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New Year’s Eve outfits

I’m back!  And I’m realizing that my two other Christmas trees never posted.  Guess you’ll be seeing those this week.

As promised, here are a few NYE outfit ideas.  In case you are braving the cold and going to a grown up party, wear separates but still feel all dressed up.  If you’re dining with friends, wear something to liven up the party.  Don’t have a babysitter?  Ring in the new year with your loved ones and wear some leggings and slippers.  Cardigan, optional.

Whatever you do this New Year’s Eve, please be safe.

New Year's Eve outfits


New Year’s Eve outfits by stylefromthesticks featuring slim pants

Superdry black cardigan
$205 –

Poem lace shirt
$41 –

Jane Norman long sleeve top
$33 –

VILA tall shirt
$46 –

Mossimo yellow top

Miss Selfridge sequin skirt

Madewell slim pants

Platform booties

Traveling Home from the Holidays

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations.  Here is one final travel outfit for those of you headed home after the holidays.

I will be taking a few days off to celebrate Christmas with my family.  I will be posting pictures of my Christmas trees this year.  And I’ll be back before the new year to help you know what to wear however you are ringing it in.

Traveling Home from the Holidays


Traveling Home from the Holidays by stylefromthesticks featuring a christmas sweater

Christmas sweater
$13 –

Dorothy Perkins jeans

LOFT grey boots

Lipsy earrings
$11 –

Jon Richard pearl ring
$20 –

Plaid shawl

Opening Gifts

Every creature is stirring for opening gifts!  Santa’s been here and the little ones can hardly contain themselves!  It’s Christmas Day!

Wear an easy outfit of pants but with lots of shine!  The brocade screams holiday and a shimmery sweater to go with will keep you toasty.  Take it easy in flats but don’t forget a few beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Maybe they’ll match something under the tree with your name on it.  IF you made the nice list!

Opening Gifts


Opening Gifts by stylefromthesticks featuring a charm bangle

Vince Camuto charm bangle

Mata Traders bohemian style jewelry
$25 –

Christmas Eve Service

It’s Christmas Eve!  I hope you’ll find your way to a church service that includes the story of the baby Jesus’ birth.  Isn’t amazing how God chose to send His Son in the form of a helpless infant?  He didn’t come on a chariot of fire from heaven.  He was born quietly in a barn.  And yet he will grow to save the whole world from their sin.  Isn’t it wonderful to know all the terrible things we do and think every day have been erased in his blood on the cross?  And when we die, we will live forever where there will be no more sadness, disease, abuse or any kind of evil?  He makes this offer to everyone, no matter our wealth, our race, or how good or bad we have been.  He simply says, “Follow me.”  This is a joyful night!

Dress the part.  God doesn’t care what clothes you wear to church.  But out of respect, we should dress in our best, even if that means your jeans.  If the president called for an appointment, you would take care to look as nice as is in your means.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve with whomever you share it with!

Christmas Eve Service


Christmas Eve Service by stylefromthesticks featuring pink jewelry

Pink jewelry
$26 –

BP bracelet charm

Last Minute Shopping

It’s down to the final minutes and you are still trying to figure what to get your father-in-law.  A little last minute shopping is what you need.

Stay comfy in jeans and a t-shirt but with a tweed jacket, you’ll stay warm in and out of stores without a coat to drag around.  And pair of flats will keep your errands quick.

And hopefully you’ll find him something!  Either way, get in the gift giving mood!

Last Minute Shopping


Last Minute Shopping by stylefromthesticks featuring black ballet flats

Lined jacket
$100 –

Mango slim fit jeans
$49 –

Chain necklace

Topshop floral bracelet
$4.09 –

Last Minute Gift Ideas (Sponsored)

*All opinions in this post are my own and an honest view of my experiences as a NFM customer. This post is sponsored.

Need a last minute gift idea?  Check out Nebraska Furniture Mart!  They have so much more than furniture- from gifts for the kids to hostess gifts, all the way to big name electronics.  They have something for everyone at every price point!

Here are a few that I love:

1)      Can’t find something wintry to hang on the walls?  Try this wintery scene.

2)      For those of you that wait until the last minute to put up your tree, I love the silvery/gold mix of this tree.  It would be so beautiful full of ornaments!

3)      For those gadget lovers, we enjoy our family tablet.  Even the little ones play apps with coloring on them.

4)      I bought my laptop from NFM two years ago.  It was this brand and I had no trouble with it.  Don’t bother with big name laptops!  Buy one on the cheap!

5)      Who doesn’t need more food storage?  This is a great hostess gift for when the party is over.

6)      I so wish I had this entryway system.  Something to corral all those coats and shoes!

7)      For those kiddos who love their DS’s.  You can never go wrong with good old Mario Kart.

8)      I bought these cute little mugs on Black Friday.  They make me happy every time I use them.

9)      Love the iRobot vacuums and I’m pretty sure absolutely every busy household could use one!

10)   Despicable Me, the original.  Such a great family movie.  Check it out on your BluRay player!

If you hurry you can still get all of these gifts and more delivered for Christmas!

Last Minute Gift Ideas (Sponsored)


Last Minute Gift Ideas (Sponsored) by stylefromthesticks featuring canvas wall art


Travel Day- Holiday Packing

Traveling can be a pain in the neck.  Or it can be an exciting journey.  It’s all in how you look at it!  Put down the yoga pants and get into something a little more stylish!  I promise it’ll still be comfortable but your pearls and sequins need to make an exodus out of our closet at Christmastime.  And when you arrive, you’ll feel so much better about any activities that might come at you unexpectedly.

And the hat is entirely optional.  Depending on your holiday spirit…

Travel Day- Holiday Packing


Travel Day- Holiday Packing by stylefromthesticks featuring beaded jewellery

Mossimo low top

Mango distressing jeans
$49 –

Orelia white pearl bracelet
$13 –

Lord Taylor stud earring set

Holiday Packing

I know many of you are anxious about what to wear for your upcoming holiday travels.  Don’t worry!  I’ll help you pack!

The next few posts will consist of outfits that I’ve created based on the pieces you see below.  These are pieces similar to what I’m actually packing, so I promise they will work!

I’ll also be posting a few last minute gift ideas as we’re all feeling the last minute crunch for the perfect little something for those we love.

Holiday Packing


Holiday Packing by stylefromthesticks featuring a zip jacket

Calvin Klein sequin top

Boohoo pink top

Mossimo cardigan

Zip jacket
$100 –

Blank Denim pants

Dorothy Perkins grey jeans

Mango mid-rise jeans
$49 –

Old Navy pointy toe flat

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