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Q&A- Big Wig

Help!  I am going to pretend to be a big-wig for a few days. And I need help creating a few real outfits! Jeans, yoga pants & hoodies aren’t gonna cut it!  I’ll be in meetings, mingling, casual but not jeans casual…I’ll maybe need one ‘nicer’ outfit for a recognition dinner I’m going to. Traveling the first day and then I head straight to registration. The next day is all-day meetings then a recognition dinner. Then another day of meetings and a casual social hour after everything. Then just a travel day home. I found lots of outfit ideas from your blog that I really like but I think I’m missing the right pieces.  I need help.
First of all, there isn’t usually a need to go out and buy something new.  And this comes from the girl who would rush right out to find those exact pieces to create an outfit.  Let’s do our absolute best to work with what you have.

Spring Trends- Sheer & Lace

You are going to start to wonder if anything I’m reporting here is new.  But we’ll just say these trends are new…again?
Anything sheer or lace is big for spring.  And some of you are wondering, did it ever go out of style?  No.  And lace was big for fall.  So carry those pieces on into spring!
Just remember to keep yourself covered up.  These looks are meant to be subtle!

Spring Trends- Sheer & Lace

Spring Trends- Sheer & Lace by stylefromthesticks featuring flat shoes

Mango full skirt dress
$31 – mango.com

Pink dress
$30 – chiarafashion.co.uk

Mango blouse
$47 – mango.com

H&M slim pants
$24 – hm.com


Anne klein shoes

ALDO platform sandals

French Sole flat shoes

Snakeskin sandals

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather

You just can’t shake this trend.  And I know beyond outerwear, leather really intimidates most of you.  Can I wear this dress to work?  How do I wear leather shorts?  What can I pair a leather skirt with so it feels current?  So I gave you lots of options here.  Leather isn’t just black biker jackets anymore.  Think feminine shapes, colors and for all types of weather.  It can be casual or sophisticated.
Find something you love and invest!  This is one place to put your money.  Because it is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.  🙂

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather by stylefromthesticks featuring h&m

H m
$125 – hm.com

Vero Moda sleeveless top
$35 – veromoda.com

H m
$13 – hm.com

A Wear sequin top
$39 – awear.com

Morgan leather jacket
$125 – zalando.co.uk

Leather skirt
$155 – countryroad.com.au

Low cut jeans
$83 – nelly.com

Thakoon addition
$245 – net-a-porter.com

Heel boots
$55 – newlook.com

Dorothy Perkins high heels

Kitten heels
$68 – stanwells.com

Spring Trends- Black and White with Stripes

As promised, we are going to focus on spring.  As I write this, it is raining and thundering in Iowa, in January!  And nothing makes me think of spring more than cold rain!
It is no surprise that black and white is a trend for spring.  I think this could go on rotation every year.  What makes it different this year?  Adding in the combination of stripes.  Stripes are everywhere.  And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you don’t own a black and white striped t-shirt, your wardrobe is missing out!
This spring, add in a little striped sporty dress to your rotation.  Sporty dresses are another big spring hit.  But instead of wearing them with flats or sneakers, wear them with a serious sandal. 
Take this outfit to an outdoor cafe, a bed and breakfast weekend, a picnic lunch date or a walk through the trees when they bloom.
Isn’t it fun to think about spring?

Spring Trends- Black and White with Stripes

Spring Trends- Black and White with Stripes by stylefromthesticks featuring a floppy wide brim hat

Miso flare dress
$32 – republic.co.uk

Jackpot knit top
$97 – fashion-conscience.com

SAG Picks

I have to confess I didn’t watch the SAG awards.  I’m saving myself for the Oscars.  But I did look to see what everyone wore.  And here’s my best dressed nominee-

Marion Cotillard

I just enjoy that this is different. And she wears it with attitude. Oh, and it was a fun color.I also thought Amanda Seyfried looked exceptionally nice.  And she isn’t usually on my radar-

Images courtesy of Instyle.com

It must have been a bright blue kind of night… 
I enjoyed that Busy Philipps showed off her baby bump in a tasteful and beautiful way.
Otherwise, I didn’t see too many other dresses really worth chatting about.  I was terribly frightened by Claire Danes dark lips.  Please, please don’t even try to bring that whole dark pencil, dark lipstick thing back into fashion.  It still isn’t pretty.  But I don’t really have a worst dressed nominee.  Just a bunch of yawns.  Which is fine for a red carpet event that most of us didn’t watch.
Oscar month will be rolling around quickly.  Step it up ladies!  Step it up!

SWL- Looking Stunning

A few style tips from the experts that Lloyd can call on are what I’d like to share for this week.  Since these designers know a little more about fashion than someone just merely in the trenches of real life, I think it’s worth our time to see what they have to share.
First off, Kenneth Cole reminds us that being comfortable in our clothes gives us confidence.  Don’t try too hard and don’t forget to smile.  You’ll always look amazing when you do.
Marc Bouwer gives us lots of helpful tips.  Know the importance of a good foundation, as in undergarments.  Your goal should be a good shape.  Also, don’t get stuck in a rut.  As you age, you have to continually explore new fashion looks as to avoid only wearing certain colors or styles.  Trying new things helps keep your look fresh and young.  And finally, he reminds us that when you are covered up or wearing a basic, your accessories should really shine.  And vice versa, when wearing something over the top, keep the accessories toned down. 
That’s great advice.  I say, remember that the next time you wear a solid turtleneck….

BSS- I Did It

I cut my bangs..short!  As one who is never fearful of hairstyles (go out and live!  try something new!- it’s just hair, it’ll grow back!), I am sporting my baby bangs.  I can’t say that I love them, but is there anyone who LOVES her hair.  Unless your Giselle? 

For those of you who have had the same hairstyle since you were eighteen, it might be time to think of something new.  If you don’t want to do something drastic, just try a small step- a few inches, bangs verses no bangs, a shade lighter or darker.  Life is too short to be “stuck.”  Your hair is one adventure you can absolutely have.
Because, remember, in about three weeks, my bangs will be all grown out and it’ll be time to dream up something new!


Hi there.  I promise this blog isn’t about Pinterest.  Or my obsession there of.  But, I do enjoy a good pin.  And it is a wonderful source of inspiration.  So if you’d like to, I would encourage you to “follow” me on Pinterest.  Just check for Style from the Sticks under the boards search.  I try to add great outfits for ideas.
Or you can just follow Holly Jirovsky and see all the pinteresting things I pin.
Like when you see me pin exercise videos followed directly by the world’s best brownies.  The irony is not lost on me.

What’s Next?

Spring is just around the corner and it has me wondering… what’s next?  Next week I’ll be focusing on spring fashion trends and where to put your serious change (and where not to), along with the usual miscellaneous topics that pop into this head. 
I thought I’d ask the question, do you have any fashion subjects that you were hoping I could cover?  If so, I’d love to hear from you! 
Thinking spring, thinking spring…

Go Chic Or Go Home

I’m sure some of you are thinking this is just my mantra (and it pretty much is) but this is the name of a website that I’ve stumbled upon that my become another web obsession. 
I’ll let them explain exactly what the DL is on this site-
“Go Chic or Go Home is a friendly and down-to-earth style community that offers everything you need to make the most of your daily wardrobe. Find outfit inspiration, post your own outfits for reference, and use the virtual closet to create ensembles with your clothes. Members can also earn points towards shopping gift cards or charitable contributions! “
Okay, so basically you take pictures of your clothes and upload them so you can have a virtual closet of your actual closet. Then you can shop for new clothes, get outfit ideas from other people and show your friends your ideas and see theirs. It may be a dream come true.
You have to request an invitation, simply to keep the site free from spam and to have real people using it. But it is easily done on their homepage- http://www.gochicorgohome.com
I’m going to dive into this site head first. I hope to find you there!

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