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Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Six- Soccer Mom

Soccer games can be a lot of fun.  But when it is raining and miserable, one has to be truly dedicated to sit out in it.  Such was the weather this weekend while my little ones played.

What do you wear?  Layers.  First the t-shirt, then the fleece, and the raincoat for a topper.  And leave the good shoes at home.  The soccer field mud is not forgiving.

Go Green Goblins!


Soccer Mom

Fleece- NY&Co.

Ankle jeans- Lee

Raincoat- Target

Tennies- DKNY

Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Five- Ladies Who Lunch

I was lucky enough to attend in our local hospital’s fundraiser fashion show.  A nearby boutique outfitted the models and us guests had a tasty lunch wearing our heels and pearls.  Okay, I didn’t wear pearls but we were “ladies who lunch.”  All dressed up with nothing to do but enjoy our meal and watch the latest fashions.  (Some times we catch a break!)

I had an enjoyable time and was happy to do something that required a little dressing up!


Fall Fashion Challenge

Did I forget to mention I won a leather tote full of Tastefully Simple products.  The hubs was excited to see me returning with food!

Dress- London Times

Jacket-Robert Rodriquez

Heels- Nine West

Necklace- WAR (Women at Risk)

Ring- Stuff, etc.

Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Four- Friday Nite Lights


Friday Nite Lights

What to wear when it is football season but it doesn’t feel like football season?  That’s a very hard question.  Especially when one minute you are cooking and the next need something to take away the chill.

I had a wardrobe problem, as did just about everyone headed to the football game last night.  I was originally wearing a tshirt and was convinced by the Mr. that I would need something additional.  So I broke out the long sleeves.  With sandals.  And a fuzzy vest. It was kind of a fashion fumble but seriously, the weather today was just as uncoached. And I was happy at least that I wasn’t hot or cold pretty much the whole night.  Just bazaar and not another win for me!

Vest- Royal Robbins

Tshirt- Hanes

Capris- Gap

Sandals- Dillards

Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Three- Don’t Be A Heel

#fall outfits

Fall Challenge Three

Eesh.  I’m not a fan of this photo.  But it was at high noon and this was the only shade we could find.  Hopefully the rest of the 30 days won’t look like this!

This was an outfit I wore to church.  And looking at it right now, I feel like it could be in a maternity shoot.  Lovely.  No, I have no announcements!  This shirt may be in the donate pile now…and it is new!

I did wear my favorite pair of heels. They are my oldest pair and also my favorite.  They are comfortable and they go with practically everything.  And it seems that I really love this designer because all of my favorite shoes have been from him.  Too bad they are in their last season unless they receive a little TLC.  I hope to find some like them for a replacement!


Favorite Heels

Shirt- MLLP

Pants- Bass

Heels- Franco Sarto

Necklace & Earrings- Primere


















Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Two- Born to Be Wild

Isn’t it wonderful when you have good friends who are talented?  I’m so lucky to know all sorts of ladies who are using their God-given talents, making the world a better place.

One of said ladies volunteered to snap me some new headshots.  So exciting!  I am not very comfortable in front of the camera.  Even though my image is out there for all the world to see, it just doesn’t come naturally for me to “model.”  Each picture is met with a typical cringe.  The great part about this photo session, there was no post picture cringing! She did a great job.

I wore my first “fall” outfit for my headshots and here is a preview-

#leopard print

Jacket- Target

Sweater- JCPenney

Jeans- rafaella

Shoes- Naya

Thanks again dear friend!


Day One- Boho

Let the 30 days begin!  Today I chose to do the Boho ensemble.  I wanted the comfort of a maxi skirt and I couldn’t tell if I was chilly or hot.  So I enjoyed the tank-base with a sweater to wrap up in just in case.  Here is what I wore:



Fall Challenge- Boho

Tank- Faded Glory

Sweater- LOFT

Skirt- eci

Sandals- Payless

Bracelets & Earrings- Thrifted, ?

Belt- Charming Charlie’s


Fall Challenge

I’m calling all bloggers and fashionistas.  Let’s take a fall challenge!  Come along with me as we go through these fun dressing themes for the day.  Wear them in any particular order!


1) Love to Polka

2) Dress for Success

3) Pinky and the Brain

4) Seeing Red

5) Born to be Wild (animal prints)

6) Nautical

7) Boho

8) Layering It On Thick

9) Sexy Secretary

10) Skirt Story

11) Cobolt Cannon

12) Blazing Trails

13) Soccer Mom

14) Prep Squad

15) Hats Off

16) Designer Labels

17) Thrift Finds

18) Boot Weather

19) Scarf Happy

20) Date Night

21) Girls Nite Out

22) Ladies Who Lunch

23) Classy Chic

24) Chillaxing

25) Recreational Sports

26) Friday Nite Lites

27) Color Me Happy

28) Going Green

29) Art Major (wear all black)

30) Don’t Be A Heel

BSS- It’s Hard Saying Goodbye

We have come to the time of the year where my nails have hit their max.  All summer they grow strong, healthy and long.  And then about this time of year, they start to get brittle, hang nails appear and they break.  And while I spend about .2 seconds every week on my nails, it does make one sad to see them go.



Image source, photo credit Marin

But who’s kidding.  I have three kids.  I paint almost daily, do household chores and generally live.  Nails are gonna break.  Dreams of perfect manicures shatter.  And that’s probably a good thing.  I still have reoccurring nightmares of the picture in my brother’s Guinness’ Book of World records of the lady with the longest fingernails.  EW.

This summer I experienced my very first gel manicure.  And let me tell you busy moms…it is the ANSWER.  Not only do your nails look Martha Stewart close up ready, they last!  For weeks!  And they feel strong!   Like you no longer are going to hit that car door handle just wrong and bend them back in agony strong!  Not to mention the dry time is ridiculous. Waiting for twenty minutes while you sweat how much extra you’ll have to pay your babysitter while your nails are drying will no longer be the case!

There are two down sides to gel manicures.  #1- The UV light used in salons could potentially be harmful.  The jury is still out on this.  And the chances are slim.  #2- Removing the gel with acetone nail polish remover takes awhile.  Think “Madge, I’m soaking in it.”

The good news?  You can buy a kit and do it at home with an LED light (no potential harmful light) and have salon results.

So saying goodbye just got a little easier.

The Living Room

Catchy title isn’t it?  🙂  Happy Friday!

I’d love to say that I have all of my fall stuff out and this is going to inspire you to get yours out.  But I’m just not there yet.  And I guess I should get there.  Because if I don’t, I’ll have one month to enjoy it.  Wow.

This is what my living room looked like last you saw it-

living room

And here is what I’ve done with it.  It has a very coastal feel for the summertime.  Lots of white (my favorite) and blues and mints.

DSCN0964 DSCN0967


I’d like to put up a few more pictures on either side of this hutch.


(Please disregard all of my cords.  That issue still hasn’t been addressed.  🙂

This chair is purple.  So for the summer months, to lighten up the room, it gets an old chenille bedspread thrown over it.


I hope you enjoyed a few of my house updates.  I’m planning on doing more when I do break down and decorate for fall.  For now, I’ll enjoy those last few days of “summer.”

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