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Labor Day Weekend

The last weekend of “summer” is upon us.  How are you spending the weekend?  In case you are traveling, I thought I’d share what I’m packing this weekend. I’m going to show you how to style the weekend in shorts.

Here’s look number one, travel day!


Shirt- Loft
Tank- Eyeshadow
Shorts- Merona
Sandals- ?
Bracelets- Cookie Lee

College Football

College Football

This weekend is the start of college football for many of the local teams.  And as the temperature soars, girls are wondering what to wear to the big game.

There are more stylish options to wear to a game than just a sweatshirt.  Allow yourself one piece of “gear” and pair it with other items out of your wardrobe that don’t include gym shorts.

Think pairing the masculine with the feminine.  Add in a comfy skirt or a bow on your shorts.  Dressing is a breeze in a collegiate dress!

Adding gladiators is an easy way of dressing the outfit up, like you too are going in to battle while still maintaining comfort for a day of walking and standing.

I hope if you get to go to a game, you stay cool!

Go Big Red!

College Football by stylefromthesticks featuring Marlyn Schiff

Nike tee

Whistle & Wolf black shorts
$70 –

Long earrings

GUESS band ring

Marlyn Schiff earrings

Q&A- Family Pictures

Family Pictures

I received the following question-

I’m having family picture taken early this fall.  What do you recommend that we wear?  We have three children.


Thank you for your question!  I really enjoy family pictures that include the same color scheme.  Try searching for your closets for a color you all can wear.  Add in a neutral if you don’t all have the same color and use accessories to coordinate.  Try to find some prints and not just solids to add visual interest.  Think about texture too- things the camera will pick up on.

Also consider your backdrop.  Will you be at the lake?  Maybe white and khaki would be cool and beachy.  If in a wooded area where the trees have turned, maybe some reds or oranges would be pretty.  I like pairing new and different colors together, like I did here with the navy and bright green.  It is more of a preppy look.

I hope they turn out gorgeous!



Family Pictures by stylefromthesticks featuring blue jeans

Morgan white sweater
$70 –

Slim fit jeans

Uniqlo blue jeans

Oblong scarve

Globe PERRY Jumper
$60 –

Polka Dot Tiered Skirt

girl accessories

Falling in Love with Fall #7

Falling in Love with Fall #7

This is the last excerpt about fall fashion.  Something that I didn’t note but thought you might have noticed is the use of hats.  Hats are very popular still this year.  The fedora makes a return but not the same way that we’ve seen made popular all those years ago by Kevin Federline.  This time it looks more like Sienna Miller.  Floppy, wider brim, more boho.  This hat looks best when worn with attitude.  It has just the right mixture of sass and sweetness.

Also hugely popular this year is the beanie which will come in handy when we’re freezing in the pick up line at school, right?  Wear it with all of your casual looks.

Hats will add a little something to your basics.  Wearing all solids and feeling a little off? Throw one on.  Not to mention, forget doing your hair!  These are the cure alls for bad hair days.

I hope I’ve got you out busy fall shopping!!

Oh, and go check out Beth at her fabulous blog- Home Stories A to Z.  Love her stuff!


Falling in Love with Fall #7 by stylefromthesticks featuring a black hat

Black hat

Knit slouch hat

Falling in Love with Fall #6

Falling in Love with Fall #6
Here is something I’m coveting this fall, army green skinny jeans, definitely stretchy, definitely soft.  Ahh.  There is just something about this color lately that I can’t get enough of.  So I guess it’s a good thing the military look is still popular this season too, since this color goes right along with it.
I’ll see you in it soon!


Falling in Love with Fall #6 by stylefromthesticks featuring a crossbody purse

Slim fit shirt
$44 –

Ankle zipper jeans

Arrogant Cat crossbody purse
$23 –

Heart jewelry

Wayfarer glasses

Falling In Love With Fall #5

Falling In Love With Fall #5

You might feel bad if you just purged your closet of the color cobalt.   Cobalt jeans were all the range the past few seasons but the color hasn’t died.  This year, you’ll find it in unexpected articles, like blazers.  And if you are really lucky, you might still have that first cobalt blue shirt that you bought, oh, several seasons ago.

The color is exciting for fall and winter.  Let’s just say, there’s a reason they call it electric blue.  It’ll give your wardrobe a little much needed jolt.

Falling In Love With Fall #5 by stylefromthesticks featuring army boots

Old Navy racerback tank

Alice You blue jacket

Jack Wills jeans

Dollhouse army boots

Coast ring
$31 –

Fedora hat

Falling In Love with Fall #4

Falling In Love with Fall #4


Want a simple jeans and t-shirt look? The key to keeping it updated this fall is the straight leg. You might want to retire those flares…everything is cut close to the body for a maximum modern feel. Make it casual by rolling up the cuffs. Whatever you do, don’t stress, it’s still just a t-shirt and jeans!

Falling In Love with Fall #4
by stylefromthesticks featuring t shirts

J Crew t shirt

H&M straight jeans
$47 –

Dress loafer

Vintage gold jewelry
$3.90 –

Witchery waist belt
$45 –

Beanie hat

Falling in Love with Fall #3

Falling in Love with Fall #3

This is a total repeat from spring but is still talk worthy.  Every few seasons shoes go through rotation on what is in and what is out.  And this fall, the pointy heel is back in.

Does this mean you should get rid of all of your round-toed platform pumps?  Don’t be ridiculous.  This just means while the pointy toed heels may have been in the back of the closet for a while, the good old classic staple is now a front-runner.

These heels will always look smart and sassy when paired with workwear.  They say  “take me seriously” in a way a sandal or a platform never could. So when you have a big presentation to make, let the pointy-toed heel be your first choice.


Falling in Love with Fall #3 by stylefromthesticks featuring a black bracelet

Oasis strapless dress
$78 –

Steve Madden pumps

Pieces jewelry
$23 –

Falling in Love with Fall #2

Falling in Love with Fall #2

Second item up on the list of fall style…wait for it!  Sweaters!  How is this new, you ask? Well, unlike the popular cardigans of late, these sweaters are your old school pullovers.  Like something you’d you purchased from United Colors of Benetton to pair with jeans to go to your middle school dance in 1990.  These sweaters don’t necessarily need to be boxy but they aren’t long.

The way to wear this fashionably this fall is to pair it with a skirt.  If you want to show off your backside, leave the jeans for junior high and pair it with a pencil skirt.  Not feeling great about the derriere today, how about a skater skirt?

Either way, it’ll be a fresh take on an old favorite.


Falling in Love with Fall #2 by stylefromthesticks featuring tortoiseshell glasses

H M cable knit jumper
$23 –

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