeans (Old Navy)
4) Statement necklace (Premiere jewelry)

Creating an Outfit 101

Back to reality from my brief fling with spring breaking.  (Stay tuned later this spring for a series on city specific outfits.)  And now back to this month’s random randoms.
I was trying to create the ultimate easy to follow, how-to-put-an-outfit-together process.  Imagine if you will I’m in A Beautiful Mind writing formulas all over the library windows.  When suddenly I came across the following on Pinterest. Why should I try to reinvent the wheel?  This is the simplest way I know of putting pieces together and another man’s genius!
Pinned Image
(From jodinoted.blogspot.com via Pinterest)
Print and post on your closet door.  This is a simple mantra that if used daily will result in fabulous attire.
Oh dear, I truly love it.  I’m off now to decode some top secret projects for the government.

A Short Six Days, Seven Nights

Most of us want to be somewhere warm when heading out for spring break!  Hopefully that doesn’t equal Mexico and running around making Girls Gone Wild videos.  (Remind me to never let my daughter go on spring break!)
Just like Anne Heche in Six Days, Seven Nights, we want to relax and soak up some sun.

(Image courtesy of Anneheche.com)
Little does she know what she’s in for, but with Harrison Ford as her co-pilot, does one need to worry?  Let’s face it, Han Solo can probably keep you safe.
For me lately, I think if I were headed somewhere warm, without the kids, I’d probably pack my toothbrush, a swimsuit and a smile.  And those six days, seven nights might really fly by.  But if you have more indepth plans than just having Coronas on the beach (where can I find those matching his and her tubs?), here’s what to pack.
First off, a great day dress is essential.  Here’s one that caught my eye-

The Corset Dress in Eyelet from Victoria’s Secret $80
Mostly I love its color.  My mood brightens just looking at it.  And those ladies over at the Victoria’s Secret know what they are doing when it comes to the beach and the sun.  Trust me.
Now let’s add on a pair of sandals that make you want to order a Sex on the Beach (the drink that is!).
Wagger by Steve Madden at Piperlime $45
What else to pack?  Number one, a killer suit (did I mention Newport-News is having any swimsuit for $10 right now- sizes are hard to find but I’ll excuse you if you need to browse right now).  You’ll also need: a pair of shorts, a sweater (surprise!  for on the plane and also for out at night), a tank and some flat sandals.
And whatever you do at your beach destination, always remember who you are in love with, don’t take plane rides alone with crazy puddle jumping pilots and let those six days and seven nights completely transform you!

City Slick

If you’re headed to a dude ranch for vaca, you could be feeling like a little like Billy Crystal in this movie. 

(Image courtesy of braindancingsmorgasbord.blogspot.com)
I know I’m dating myself with this film, but, it is a total classic.  There was a time when Billy Crystal’s humor (think When Harry Met Sally) was undeniably hilarious.  And I haven’t seen this show in years, making the jokes all the more funny after an almost ten year hiatus…
Whatever you do at your ranch, you’ll want to wear a pair of really trusty jeans-
Levi’s Modern Supreme Curve Skinny Bootcut Jeans $78
If you want to go cowboying, I’d stick with some classic jeans, like Levi’s.  This time, leave the high end jeans at home.
And although it’s been said lately that head to toe denim isn’t necessarily a fashion no-no, I disagree. I have yet to think anyone looks that wonderful in a denim suit.  Forgo Billy Crystal’s look (including the baseball cap) below with this top instead-
Free People Western Printed Buttondown Shirt $88
This top is so adorable.  It is a little bit prairie meets cowgirl.  And I love the color.

(Image courtesy of sports.yahoo.com)
 Every cowgirl needs a great pair of cowboy boots.  Here’s what I’d wear-

Volatile Ryder Knee-High Boot from Endless approximately $117
Aren’t those gorgeous?  Makes me want to take a trail ride!
To complete your cowgirl vacation, this city slicker would pack these items too:  a blanket coat, a knee-length prairie skirt and a crocheted sweater.
Even the real City Slickers worried about what they wore-
Mitch Robbins: I wish you hadn’t worn this jacket.
Ed Furillo: What’s wrong with it?
Mitch Robbins: Well, look at it – it’s got your name and your picture on it. It’s a little grotesque.
Ed Furillo: I’m proud of what I do.
Phil Berquist: So is the President – he doesn’t wear his picture on his suit.
Ben Jessup: Hi.
Mitch Robbins: [shaking his hand] Hi, Mitch Robbins.
Ed Furillo: I’m Ed Furillo – I sell sporting goods.
Mitch Robbins: Show him your jacket.
Phil Berquist: I’m Phil Berquist. I committed adultery; lost my job and my family.
Mitch Robbins: His jacket’s being made.

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