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BSS- Favorite Hair Accessory

Lately I have noticed that Hollywood loves their headbands.  And I have to say, they are my go-to hair accessory.  There are so many different ways to wear them and come in so many widths and styles.  They really can complete a look.
When I workout, I’m almost always in a headband.  Not only do I feel they absorb some of the sweat and keep it out of my hair, but they also keep my bangs from flapping in my face.
Headbands can be the complete opposite.  They can be uber fancy.  Check out this picture of Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes-

Image courtesy of
That’s a headband on steroids.  But it really adds another fun dimension to her outfit.
There is also those every day headbands that get us from one hair wash to another.  And keep us looking stylish while doing it.
Here are a few more stars in headbands-

Nicole Richie
Image courtesy of

Anne Hathaway
Image courtesy of

Kristen Bell
Image courtesy of
And here’s one that you’ll be seeing a lot of, wearing the headband over your head (oh so very bohemian)-

Taylor Swift
Headbands, they’re not just for little girls anymore!

Day Twenty-two- Dinner Hostess

Better get that meat defrosting because company’s coming.  And you’re the cook.  Hopefully you have at least one dish you can make well.
What you wear will be the last thing on your mind, so dress early and keep it easy.
I’d start tonight with your mint sweater-
Honeycomb cable sweater
Combine with your floral skirt (you knew this combo was coming, didn’t you?)-
Xhilaration® Juniors Tulip Skirt - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Make it look like you really thought about this by adding on a big belt-
Beaded Stretch Belt with Hand-Carved Buckle
Beaded Stretch Belt with Hand-Carved Buckle from Newport-News $80
Yes, that is a lot of money to spend on a belt but this one is pretty amazing.  (You can always wait for it to go on sale.) And don’t forget, this will go over your sweater.  And don’t let the ribbons of your skirt show.  You don’t need two belts.  🙂
Go barefoot!  Contessa!

Day Twenty-one- Soccer Match

You could seriously be freezing or perhaps peeling off your sweater.  Be prepared for the weather by dressing in layers.
First off, your cardi sweater, buttoned up and over maybe a little cami-

Limited sweater
Add on some skinny jeans that you’ll feel good (especially when sitting in a camping chair)-

Women’s Skinny Trouser Jeans from Old Navy on sale $30
If you get a chill, take along your trench-

Kmart trench
And hopefully avoid the mud in these loafers-

Old Navy loafers
I wouldn’t forget to pack a cooler.  You know the kiddos are going to be hungry and thirsty!

Thermal Picnic Tote shown in Awesome Blossom from Thirty One Bags $35
(If you need the name of a consultant, let me know.  I know a great one!)
Go team!

Day Twenty- Baking Day

You’re testing it out to see if today you can make Martha Stewart-worthy cookies.  Or maybe a Julia Child souffle!  Either way, you’ll be in the kitchen most of the day.
I’d start with your skinny jeans.  Maybe wearing them will give you incentive to stay out of the cookie dough.  (I know, it won’t work for me either.)

Skinny jeans from 6pm
Add a tee for a top-
Thick Crochet Lace Tee Thick Crochet Lace Tee Thick Crochet Lace Tee
Thick Crochet Lace Tee from Charolotte Russe $20
Feel like a true culinary classic in a retro apron-
Floral Full Sweetheart Apron
Floral Full Sweetheart Apron by MyEmptyNestDesigns on Etsy $30
Don’t you kinda miss aprons?  I remember my mom always wearing one on Sunday mornings.
When you are done baking, be sure to call me over!

Day Nineteen- Doctor Visits

It’s well-checkups, dentist appointments and eye exams, oh my!  It’s hard work keeping everyone healthy!
Wear an outfit that won’t wither in the waiting room.
I’d start with a button up (be sure to tuck it in!)-

Ruffle Button Down Short Sleeve Top from Loft $45
I’m a total sucker for a cute little white top.
Add a pop of color to this outfit with this belt-
Image 1 of Pieces Nanine Skinny Belt
Pieces Nanine Skinny Belt from Asos $16
Oo, I just love that color!
Loop that belt through your flared jeans-

Gap jeans
And for a shoe?  How about these for light and feminine?

C Label Women’s Taffy 1-B Espadrille from Amazon $40
You’re still comfy but classic.  Now if only there were an answer for talking kids into shots….

Day Eighteen- Movie Nite

It’s chick flick nite at the picture show.  Don’t miss a single preview running late because you aren’t dressed.
Let’s start with the printed blouse-
Sweet Pea Women's Contemporary Shirred Top with Tie at Waist
Sweet Pea top from Von Maur
Keep it casual in your flared jeans-

Gap jeans
Throw on top this sweet little jacket-

Leatherette Bomber Jacket from Forever 21 $30
And add on your wedges-

Piperlime wedges
Don’t forget the tissues!  This could be a tearjerker!

Day Seventeen- Church

The big day is here.  Look presentable in your striped dress-

Banana Republic dress
Keep it simple with only the addition of this necklace-

Long Cross Necklace from Mango $20
And lastly add a pair of respectable heels-

Miss Me Spiral-1 at 6pm $20
You don’t have to be in church to be a Christian, but a Christian will be in church!

Matching Your Shoes with Your Hair

I know this concept may sound crazy.  But trust me, it happens every day in Hollywood.  Can’t decide what shoes look best with an outfit?  Match them to your hair color.  Have a dress that has a bold hue in it and leaves you wondering what shoes go with it?  Yup, match to your hair color.
For BSS today, we’re not discussing a product but a theory.  Does the matching your shoes to your hair color thought process really work?
I’m not talking about if you’re a brunette, you need brown heels.  Think in terms of generalities.  If you’re blond, go nude.  If you have dark hair, go dark.
If you don’t believe me, here is some proof-
Ali Larter in David Webb
Ali Larter
Kate Beckinsale in Alexander McQueen
Kate Beckinsale
Viola Davis in Victoria Beckham
Viola Davis
Note- you might think with a white dress, she’d choose a metallic but she chooses black heels instead!
Emma Stone in Elie Saab
Emma Stone
Note- in the case of redheads, I find they often go nude and match their porcelain skin tone.
Jennifer Aniston in Chanel
Jennifer Aniston
Amanda Seyfried in Nina Ricci
Amanda Seyfriend
One of my best examples.
Taylor Swift in Honor
Taylor Swift
Leighton Meester in Prada
Leighton Meester
Another redhead example.
Alexa Chung in Louis Vuitton
Alexa Chung
ginnifer goodwin - golden globes - short
Ginnifer Goodwin
Felicity Jones in Proenza Schouler
Felicity Jones
All images courtesy of Instyle.
Now that you know this secret, keep watch for it.
I really like this concept.  I think the result balances out your look in general.  You look head to toe complete.  And also helps answer that question that so many of us have had at one time or another, what shoes go with this outfit!?

Day Sixteen- Storytime

You’re off with the kids to a magical place where your imagination takes flight- the library.  Just being there makes you feel more inspired and that possibilities are endless.  I think it may be the cure for the winter blues!
More than likely you’ll be chasing your youngest around the place, so let’s keep things comfortable but sassy.
I’d pair your printed blouse-
Sweet Pea Women's Contemporary Shirred Top with Tie at Waist
Sweet Pea top from Von Maur
with some comfy leggings-

Essential Leggings from Anthropologie $15
Top off with your hoodie since your blouse may not be quite long enough-

Macy’s hoodie
Add some flats-
Womens Christian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Michelle Ballet Flat
Christian Siriano for Payless Women’s Michelle Ballet Flat on sale $35
And this necklace-

Butterfly Medallion Necklace from Forever 21 $7
(A butterfly in the sky, reminiscent of Reading Rainbow.)
And remember that the books you read as a child become a part of you like no other reading will again!

Day Fifteen- Kid Home Sick

Junior isn’t feeling well and needs to stay home from school.  It may be a long day (and night) for you, depending on the sickness.  So be comfortable and try to enjoy the time together anyway.
I’d wear your good ole knit pants-
MICHAEL Michael Kors Straight Leg Ponte Knit Pants
Michael Kors from Nordstrom’s
Find yourself a comfy t-shirt-

Mossimo Women’s Rounded V-Neck Stripe Tee from Target $10
And cozy up to your child in your hoodie-

Ideology Cardigan from Macy’s
Strap on some retro feeling thong slippers which remind me a little of Blanche from the Golden Girls….

Isotoner Cabanas Safari X Slide Slippers from Younkers $20
That’ll cure what ails at least you!

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