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Belt It Up

I had to steal a day from the beginning of the month.  I love belts.  They are such a fun way to make a ho-hum outfit into a pulled together look.  This dress is pretty basic but when I paired it with this belt, it is much more fun to look at.

Dress- Merona
Belt- ?
Shoes- Sam & Libby
Earrings- ?

Denim Day

Today it actually…rained!  And no one knew what to do with that.  We played in it, we grumbled about gloomy skies, we took big naps.  It was lovely.  And thus the temps were actually bearable.  And I threw on a pair of jeans, yes, jeans!

Shirt- Target
Jeans- Gap
Sandals- Payless
Necklace- Premiere

Inspired By A Friend

Here I am ready for a firework viewing party.  This is my rendition of modern hippie which I can say is what I would label a few of my friends.  You know who you are!  This skirt has a very free-spirit vibe while the shoes and the tank are more modern.  I think the beaded necklace also adds to the hippie chick theme.

Tank- Wal-Mart
Shoes- Doctor Scholls
Necklace- Cookie Lee
Ring- vintage


I’m not sure this outfit qualifies under the “bangles” heading, but it would work under a cuff theme.  Here is what I wore to another hot night at the fair.

Here’s the cuff-
However, I did get to debut my new fall accessory…my bangs!  And I think that falls under the “bang..le” category.  (I know, that was terrible.)
Dress- Merona
Sandals- Payless
Belt- Maurices
Earrings and cuff-vintage
p.s.  Bangs are going to be HUGE (not literally) this fall…!

Ring Me Up

It was hostess night at our house and so I put on something simple, a maxi dress.  It was easy, fun and comfy.  It was a bit breezy and thus, I have crazy hair.  I took a laid back approach to my accessories too.  But I did add one fun detail, my ring.  Ring a ding!

Here’s the ring-
Dress-Old Navy
Sandals- Kenneth Cole Reaction
Earrings- Uppercase Living
Ring- Lia Sophia

Long Necklace

In this outfit, I hit the county fair, long necklace and all.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but man, it was hot.  I tried to stick to lighter colors and breathable fabrics.  And I even tried a new hair braid I found on Pinterest.  But nothing beat this heat.  I hope they are keeping the animals cool!  And speaking of animals, you don’t go to the fair in your Louboutins!  These are my rubber flip flops that are washable!

Shirt- Banana Republic
Flip Flops- Old Navy
Necklace- gift

I Feel Pretty

I sincerely hope that new readers who stumble upon this blog don’t get the wrong idea about me from that post title.  But understand it is all a part of Style Me July.
Here’s me in my outfit for church.  I have to confess I wore a vest over top the dress and had on higher heels as well, but it got hot and we ran some errands and this is what was left.  I think I actually like it better this version anyway as the linen in the dress feels so casual, cool and yes, pretty, when it is hot!

Dress- Merona
Sandals- LOFT
Earrings- Target
Ring- Premiere

Search & Rescue

Nope, you won’t find that in the daily outfit ideas from Style Me July.  But that was the headline that was my life on the 23rd of July. 
Our little miniature dachshund was found to be missing this morning at about quarter to six.  And most of my day was spent worrying about where she was and how to find her. 
Thank goodness we did find her and she survived the 105 degree heat, crossing a busy highway and having an adventure that lead her across our town.  She is lucky to have been found alive!
So no outfit for today.  It was a slap-on-whatever-you-can-find-to-ride-your-bike-around-town kind of outfit.  And with my crazy hair, it was not photo-worthy.
So grateful to have my dog back, if not for me, but for my kids.  Search and rescue was a success!

Hair Accessories

I’m pretty sure that to wear this hair accessory you are supposed to be under the age of twelve.  But I couldn’t help myself.  I bought it from one of those fair vendors and I was entranced by the sparkle of the sequins in the bright sun.  Maybe you can’t see it clearly, but it is a butterfly.  FYI- headbands are going to be BIG (literally) this fall.  So maybe you’ll want to pick up a few at fair vendors too…

Here’s the rest of the outfit-
Capris-Faded Glory
Blouse-Old Navy
Sandals-Kenneth Cole Reaction
Bracelets-? and Cookie Lee

Daydream Vacation

If I could escape to anywhere right now, I’d still pick somewhere tropical with a beach destination.  I know we have had record temperature highs but I cannot complain.  I’d rather have a hot summer where I can live at the pool than a cold rainy summer.  I’m loving it!
So here is what I’d wear to paradise-

Another not so hot photo but I was happy with my hair-
Inspired by Pinterest, of course.
Dress-Old Navy
Earrings- Premier

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