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Happy Easter

I hope you get to take time today to celebrate with family and friends this very important holiday.  A very happy Easter from Style from the Sticks!

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Victory Over the Grave by Bernard Plockhorst
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Easter- Church Service

It’s Easter Sunday!  It’s time to celebrate your Savior risen from the grave, cleansing us from our sins and providing our escape from an eternal death!
Let’s celebrate this happy day with a little festivity.  Now, if ever, if you are going to dress up for church- this is the day.  It is the high Christian holiday and that means wear a dress!!
I chose this coral dress because it is simple and reserved.  Add some fun accessories- a statement necklace, a trench in case it’s chilly and some metallic accents.
I read somewhere to remember that heaven is full of sinners.  And that’s the good news for all of us.  All of the bad things I’ve done, thought and will do are washed away permanently in the blood of Jesus.  And through his death and resurrection, we can have life everlasting.  That is something to celebrate!

Easter- Church Service

Easter- Church Service by stylefromthesticks featuring platform pumps

Sleeveless dress

Forever 21

Easter- Egg Hunt

Your kids have been looking forward to this day ever since Christmas.  Something about finding an egg in the grass, behind a tree or under a bush gives them so much excitement.  To put yourself in the mood, wear some bright cheerful colors.
Start with a peasant blouse and some ankle jeans.  And don’t forget the necessary flats.  Just remember that today is not a day to throw on a sweatshirt.  You may be looking at pictures of this day for years to come.  Dress consciously!
Happy hunting!

Easter- Egg Hunt

Easter- Egg Hunt by stylefromthesticks featuring chaps


$76 –

Dolce Vita mini shoes

Fantasy jewelry box

Free people

Easter- Good Friday

This is the one day of the year when wearing black is the clear choice (that and when you’re attending a funeral). People have all sorts of clothing colored days, Go Red for Women, etc.  I’m declaring Good Friday to be a blackout.

Good Friday is a sober day indeed and many of you may even make an extra trip to church.  If not, rent the Passion of the Christ and remember how humbling it is to know what Jesus went through as true man and yet true God to save us from our sins.

Easter- Good Friday

Easter- Good Friday by stylefromthesticks featuring viktor rolf perfume

White House Black Market striped top

Mango jacket
$91 –

H&m skinny jeans
$15 –

Jewel Rocks star necklace
$41 –

Viktor rolf perfume

Easter- Travel Day

It’s almost time for Easter!  I can’t believe it.  Especially considering there is still snow on the ground.  We’ll have to hide white eggs this year kids!
If you’re making a trip to visit family, I’ll help you pack.  And believe it or not, it is pretty much what I’m packing for my own Easter vaca.
We’re traveling by car, so I don’t have to worry so much about making myself comfortable for a plane ride.  But I am still going to try and pack light, so I’ll be reusing many of the pieces I show this week.
I chose these white jeans because I’m SO ready for some spring.  And these will help achieve the mood.  I’m also packing a suede jacket for a warm coat but I’m leaving the wool behind for what I hope will be until next winter!  And don’t forget a cute weekender bag!
Time to get moving!

Easter- Travel Day

Easter- Travel Day by stylefromthesticks featuring skinny leg jeans

Jane norman
$38 –

Mango jacket

Shoulder bag
$63 –

Miss selfridge

Dorothy Perkins black belt

It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Another change in our home is… my new furniture!  I’m pretty excited about having something new.  And if you know the Mr., I’ll probably have it for the next 50 years, so I hope I love it.
I’ll show you pictures of what’s new below.  But let me talk about where I purchased it first.  One of the BEST furniture stores in the Midwest is hands down, Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Their selection and inventory makes their competitors pale in comparison.  Not only do they have great furniture but they also have excellent customer service.  I’ve never had a problem getting something resolved.  And finally, they have a clearance center that rocks.  You know this girl loves a good bargain and so everything you see below came from…the clearance center.  (And let me give you this tip, it pays to haggle there.)

 So this couch is part of a couch and loveseat combo that I was eyeing this summer, full price.  And low and behold, we walked in to the clearance center and there it sat.  It must have been fate.  I believe it is by Ashley Furniture.  It is a beige chevron pattern.
 This little lovely was a special order return.  And now it is special to me.  🙂  It has a slight curve to it and is a lighter color than the other pieces but same pattern.
 Probably should have smoothed this out before I took a picture of it, but this is the couch I bought to go with my dining room table.  It has a leg issue right now but NFM is taking care of it.  
 This guy was not on the list of must-have’s.  But for some reason is spoke to me.  It was also hugely reduced and I thought I can use it as a hutch (duh) or a bar or a bookcase.  I <3 versatility.
And sitting way down the aisle were two chairs that match the grey weathered cottage-y look of the hutch.  So we threw those in the truck.

If you live close to where I live, NFM delivers.  They also have extensions in several other cities.  I hope you get a chance to visit their stores.  It is an experience.  And for me, a big deal!

White Out

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything from here on the home front.  And there has been a big update…we’ve finally gotten our new trim put up!  I still have a mountain of work to do, but having this project off the Mr. & I’s shoulders is a great feeling.
For a reminder, we had really small, builder grade oak trim throughout the house.  It looked like this (see bottom of staircase)-

And we changed it to have wider baseboard and more decorative, thicker trim around the windows (casing).  We also added some fun doorway casing to give our house some personality and a more classic look.
Here is the result-

We have new six panel doors too!
I still have lots of painting and caulking to do, so the oak door surrounds disappear and the nail holes and cuts blend in, but the big job is complete!  It is up!

SWL- It’s the Good Stuff

Happy Palm Sunday everyone!  There was so much this week that I’d like to share from Lloyd.
First off, he included a list of must-have skirts.  Are these in your closet?
“Neutral or dark solid A-line skirt
Neutral or dark solid pencil skirt
Neutral or dark solid knee-length straight skirt
Ball gown skirt
Cotton weekend skirt
Vacation wrap skirt
Beaded or embellished skirt
Floral skirt
Winter skirt in tweed or houndstooth
Soft-skin skirt (leather or suede)”
Secondly, he reminded me that getting ready in the morning should be fun.  Turn off that blasted morning news show and turn on some fun music!  Or set the mood when going out, just like you did when you were in college with your roomies.  Whatever the occasion, play a little tune to help getting ready inspirational and much more fun.
Thirdly, Lloyd gave some serious tips on dressing for the theatre.  I’m not talking about the movies here girls.  He’s talking about a little play or the opera or a musical.  Maybe even Sesame Street live counts.  Okay, maybe not.  But this whole jeans and sweatshirt routine has got to stop!  There is a time and place for all clothing and the theatre is your chance to wear something fancy.  Does it have to be a ballgown?  No.  But anything sparkly, beaded, metallic, ornate or a very nice fabric counts.  A few other tips- don’t wear a bulky coat so you don’t have it in your lap.  And don’t have gigantic hair that the people behind you can’t see past.
Lastly, dressing for the opposite sex.  There is a huge difference between dressing like a lady of the night and playing up assets.  And let’s be honest, when you wear something that might be termed “sexy,” does it not make you have a little more self-respect?  Don’t you stand taller?  Lloyd relates it to Ginger and Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island.  If you find yourself in the Mary Ann column, it is time to throw in a little bit of Ginger.  It can be as simple as a change in shoe.  Mix in something flirty once in awhile.  When you wear shoes that are soley (pun intended) for comfort, you can bet that you’re going to walk, talk and feel a little different than when wearing a heel.
All good stuff.  All good stuff…

Low Key Luau

A good friend of mine is turning 40 and she decided to host a Hawaiian themed party.  It was so exciting to plan a date night that included fun decorations and dancing!
As always, my second question was… what should I wear?  This is what I came up with-

I wore a stretch blue dress from the Express.  And on top I wore a blazer (Tribal) I picked up at a thrift store.  I added  brown heels by Anne Klein and a brown and pink flower belt from LOFT, which is completely covered up by the my lei, courtesy of my friends.  My jewelry was some sparkly brown and pink earrings from LOFT and a brown glitter bracelet from Gordman’s.  Oh and don’t forget, my party hair!  It must have grown in the shower.  😉
As the night wore on and I started to get warm from dancing, the jacket came off and underneath the dress is strapless.
What a fun night!

Thrown Together Thrifting #4

All good things must come to an end.  So here are the final outfits-
Found this floral patterned top and I’m always on the lookout for patterns that I enjoy.  It’ll be a good staple in my closet.  I also found these bootcut jeans that fit nicely.
 My photographer insisted on a shot from the rear.  Even though I’m not particularly proud of it, here it is-
 I found this nice peach polo but I’m just not a polo girl.  So it got left there.  I felt a little like a Tommy Hilfiger ad with the purse/polo combo.
 I guess I was surprised in this photo???  🙂  I love a striped shirt, so this yellow one made me happy.  And there was also this little burlappy bag that was so cute.
 Lastly, a cute jacket and a straw bag.  I love the grommets of this jacket and I also like that it’ll fill a brown jacket hole in my closet.  Yea!

I hope I’ve inspired you to visit your local thrift stores.  On just an hour or two’s time I found lots of fun things, all for $5 or less.  And while these outfits aren’t stellar, or well thought out, the pieces that I actually took home will work great with items I already own.  And that’s the key to thrifting, finding things that work with the pieces you’ve invested solid money in.
Who’s ready to go again?

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