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TV Series- 90210- Kelly Taylor

We’re talking old school 90210.  You know, Kelly and Dylan.  Dylan and Brenda.  Kelly and Brandon.  Oh the saga of this show.
I bet if I asked you to sing me the rhythm of the opening to that show, you’d know it right away, probably even if you didn’t watch it.  If you simply existed in the 90s, you have heard it.
What would Kelly Taylor wear?  Something preppy with an attitude.  The surprising twist, I could also see this outfit on Brenda.  Maybe Kelly was stealing more than her boyfriends…?

TV Series- 90210- Kelly Taylor

TV Series- 90210- Kelly Taylor by stylefromthesticks featuring slim cut jeans

Vero moda
$11 – zalando.co.uk

Wallis black blazer

Mango slim cut jeans
$54 – johnlewis.com

TV Series- Frasier- Daphne Moon

I thought I’d do a little stint this week on TV show characters and make up outfits inspired by them.  They just so happen to be my favorite TV shows of probably the last 25 years.  I don’t want to date myself by going back even further.  I’ll save that for another day.
Here is one of my all-time favorite shows- Frasier.  And this is what I picture Neil’s heartache, Daphne Moon, wearing.  Good night Seattle!

TV Series- Frasier- Daphne Moon

TV Series- Frasier- Daphne Moon by stylefromthesticks featuring a brooks brothers umbrella


Oxford shoes

Brooks brothers umbrella

SWL- Travel Wear

I want to remind you of something I’ve talked about several times on this blog and Lloyd confronts this week- dressing appropriately when you travel, especially by plane.
Traveling has come along way.  We don’t actually dress up to travel as they did in the 50s but instead look to overcome issues such as TSA security and how to slip off our shoes with ease.
Here’s what to keep in mind when traveling:
1)  Wear layers of something luxurious- aka cashmere.  A wrap or a cardigan- it’ll keep you warm and make you look great when you leave the boarding gate.
2)  Wear comfortable but stylish shoes.  And yes, something easy off, easy on.  Loafers, slip on oxfords, even cute tennies are acceptable.  The running shoes can packed.
3)  Find yourself some nice luggage.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but it shouldn’t be your dad’s dusty duffel bag from the garage either.  I love colors simply because they are easy to see, you won’t mistake them for anyone else’s and they are as stylish as a colored handbag!
4)  Leave the linen at home.  This is a time for wrinkle free fabric!  Think jersey, stretch denim, even some wool.  You don’t want to look a mess when you arrive.
5)  Casual is great, sloppy is not.  Even if you may have rolled out of bed to take this flight, the key is not to let the whole world know it.
Try your absolute best to be conscious when you dress to travel.  You represent so much about yourself, your state and sometimes your country when you hit the airways.  Make a good impression!

BSS- A New Do

When I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest, it was love at first site.  And I had to try it immediately.

Source: http://www.treasuresandtravels.squarespace.com

I found that it is tricky to get it to stay when it is really windy out.  Sorry you can’t see my headband more.  I wore it with my faux hair braid headband.  (Photos are courtesy of a wee one.)

But I think this will be a really fun way to wear my hair when it is hot out.  When will that be again?

My World

I write this post only because I get so many questions about why I am a blogger and how in the world do you make money doing that.
For question one, I think I’ve answered in the almost two years that I’ve been blogging.  I have a “passion for fashion” and I am so lucky to also love writing.  This is the perfect job for me.  I also get to work from home and that is lucky for me since I have three little people who need me.  I also get to be my own boss and write about whatever this little mind wanders to next.
Those are the perks.  The downfall is that I don’t have steady income.  Which leads me to question two, how I make money.
There are two primary ways.  The first are those little advertisements that run alongside the and on top and sometimes on the bottom of  my blog.  If and when you click on one of those ads, I get a certain percentage of income based on how many clicks there are.  People want traffic on their websites and they are willing to pay just to get you there.
The second way I make money is when a company approaches me to write about a product.  I get to review the product and they compensate me for that.  Anytime I’m writing about something that I get compensated for, a disclosure will appear on my page to let you know.
Now should I become a big time blogger, there are all kinds of ways to make more income.  But those opportunities will have to wait until my little world can handle that kind of fame and fortune.  😉
If you’d like to see my little blog grow, the easiest and best way is to share it on Facebook.  The more readers I get, the more opportunities.  Who knows what you’ll be reading next?!

Exposing the Toes

I think spring has FINALLY arrived.  Let’s hope the warmer temperatures stick around now for awhile.
If you live where it is warm the majority of the time, chances are you are already (or even do this year-round) wear sandals.
But here in the frozen tundra of the Midwest is another story.  We get to wear our sandals an average of five months of the year, if we’re lucky.
It is always hard to judge when it is time to officially break out the sandals.  There are years that you hit an abnormally warm spring only to get hit with a late snow storm that makes you feel silly for breaking into anything that has an open toe.
So what are the guidelines?
Here’s my thoughts.
1)  It should be after Easter.  If you’re wearing sandals in the cold weather regions before Easter, you may look silly.  Not to mention you’ll probably freeze.
2)  If you have to wear a heavy coat, you probably shouldn’t be wearing sandals.  How silly would it look to bundle up on top and leave the bottom exposed?  Also, will your feet be cold?  Or will you be hot  in your closed toed shoes?
3)  Temperatures should be above 60.  Or at least averaging daily close to there.  The only exception to this is if it is a really sunny but chilly day and you can’t help yourself after a long cold winter.
Just remember, sandals are for summer.  Boots are for winter.  And there are only a few exceptions to this rule.  (Cowboy boots can look fabulous with a summer dress…  Sometimes a special occasion calls for dressy sandals in the winter…)
Dress your feet with caution.  And think before you expose your toes!

Big Shoes to Fill

How disappointing is it when I see real effort by women to look cute and it all falls flat when you look down?  It’s a crime really.  How important are shoes (and accessories) when making a “look?”  Very.
Let’s picture Audrey Hepburn in her classic black ankle pants and ballet flats instead wearing a chunky, thick soled “comfort” shoe.  Yikes.  Not exactly the fashion icon we all remember.
Shoes and accessories in general are what make the outfit yours.  They identify you.  Are you someone who’s on your feet all day?  Do you work in an ultra conservative environment?
What do you want your feet saying about you?
Think of your shoes and accessories as the icing on a cake.  Seriously.  Sure, cake is great when it takes good.  But all the pizazz comes from the frosting.
There are lots of days when your outfits should start with an accessory.  Think about all the beautiful items you have in your jewelry box, on your shoe racks and wrapped around something other than your neck.  Usually these things are the last things you think about after you get dressed.  But maybe they should be the first.
Do you have a beautiful necklace that you’d like to showcase?  How about those boots that you just never wear?  Start your outfit with them.  So they get worn.
Don’t leave these beautiful things for your grandchildren to wear.  Wear them now!  For yourself!  For every day!  Because you are exchanging a day in your life for today.  Don’t waste it on tomorrow.
I’m not saying I don’t have yoga pant kind of days.  But if you take some consideration into your outfit today, then take a look at your feet.   Take a look at your accessories.  Do they add personality?  Are they exciting to you?  Or are they merely so you can be comfortable?
Shoes and accessories need to complete your outfit.  So by starting at the end, you may be solving an issue you never realized you had from the beginning.
I dare you to wear heels to pick up your kids at school.  I dare you to wear that outrageous necklace to the grocery store.  I dare you to wear the white winter coat on a walk.
Because life goes too fast for ugly, comfortable and boring.

Q&A- Leg Warmers for a Cause

I am looking for arm or leg warmers – black & gold. In your search for clothes/outfits – was wondering if you’d ever seen anything like this. Striped – not the black/gold glittery stuff – just to look like a bee. If you ever see anything like that, please let me know.  I need it for some fundraising for our community.
Thank you for your question!
Here’s what I found-
For a hand knit pair-

Black and Yellow Striped Fuzzy Leg Warmers for $6 at Costume Discounters.com
For a really fuzz fur-like pair, I found these-
Honey Bee Leg Warmers
Honey Bee Leg Warmers at Yandy.com $49
But I’m guessing that is way too much to spend for fundraising…
I think the following pair are probably your best bet.  They look stretchy. 

Bumble Bee Arm / Leg Warmers from http://www.BryonyTheatrical.co.uk $4
I hope this helps your search!

Dressing the Part #2

As I referred to yesterday, recently I had a fundraiser to attend where I was unsure of the dress code. While I was pretty sure it wasn’t a true “formal” event, I also wasn’t sure just what to wear.
So I went to the closet to see what I had.  I was surprised to remember that I had a dress there from this winter that I bought on clearance (of course) for $13 at Kohl’s.  It was the perfect balance of dressy that could go anywhere, even bar hopping.  Not that this old gal does much of that anymore.
Here’s me all ready to go-

Here it is up close.  Photo credit, my youngest who insisted on taking Mama’s photo-

Why can this dress be so ubiquitous?
1)  It’s black.  The LBD is SO handy to have in such an instance.  Everyone should have at least one.
2)  It isn’t floor length, nor is it a mini.
3)  It has a conservative cut.  Nothing too low or too short but still has a very rock and roll vibe (from the snakeskin print).
I paired it with some little metallic slingbacks, some beaded teardrop earrings, a sparkly bracelet and a metallic clutch.
Now beyond the red-carpet, there are countless places I could have taken this outfit- from a romantic dinner for two to a concert.
Moral of the story…take your outfit up a notch when you aren’t sure.  I tried to wear something that I felt was pretty dressy without being overly formal.  At the event there was everything from dresses to jeans (seriously people!) and I felt very comfortable in my outfit.
I hope this helps you dress the part!

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