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Half Bath

Last time you saw this room, it was in the “in between” stage.  And it looked like this-

(You can check out more “before” picts here.)

Now, it is much more fabulous.  Wallpaper is off, walls are “fixed” and paint is on.  And it is a lovely deep shade of teal green with a hint of dark gray.  And it’s perfect for that little tiny half bath. 

Paint is Evening Coast by Dutch Boy

Formal Living

Well, I saved one of the best for last.  But with this room, I’m having some trouble not only figuring out what color it should be, but also how to make it more functional. 
These days, a formal living room is pretty much wasted space.  What really is a “parlor” and a place where you formally meet company just doesn’t really fit anymore with how the majority of Americans live.  Yes, it would be grand, say, I lived in a mansion.  But I don’t have rooms to just waste space.  I love to use every last square inch of every room I have in my house.
So this room has to become more than just a formal living space, it has to be a real living space.  It also has to look exceptionally nice since it the room most people will sit down in and enjoy when visiting.
Here’s what it looks like now-

And I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but, I think I may not be painting this room!  Isn’t it glorious.  My hands and wrists thank me.  This may be the last of the heavy cream through out the house.
Now, the question remains.  What to put in it? 
Right now we just don’t have enough seating but I’m sure that’ll be something we purchase in the near future.  I also have the TV in this room because I fear if we don’t put it in here, no one will ever sit in it. 
What’s left to add?  What other ways can I make this room more useful?

Potting Bench

I hate to show the “before” but I have to go there.  This is what will eventually be my potting bench, in the garage.  Right now it is buried underneath unpacked items and things that will go on my garage sale. 

But here is my inspiration for a space I hope to house all my gardening items.  Don’t get me wrong, this girl has anything but a green thumb, but I do enjoy the plant suicide process.

Pinned Image

Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

seenandsaid:  From Bloomacious Digs

Image courtesy of via Pinterest

I’ll do my best to keep my green things living but there’s no guarantee that I can make it happen.  At least I’ll have a cute place to house all of my empty pots!

Happy Memorial Day

It’s a day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers, both men and women.  And a day to remember our soldiers who are away from their families and friends, fighting and keeping watch in the name of our country.
It is also a day where we remember the deceased and what they have meant in our lives. 
It is a solemn day, to be sure, but also the beginning of summer and a promise of a season full of joy.
What does all  that have to do with fashion and a home makeover?  Nothing.  But I thought it should be said.
So today I’ll post a picture of my dining room progress (and a big thank you to my painting fairies!) and we’ll spend the rest of the day thanking veterans, thanking soldiers past and present and looking forward to a big reunion with those whom have passed for when I too will be gone.

Dining room painted in Huntington Beige from Benjamin Moore

Craft Cubby

I’m not a huge crafter, but every girl needs her space.  And mine is going to be this room-

In it I plan to wrap presents, work on scrapbooks, sew and have a place to create.
I have a small old kitchen table that I’m hoping to add a few cheap shelves to the end and create a craft cubby, just like these-

Pinned Image

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Pinned Image

Image courtesy of Google via Pinterest

I will be painting the walls that are drywalled and the peg board in the corner and amongst all of the boxes of Christmas decorations and children’s memorabilia not in use will be a special place all my own!

Welcome to the Holiday Inn

Bathroom that is.  Actually, I think the Holiday Inn would have better taste.  Here is today’s bathing beauty…the basement bathroom.  Oh it is a sad little bathroom, full of brass, oak and complete pastiness.  It has the personality of a hotel room.
And that needs to change.  But again, I’m stuck trying to figure out what color to start with as this bathroom butts (pun intended) against the basement’s brown.  Red perhaps?

What do you think?  Will it please people the world over?

Kids’ Corner

I got some sad news today and it involved the loss of a baby.  No, not mine.  But has left me feeling very down and appreciating my little ones so much.  It is always sad when a little life is cut short.  But our babies are gifts from God for however many minutes, days, months or years He chooses to give them to us.  And each moment is precious.  Even the ones where they make you want to scream.
So I think tonight we’ll talk about the kids’ corner.
My middle son discovered a wonderful place to play.  He’s even lost a few Lincoln Logs in the ceiling in this spot already.  In a shot that I could not repeat if I was paid.  Under the stairs we have a little space in the basement for storage.  And while I did not initially consider this for a play space, I think it might make a good spot.
Here’s what it looks like now-

For one, it has a fun space to crawl into and disappear.  What kid doesn’t like to tunnel through things?  Secondly, I could use some of the ideas I found on Pinterest to create a cute and organized space.  And if I can’t, I can always shut the door.  🙂

Image courtesy of via Pinterest

Pinned Image

Image via Pinterest

Pinned Image

Image courtesy of via Pinterest

Company’s Coming

Our guest bedroom is just about going to get its first usage, so I thought you might like to see it.  It is in the basement and still has stark WHITE walls and I’m having some trouble deciding on a paint color.
Here’s how it looks with the bare bones furniture-

And here’s a picture of the comforter for the bed.  This room adjoins my brown basement so whatever paint color I choose, it has to “go.”

I’ve thought about just doing a cream but at this point I’m a little scared to see the color go up on account of me.  I’m slowing trying edge out the cream.
The other color I considered was a mossy green to pick up some of the colors in the comforter.  I’m not sure what they look like on your monitor, but they are really more of a coral red.  I was thinking that might also go well with the brown.
Here’s an upclose picture-

Here’s a few options-

Benjamin Moore’s Baby Turtle
Benjamin Moore’s Providence Olive

What do you think?  Am I totally barking up the wrong tree?  Too Christmasy?

My Ballers

Thank goodness for little boys.  Mine make life interesting.  And they sure are active! 
Their room was previously done in a sports theme in our old home and I’m still enjoying it for them.  I love being able to pick what goes in their room.  I know I’m only a few short years away from being told what’s cool and what’s not.  (Sigh.)
Here’s what their room looked like at first-

All I did to this room was paint the stripe red.  Previously it was orange and we seem to have more red accents than orange.  I’m not in love with the colors in their room, but I know they work well with their sports quilts and their navy furniture.
So I saved myself a little bit of work there.  And until they complain about it, this is how it will look-

Off to t-ball!

A New Chapter

Now that we are officially in our new house and all of our stuff too, and there is a LOT of stuff, this operation PAINT JOB is going to much more difficult and time constrained.  Thank goodness May is almost over because I’ve nearly shown you every room in the house.  When May is over, I’ll return to my “normal” life in the fashion world.  But I won’t disappoint, when I have a room more “completed,” I’ll snap some photos for you so you can see the transformations.
In the meantime, let’s discuss the kitchen.
The kitchen is wonderful and disappointing, all at the same time.  While the cabinets are new and in great shape (yea!) they are also golden oak and arranged so that the kitchen looks tiny.  Instead of utilizing the very large rectangular room the kitchen is housed under, it is shoved into a small corner, cut off by an l-shaped island that I’m sad to report is topped off with the exact same countertop that we just replaced in our former home that probably dates back to 1989 (it’s haunting me). 
Here’s a photo-

While there is room for a kitchen table, my family doesn’t own one nor would we probably ever use it. We are simply used to sitting at the island for each meal.
So here’s the plan. Let’s change the kitchen. Goal one, take cabinet color to my personal favorite and classic white. Goal two, change the shape of that island to utilize the space in the room and to replace dated countertops.
My idea for the island is to turn it so that it runs parallel the sink and extends more into the space where the kitchen table would sit.  It also would need to be able to sit five stools around the space so that our whole family can eat together.
The other solution involves…paint.  We’ve investigated new cabinet fronts, professional painters, a whole kitchen replacement and we’re left thinking that we’ll try a product called Kitchen Transformations.  I’ll let you know when we are brave enough and have time enough to undertake this task.
The only thing I really know is, kitchens sell your home.  If yours is less than stellar, don’t pour your money into bedrooms, bathrooms, backyards.  Where do you spend most of your time?  There is no doubt, in the kitchen.
And I’m hoping that someday soon ours will be a place where we’d like to spend all of our time.

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