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Getting in the Spirit

I can’t help but post a few picts of my house all dressed up for the holidays.  I’ll try to show you each tree as we get them up, but for now, here’s tree number one.  (We have three, don’t ask…)

I know the blue in this picture is coming across as royal but it is really a deep teal.  And it looks like it could fall over at any minute.  Hopefully that’s just the angle of the picture.  As for the can of WD-40 on the fireplace surround.  Well, that’s a story for another day.

Lotto List

I don’t mean to come across as greedy as I just bought my Christmas presents.  But let’s say I won big money in the Powerball, here are some of the small items I’d be purchasing, after I bought a small tropical island.  🙂
5) An at-home gel nail kit
4) Lots of new winter hats & fingerless gloves
3) A Clarisonic skin cleanser
2) A pretty, full skirt
1) A new black, skinny strap watch
Or always a good book, I prefer biographies or the classics.  🙂
What’s on your list?

Holly’s Hope in a Bag

So I had an idea… I had so much fun at the accessory exchange that we did earlier this fall that I was dreaming up a way to make that happen more often.
Here’s what I came up with- what if I put in a big recycling bag a few articles of clothing (or shoes or accessories, etc.) that I have that I’m willing to donate but think someone I know may want them.  Definitely not anything that’s torn or stained or ratty…
Then I pass the bag on to a friend from a list of people who want to be in the circle of the “bag.”  She is welcome to take any or all of the items in the bag (realizing that it could be a hit or miss if the items in the bag are her size or her taste).  She either needs to replace the donated items piece by piece or throw in some cash for what she thinks they are worth.  Then she passes the bag on to the next person.
The sharing of the bag is on the honor system.  And when it is the last person on the list’s turn, whatever is left over in the bag  that was unwanted or discarded is donated to charity- cash, clothes, whatever.
Hope for those in need and some wardrobe fun for the rest of us!
What do you think?  Could it work?  Who’s willing to try?!

Black Friday Finds

I thought I’d share some of my Black Friday purchases.  Because there are great deals to be had, I don’t often get to shop and I like picking out my own gifts for Christmas…sometimes.
Store #1- Younkers
This really wasn’t the first store on our Black Friday scavenger hunt- more like number three.  But it was the first place where I wasn’t buying electronics for my kids.
First stop, the shoe department.  Because what girl doesn’t need more shoes?  Not any that I know.  I scored this pair, on the clearance rack.  My sister has its twin in grey.

Ruff Hewn Ginger on clearance $24.49

Second stop, the makeup counter.  Um, we scored BIG time.  While the men are furiously buying TVs and shop vacs, us ladies forget our little splurges.  Here’s what we got- if you bought any fragrance, this makeup case full of products (two sets of eyeshadow palettes, three lipsticks, one lip gloss, one mascara, eye makeup remover, two eyeliners, three brushes), a clutch and a rolling overnight bag was yours for $58.50.  When can I purchase!

All the goods- Estee Lauder $58.50

BTW- I purchase Spellbound for my fragrance because I like spicy scents.

Estee Lauder Spellbound $57

Last stop, jammies.  Always a great Black Friday purchase, I scored these thermals-

Hue Sleepwear $21.97 (Okay not a huge steal, but I really liked them)

Store #2- Kohls
You know that I used to not be a very big fan of this store.  But then came two very important labels- Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad.  They are pretty much the only two sections of the store I shop.  But this time my first stop, again, the shoe department.  I think I’m on a mission to get some new winter shoes that I can just slip on.
Here’s my bounty-

Mudd Gresham Grey $44.97 (which may be the most I’ve spent on shoes in a long, long time)

Sonoma Snedin $26.97

Second stop, Vera Wang clothing.
Thinking ahead to holiday wear, I fell in love with these red velour pants-

Simply Vera velveteen skinny pants $29

And I’m also a sucker for this pale apricot color, especially when it is done in lace with this great fit-

Elle blouse $36

Store #3- Old Navy
By this time I was getting a big delirious so trying on clothes can be interesting.  But I was looking for some cheap mommy wear shirts that I can wear at home and layer when I go out.  Here’s what I found-

Thermals $8
Tank $0.47

Oh, and that summer shirt on clearance…  I know.  One more dollar and I coulda hada pop.
On a side note, have you seen the latest Old Navy commercial with Chevy Chase reenacting his Clark Griswald moment with the lighting of the Christmas lights.  🙂
And that’s my Merry Christmas!  The only thing missing this year was my annual trek to the Goodwill.  Maybe that’ll have to be my after Christmas destination!
Hope you scored some great deals too!!

A Week of Thanks- Christmas Practice

It’s that time of year again- the annual children’s program at church.  And it brings with it the sweat, tears and weeks of weeks of practice just to get your little ones to say their one line of the Christmas story.  As adorable as it all is, the children are relaying an important message.  And also learning themselves just what Christmas is all about.  Take practice seriously and dress like a lady, but one who can race a preschooler to the bathroom to avoid the potty dance during Away In the Manger.

Christmas Practice

Christmas Practice by stylefromthesticks featuring straight leg pants

People Tree pink polka dot shirt
$22 –

Cape coat

Straight leg pants

Red shoes
$19 –


Juicy couture

A Week of Thanks- Decking the Halls

I hope you all got out and supported Small Business Saturday.  And many of you are also getting your Christmas stuff out and decking the halls of your home.  I’m hoping to find the energy here soon too!
It was fun to host Thanksgiving this year.  Now, for a good rest tonight!

Decking the Halls

Decking the Halls by stylefromthesticks featuring straight fit jeans

H M knit top
$24 –

Fat Face scoop neck top
$19 –

Lace up boots

A Week of Thanks- Black Friday

Wow.  I was out all night shopping so I’m sorry I’m a bit late with this post!
Black Friday means comfort over fashion.  I recommend three things:
1)  Comfy shoes
2) A hat- who knows what your hair is going to do after 12 hours
3) Dress in layers- today it was FREEZING and multiple layers were required
Lastly, don’t ever do Black Friday alone or with babies.  It just isn’t worth it.
Have fun shopping!

Black Friday

Black Friday by stylefromthesticks featuring a toggle coat

Fat Face scoop neck top
$40 –

Toggle coat
$96 –

Mango straight jeans
$64 –

River Island beanie hat
$16 –

A Week of Thanks- Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!  Stop and think today of all the blessings in your life that you have, many of which are taken for granted.  And thank God for them!
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” -Psalm 107:1

Give Thanks

Give Thanks by stylefromthesticks featuring a feather pendant necklace

A Week of Thanks- Corralling the Kids

Wait?  Wasn’t I just chewing you out for trying to wear your yoga pants grocery shopping and now I’m condoning it.  In the instance when you’re going to be hanging with the kiddos all day, doing who knows what, but probably not even leaving home.  Yoga pants, you bet!
The only other rules to follow are:
1) At least shower and be able to answer the door
2) Enjoy your family time!

Corralling the Kids

Corralling the Kids by stylefromthesticks featuring lipsy

$60 –

Pull Bear polka dot top
$29 –

Activewear pants

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