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Mission Organization- Kitchen Cabinet No. 3 & 4

These are the last cabinets that I have conquered.  Tomorrow I’ll show you my kitchen diagram.  I feel confident that I have all the cabinets housing the right products now.  But I have yet to make the Tupperware more functional.  I’m seriously considering moving to all glass storage containers.  Darn plastic anyway!  Aren’t these containers such a pain?

For today, here was my cabinet by the pantry-

Cabinet 3

Cabinet 3

What a mess!  I really appreciate the cord hanging down.

Here is the after-

Cabinet 3 After

Cabinet 3 After

This cabinet makes me happy.  I put all of my cake decorating tips and cookie cutters in the basket up top.  (Because I use those one a year!)  I then corralled all of the water bottles (another bane of my existence) to another cabinet and left only the pitchers.  And all of my mixing bowls and Pyrex measuring bowls are now together.  Makes sense!

Cabinet No. 4

Cabinet No. 4

This cabinet is close to the sink and was just an odd combination of dishes and plasticware and ???

Here is the after-

Cabinet No. 4 After

Cabinet No. 4 After

Now all of the dishes are together.  And so are the water glasses.  And a few miscellaneous mixing bowls that I don’t use very often.  This cabinet could still use some shelving height adjustments.  Don’t you think this cabinet would make a great open shelf look.  I mean, do you ever see open shelving on Pinterest with Tupperware on it?  No.

So that’s it.  Now you’ve seen what lies behind my kitchen cabinets and we have no further secrets from each other.  I still have a few cabinets to go, but to be honest, those just didn’t change all that much.  Mostly it is just tidying up what’s already there.  Except for the blasted Tupperware…

Do you have any great Tupperware storage solutions?




Mission Organization- Kitchen Cabinet No. 2

Today’s cabinet, in the process of making over where to put kitchen products, is the pots and pans.  Some of my pans ended up in the bottom of my stove.  And some of my pans were across from the oven in a separate cabinet.

Here are the offending cabinets-

Under the Stove

Under the Stove

I hated lifting them out of this spot.

Cabinet No. 2

Cabinet No. 2

I decided to move all the pots and pans next to the oven.  Make sense right?  The problem is the heaviness of the pots and pans.  I really enjoyed having some of them on the slide out cabinets.  Instead, I moved them to the lazy susan that is next to the oven.  With the lazy susan, I still get relief from lifting them from the back of a cabinet.

Here is what was in the lazy susan before-

Lower Lazy Susan

Lower Lazy Susan

Pyrex, Pyrex, Pyrex.

Here is what these spots look like now-

Cabinet No. 2 After

Cabinet No. 2 After

Don’t you love all that Pyrex goodness all organized?  Ahh, so lovely.

And here is the lazy susan-

Lower Lazy Susan After

Lower Lazy Susan After

Yes!  Pots and pans all in one place right by the oven.

Isn’t amazing what simple organization can do!




Mission Organization Continues- Kitchen Cabinets

This may be an on again/off again series as I struggle to organize.  It feels great to have something put together but the bigger fight is to keep it that way!

Have you heard the expression, “Cleaning the house while the kids are home is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing?”  Completely true.  While I’m getting something organized in one room, there is a disaster going on in another.  And then there’s the daily grind of sweeping the kitchen and by the doorways (when will the gravel end?), trying to keep little boys’ bathroom clean (why is hitting the water so hard?) and there are two hotspots in the house that will never be “done”- the laundry and the dishes.

All I’m saying is that it is a struggle.

One area of our home that has been an eyesore for me has been my kitchen cabinets. When we moved into our home, I unpacked our kitchen in about a day.  Things were thrown in- random, random things.  And have pretty much been in the same place since.

After careful consideration (and much Pinterest research), I tried to identify which cabinets should house what items.  This was also based on the height and widths of the items that the cabinets would conceal.

Here, for your Tuesday pleasure, is cabinet number one.

Cabinet Number One

Cabinet Number One

There sits my crock pot in amongst the cake cover and microwave chip maker.  I mean, what???

I moved the crock pot so that it would reside by all the other actual cooking items.  So revolutionary!  I also edited the items in this cabinet.  How often does one actually use a cake cover?  Could it be moved to another less accessible cabinet or perhaps donated?  And as for the chip maker, that is now for sale.

Here is the cabinet after-

Cabinet One After

Cabinet One After

Now all of the big bowls are on the top shelf and the bottom shelf contains pie containers and large plastic food storage containers.  I also put the ridged stone bakeware there mostly because it fit perfectly.

One cabinet down.  A whole kitchen to go!

Tomorrow, we’ll keep going through the kitchen.  At the end of the week, I’ll show you all the cabinets together.

If this is inspiring you to make your cabinets make more “sense,” be sure to keep a list of what needs replacing or what you are missing.  I was amazed at the oddity of items I have and the items I really need on a day-to-day basis!

Blogger Coffee

Yesterday I went to Des Moines for an Iowa blogger coffee meeting.  It was very exciting to meet ten other ladies that do what I do.  Sometimes it is nice to sit around and talk to people who understand what you do.  They get me!

This week I’m going to show you my latest installment in mission organization in my house. The kitchen!  It has been a work in progress but little by little, I feel like things are making more sense in the kitchen.

I am also gearing up for a month of semi-spring styles.  And I’m also going to be purging my closet to get rid of unwanted winter items.

Very exciting days ahead.  Must be spring fever!


Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets

Our final spring trend- cropped jackets.  These can really be tricky for us moms who may not want to delve into anything that contains the word “cropped.”  But I assure you, the jackets I’ve added in today’s look would be easy additions.

Clearly, I am not referring to anything in the juniors department.  Their version of cropped is going to be more drastic than anything we’d want to try.

I’ve created two work outfits and one with a hipster vibe.  The crop has to hit where you’re comfortable and that means that you don’t have to show anything you don’t want to.  The first and the last looks let your t-shirt and blouse do the heavy work and conceal your tummy.

While it is hard to tell in this layout, the middle outfit has a high-waisted skirt.  With a fitted tank or shell underneath, I would wear this jacket unzipped to let more of the skirt with such a pretty print show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of spring fashion.  I know it’s hard to imagine all the snow away.  One of these days…it will happen!

Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets


Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets by stylefromthesticks featuring a button skirt

River Island white crop jacket
$75 – riverisland.com

Lined jacket
$53 – bankfashion.co.uk

Emma Cook button skirt

Wallis black trousers

ASOS wingtip oxford
$46 – asos.com

Pull&Bear black high heel shoes
$43 – pullandbear.com

Spring Trends 2014- Wide Leg Pants

Two more spring trends to go!

Today’s trend keeps coming and going- especially during spring and fall.  In the fall, you’ll see this trend surface in denim to create a bohemian look.  I think designers are trying to take a break from the skinny jean look and mix it up a little.  I’d love to say these would be a great “I’m feeling bloated” pants option but I feel they really aren’t made for ladies like me who have thicker thighs.  This type of pant looks best on women with thinner, longer legs.  However, if these pants are slightly boot cut (thinner on the thighs), then they are more flattering for us none skinny legged ladies.

These pants remind me of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.  The look is menswear turns feminine and it looks great on women with very little curve. Picture just about anything Meg Ryan would wear.

Pair with these pants with something simple up top.  Keep it sleek.  You don’t want wide pants and a top with a bunch of volume.  Your shoes are very important.  You should NOT wear ballet flats with these pants.  They need height and a sturdy heel.

Here are three looks to inspire you. I’m particularly in love with the sailor pants.  What a great spring look!

Spring Trends- Wide Leg Pants


Spring Trends- Wide Leg Pants by stylefromthesticks featuring a stretch shirt

NIC ZOE stretch shirt

People Tree stretchy pants
$56 – peopletree.co.uk

Navy blue shoes

Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets

Jackets this spring are big, which makes sense because most of us have been hiding behind a bulky coat all winter.  One of the trends in jackets is a collarless style.

This looks is very sleek and modern.  It reminds me greatly of the Oscar gown Gwyneth Paltrow wore with the cape.  Perhaps this look is a trickle down from that night?

File:Gwyneth Paltrow 2012.jpg

Image source, Wikipedia via FlickrMaterialscientist

Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets

Anywho, here are a few styles, all worn with heels.  Because I’m kind of missing my heels. Will spring ever arrive?

A collarless jacket is also a great platform for necklaces.  You can either go classic with a chunky short necklace (I’m really envisioning a chain for some reason) or with a longer jacket choose a longer necklace.

Check them out.  They will be a great wardrobe update!


Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets by stylefromthesticks featuring black high waisted jeans

Forever New lined jacket
$72 – forevernew.com.au

Reiss gray wool pants
$200 – johnlewis.com

ALDO polish shoes

Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans

Everyone knows pastels equate spring. But this year, you are going to see much more pink than usual.  Pink is a color that looks great on everyone and don’t save it for the little girls.

A big trend for spring will be pink jeans.  Much like the cobalt jeans and the mint jeans of previous seasons, pink will be showing up on denim near you.  Use them as you would your white jeans, as a break from the blue denim and to add another dimension to your closet.

Here are three pairs that I dressed up for you.  The first look is for anywhere you need to go and look presentable- conferences, story time at your library; the second look is mommy on the go- run errands, get groceries; and the last look is date night or girl’s night out.   I love the booties with the top.  It’s a little bit romantic and a little bit rock and roll.

Embrace the pink.  Pink is powerful!

Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans


Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans by stylefromthesticks featuring a white button shirt

Strapless top

H M white button shirt
$25 – hm.com

Stretchy jeans

Tinsel skinny fit jeans

Laced up shoes

H&M mid heel boots
$50 – hm.com

Spring Trends 2014- Button Ups

Day two spring trends.  And this one is just a carryover from winter, button downs!  And really buttons in general are everywhere.  A big trend this spring!

While you’ve been mainly wearing a ton of plaid flannel shirts and buffalo checks, it’s time to lighten up! Spring is all about bright colors, Burberry-inspired plaid and fun prints.

In the looks below, I added in a few sweaters to compliment your button ups in case you need another layer.  I also gave you some footwear ideas and don’t forget these button downs pair greatly with statement necklaces!

Spring Trends 2014- Button Ups


Spring Trends 2014- Button Ups by stylefromthesticks featuring tapered skinny jeans

SELECTED navy shirt
$96 – selected.com

J Crew shirts top

Old Navy navy blue top

Long sleeve top

Slim shirt
$25 – newlook.com

Uniqlo tapered skinny jeans
$50 – uniqlo.com

Wallis slip on flat

Canvas oxford

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