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White (Re)Cap

Lloyd talks in the next few chapters about the wonderfulness of white jeans.  I’ve written a post on them myself –here.  They really are wonderful.  They are a great blank canvas to create all kinds of outfits.  They go with everything, can be casual or dressy and bring a little oomph to your outfit without overpowering other pieces.  One word to the wise.  Be very careful wearing skinny ankle white jeans.  They are adorable, but you don’t want to go too skinny and tight.  They’ll be see through and unflattering!
To keep things current I made a few new outfits for you to enjoy via Polyvore!

White (Re)Cap

White (Re)Cap by stylefromthesticks featuring flower print high heels


That has to be the longest I’ve gone without steadily blogging in a LONG time.  For good reason.  I will share a little about my blogging conference after organizing my thoughts.
Meanwhile, we were in the middle of finishing up the book Before You Put That On and discussing his topics in the series I’ve been writing, Sundays With Lloyd.
One thing I found interesting that I can especially relate to is Lloyd’s thoughts on breaking down the walls of style insecurities.  In other words, telling folks where you bought your clothes.  Lloyd explains that there is freedom in “fessing up” to your style.  I can totally relate.

Photo credit: Marquette University via Flickr.com

I’m a big thrifter.  And when I say big, I mean I have a REALLY hard time paying full price for clothing.  I love discounts, clearance, secondhand and vintage.  These words used to have a stigma attached to them that continues today.  When I tell people that ask where I got that awesome purse and I reply, “a garage sale,” I can see the wincing that takes place following.
There are always going to be those ladies that roll their eyes when you said your outfit came from Goodwill.  And there are always going to be those girls who won’t go in a great vintage shop because it might have “that old clothes smell.”  Me, I have no shame.  And it wasn’t until I started writing this blog that I really became to understand that there was power in what I was saying to other ladies.
When a friend or a co-worker says to you, yes, I did buy that on the clearance rack at JCPenney’s for $5, what does it really mean?  It means that she has understood that great style doesn’t come with a price tag.  It doesn’t come with a label.  It merely comes with someone who understands how to own their look. And that is empowering women.
It means much more than consuming less, saving money or finding a treasure, it means that no matter how much money we have in the checking account, what stores we shop in or where we live, we can be confident in how we look.
And that says a LOT.

The Pioneer Woman

I really enjoyed listening to The Pioneer Woman at the blogging conference I’m attending. I’m pretty sure we could be good friends. 🙂 I hope to post more soon!

The Newbie

This week may be a little sketchy on the post front.  Please bear with me!  I am attending my first ever blogging conference and while I’m nervous and excited to share all of the experiences that I’ll have, it may be published in its own sweet time.  I’ll do my best to update you on all the excitement!
Thanks for your patience!

Q&A- Black Tie Formal for Petites

I received the following question-
I have a convention to attend in California in September with an evening gala.  I was told it is black tie and I will need a dress.  Can you help?  What are the rules?
Thank you for your question!
Black tie can be a dreaded word if you are unfamiliar with the event.  With evolving dress codes (what two people consider business casual can differ greatly), these words can get really tricky. Here’s my decoding:
1)  Black tie is dressy.  It does not mean a sundress in cotton.  It means a formal.
2)  Black tie is dressier than business casual.  Guys need to wear jackets and leave the khakis for another day.  So wear something nicer than a typical jersey work dress.
3)  Black tie is not as dressy as white tie.  White tie means a gown- like you’re headed to the Oscars. Black tie usually means “cocktail” dresses.  Differ to Pretty Woman- she wears the lacy black short dress to meet for drinks.  She wears the red ballgown to the opera.  That’s the difference.
I hope that helps clear up that what black tie means.
Now, knowing that you are on the petite side, I picked a few looks that will accentuate your figure. Petites look great in shorter dresses, showing a little bit of leg will elongate your stature.
Look number one is figure flattering and the color will be an attention-getter.  Red dresses do not need red heels.  Find either a nude heel or a leopard print.  Don’t forget to leave the giant mom bag at home!  Bring a clutch.  Great places to find them are thrift stores, especially if you’ll use it once a year.
The second look is a safe bet.  Black almost always looks more expensive and is something that can be worn to many different occasions.  Simple accessories let the dress stand out but a fun pair of heels can really add a sophisticated element to the LBD.  Black heels would be pretty boring.
The last look is riskier.  A fun color like this light green is ladylike in lace.  Pair it with other ladylike accessories such as pearls.  I paired it with a mint heel in the same color family.  This dress would also look great with silver metallic heels.
I hope this helps!  And you have a great time!

Black Tie Formal for Petites

Black Tie Formal for Petites by stylefromthesticks featuring party dresses

Wallis black dress

AX Paris party dress
$61 – axparis.com

A Wear wrap dress
$53 – awear.com

Black sandals
$38 – amazon.co.uk

Charlotte Olympia pouch purse
$1,060 – harrods.com

Evening clutch

Pearl necklace
$32 – boozt.com

Betsey johnson jewelry

Rock N Rose vintage ring
$27 – rocknrose.co.uk

Forever New tear drop earrings
$16 – forevernew.com.au

Playing Catch Up

I had so much fun going through the wedding season with you.  I hope you enjoyed my hiatus from real life. That’s what summer is for, right?  Now it is time to play catch up so I can get back into the swing of things and hopefully settle into a routine again.
On tap this week is finishing our book Before You Put That On and Sundays with Lloyd.  I’ll catch us up on what we’ve missed and it will be the end of the book and the beginning of something new for Sundays.  I’d also like to get us back to Beauty Shop Saturdays because I enjoy it and I hope you do too!
So, I’m taking requests.  If there is anything you’d like to see Sundays theme become, let me know.  I’m open to suggestions!

Vegas Baby

Who knows how this decision was made.  Perhaps you’ve planned this.  Maybe you made some bad decisions and your wedding night looks like something from The Hangover.  Either way, the outfit need not be so serious.
A short dress is in order.  This can be tricky.  Pick the wrong one and you may feel like you’re in a bad prom dress.  Look for something you wouldn’t possibly wear in a cathedral.  Feathers?  Yup, that’ll work.
Add an eyelash veil to make this look especially bridal.  And some killer heels that you’d also never be caught dead in with this dress anywhere other than Vegas.
And the ring?  Well, it may or may not be real.  And hopefully didn’t come out of a gumball machine.
Who can tell?  This is Vegas baby.

Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby by stylefromthesticks featuring j crew

Keep It Simple

Attention all brides that want a dress that does all the talking for you, here it is.  This dress is one you’d probably pass by on the hanger but… put it on and it’ll be a show stopper.  How do I know? Look at its gorgeous lines.  All those seams will flatter.  Look at that beautiful fabric.  I just want to touch it!  This dress is a killer.  And it is for the bride that wants something spectacular but simple.
Pair this alluring number with a fascinator.  It’ll be small, sleek but pack a punch.  All other accessories need to be minimal.  Let the dress be the show.  I can see this bride loving a simple solitaire and some quiet heels.
This look needs to be taken to a special place, like Carrie does in Sex in the City.  Maybe something meaningful to you, like her library.  Let the venue speak volumes for your romance.

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple by stylefromthesticks featuring high heel shoes

Old Hollywood

Who wouldn’t want to wear this dress?  Oh, it is just so beautiful!  It is a cross between Grace Kelly and Rita Hayward- ladylike and bombshell.  This dress transports you to the high life of Hollywood back in the 50s era.
With a form fitting silhouette, this dress will give you the glamour that you are looking for without looking like Marilyn Monroe.  This dress would look lovely coming down the aisle in a vintage chapel or retro country club.
Nothing says 50s charm like a birdcage veil and a sweet little rosette in your hair.  With this high neckline don’t even worry about a necklace.  Just choose some knockout earrings.  And give yourself some height with these platform peep toes covered in bead and lace details.
I can see this bride on the big screen!  Don’t forget to tell your photographer you want some real black and white film in that camera!

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood by stylefromthesticks featuring hand crafted jewelry

Faith heeled sandals
$73 – debenhams.com

Modern Bride

This post is for those of you who like all things modern.  You want to take a few risks and wear something that is fashion forward and contemporary.  Here’s your dress.
While this category could be all over the place, I’m going to avoid the cut out dresses (no one really wants you to show up naked on your wedding day…) and go for something simple and straight with wrinkly, fun bands along the dress and a big dramatic bow in the back.  What does one pair with something that’s not-so-traditional?
I say a big but short and blushing pink veil that adds to the drama of the dress while not competing with it.  Nix the bold jewelry and go for some simple studs that play into the pink veil.
The modern bride may not want to marry in the traditional settings.  Where to choose from?  How about city hall, a band shell or fountain in the park?
And for this dress, you’ll need some tall shoes.  Choosing a platform will give you extra comfort. And why not one in pink as well?
If you’re going nontraditional, make sure to wear it with confidence!  So no matter what grandma says, this is your day so wear what speaks to you!

Modern Bride

Modern Bride by stylefromthesticks featuring platform pumps

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