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Celebratory Dinner

So last week the Mr. asked me out and we went to dinner and checked out our local casino since I had never been there.

I thought you might enjoy my largely prego date night look-

Date Night Maternity Outfit

Date Night Maternity Outfit

Here’s a better picture-

The Mr. & I

The Mr. & I

Dress & Shoes- Target

Jean Jacket- Jessica Simpson

Ring & Belt- my own

The Mr. is looking pretty handsome too, if I do say so myself!


BSS- A Week in Reverse

I am going to try writing this week in reverse.  So that means, today is Saturday.  Aren’t you glad?  I was almost worried there it was Monday.  Let’s celebrate with a little Beauty Shop Saturday talk.

Recently I’ve been sucked into QVC beauty.  I think it has mostly to do with the fact that I don’t want to get out of bed on Saturday morning.  I remember I had a co-worker once who thought her mom was becoming a QVC addict.  She kept saying, “Mom, they aren’t your friends!”  🙂

Friends or not, they can do a great job with their salespitch.  I’ve always wanted to try some of their products (Wren, anybody?) but haven’t pulled the trigger.

But I’m a sucker for a foundation.  If it promises fabulous skin, I’m all ears.  It’s the holy grail of beauty products.  Unlike wrinkle creams it promises instant satisfaction.  All you have to do is put it on….right?

Here was the recent product I purchased from QVC.

It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush

it Cosmetics by Jamie Kern/Innovative Technology Cosmetics/Celebration Foundation with Brush $43.50

Disclaimer:  I was also about out of foundation.

Here’s my review:

While just about every product advertised on QVC is marketed as a “life changer,” this product isn’t exactly that wonderful.  I will say that as a powder, it is very discrete and the brush is simply amazing.  It’s soooo soft.

I wouldn’t say that it covers as it was advertised.  Here is how they advertise it as different-

“Why is it different: Using antiaging ingredients–including hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, antioxidants, grape seed oil, olive oil, hyaluronic acid, rose, aloe, niacin, silk, and vitamins A, C, and E–this foundation helps treat skin with antiaging benefits and give more youthful radiance while completely concealing imperfections and blurring away the look of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. The creamy, crease-proof powder foundation glides on easily and lasts. It’s formulated without talc, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, and phthalates.”- QVC

If you have rosacea or acne or scarring or a birthmark, it won’t be the foundation for you. But for those of you who have oily but clear skin  or even combination skin and like to wear powder foundation, I do like that the product is good for your skin.  And I know this line has many different foundations, so I would be willing to give another one a try.

I’ll give it 5 stars for a powder.  But a 3 for a foundation.  Maybe next time QVC,   Maybe next time.


Diamonds, Tin or Aluminum

I know, I know.  I missed you yesterday.  I had a good reason!  Today is the Mr. & I’s 10 year anniversary.  And I was busy making a slideshow of our memories.

The traditional gifts for ten years are diamonds, tin or aluminum.  I’m expecting none of the above this year.  But I’ll leave you guessing which one would be the best gift.  😉

Happy anniversary honey!

Taken When We Were Babies

Taken When We Were Babies

Dream Come True

Some of you may remember that I have a long-time wish to drive around in my own personal beat up truck. Preferably mint in color. That dream came true for me a few weeks ago.
Let me introduce you to Stanley. He’s coming to a junkin trip near you!


That was my Grandpa’s nickname and this truck gives me a definitive grandpa vibe. I can’t wait to take a cruise in this beauty. He needs new breaks first…
Meanwhile, it truly is a dream come true for me.

And, in case you missed it, here is a little blogger link up I did this August. (I reference an old truck in this post.) These are some great bloggers that you’ll want to follow!

Style from the Sticks

Style from the Sticks

Hi there! It’s so great to meet all of you. I’m Holly Jirovsky and I blog at Style from the Sticks which is a fashion blog for busy moms on a shoestring budget.

A little about me- I live in Iowa with my husband and I’m a stay-at-home mom for three, almost four kids. I have an eight –year-old, a seven-year-old, a four-year-old and a new baby due in December. I have a background in the publishing and advertising industries and I love combining my two passions, fashion and writing.

While my blog is mainly fashion-related, I also dabble in home decor, lifestyle and parenting. I really enjoy being a part of Midwest Bloggers and having a network of local fabulous gals that I can go to ask questions and get together to learn more about blogging- in person.

As a busy mom, I know how easy it is to get stuck in the yoga pant rut. I create quick outfits for real life. I strive for affordability (keeping costs to less than $100), accessibility (these looks can be found your local mall, online or a thrift shop) and Photoshop free pictures. Thanks for letting me be a part of your weekend!

I’d love for you to follow me at: Facebook – Pinterest – Google + – Twitter – Instagram.


(I realized the Being Zhenya photo label and House of Turquoise got switched.)

House of Turquoise- I have to admit that I’m just as obsessed with the color turquoise as she is. And Erin and I share a love of white as well. Everything she pins on Pinterest is what I aspire my house to be.

Chic Street Style- I love the elegance of her outfits and the European flare she brings to the Midwest!

Urban Farmgirl- She had me at “hello” on her Pinterest board with a separate board just for old trucks. Someday I will get a chance to visit her shop.

Being Zhenya- I love thrifting and putting together outfits on a small budget. She inspires me to think out of the box.


Last week was a doozy!  And I’m sorry for missing you all a few days there.  I will do better this week, I promise!

I was recently asked about my international travel experience from a company called Smartling, they are a language translation software company, and what I would recommend about traveling abroad, etc.

So this is a little off topic for me, but a nice way to end the summer. Can you believe this is the last day!!!?

I can’t say that I have tons of experience traveling abroad.  But I have taken a trip to France in the last five years!

Packing for that trip was stressful for me.  I didn’t want to show up looking like your average tourist.  But I had little experience for how real French people dress.  That left me staring at my closet unsure of what to take.

I ended up packing several skirts and also several pairs of shoes that went along with a color theme.  If you pack all of your items in the same color family, you can easily mix and match however you need to.  I rolled each item in my carry-on so I could fit as much as possible and the items weren’t so wrinkled.  And I never checked a bag so that I knew I would have what I needed when I arrived.

If I had to pack for the trip again, I wouldn’t change much except my shoes.  Find THE absolute most comfortable pair of shoes you can find for the daytime, while still remaining stylish.  Jogging sneakers or flip-flops are not a great way to make an impression and peg you for a tourist immediately.

Our trip was in June.  The weather was moderate temperatures and sunny days.  I was nervous about all I had heard about the French and their attitudes but was excited to travel internationally and to see the most beautiful city in the world.

Of course, part of that nervousness was the language barrier.  But many of the people spoke at least some English.  I do recall on the plane sitting by a Parisian couple who had just returned from a visit to the U.S. to see the Grand Canyon.  I was discussing with them what things to see in France and I asked about Notre Dame.  Here in the states, most people pronounce this- No-Ter Daim.  They had no idea what I was talking about because of my pronunciation. And when they figured out what I was referring to- No-Tre Dom, they laughed and laughed.

Sitting by this couple on the plane and interacting with them really helped me feel more confident about my travels.  They gave me tips on what to see and do, where to eat and what to expect.  I recommend engaging in some conversation if at all possible with some locals before you get to your travel destination.

I also really enjoyed eating out because in France, that is what you do for your evening entertainment.  It took several hours to eat a meal and that’s just not the case in the U.S.  It was nice to sit down after a long day of walking and touring and enjoy a meal and some company.  And while in France, I had to enjoy the wine.  But I also loved the fresh bakery items every morning.  Their pastries are so much lighter and less sweet than in the U.S.  And the chocolate is much, much better.

We only encountered rudeness a few times.  One of those times was the concierge of our hotel.  He was not very helpful when we were asking for directions.  Also, our taxi drive on the way back from the Eiffel Tower tried to scam us for more money.  I recommend walking as much as possible when in Paris.

We crammed in so much siteseeing in a week’s time that it was hard to enjoy it all.  Next time I visit France, I’d really like to spend the majority of my time in Paris, visiting places that I had to skip over the last time.

Overall, we had a successful trip. My recommendations are to give yourself time to relax and enjoy where you are.  And of course, look stylish doing it!

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’ve been going through a very bad breakup.  And I wrote down my thoughts so you could understand.

Dear Black Furniture,

You and I have shared many years together.  The ups and downs of trying to keep you even remotely looking dusted was worth it in the beginning.  Our affair was sultry.  I craved you even though I knew that you were wrong for me.  And I knew that you had other lovers on the side.  But it didn’t stop me to succombing to your siren call.

I have seen the light.  I am now awakening to the understanding that you were wrong for me all along and that my innermostself desires all that is white and bright.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I’ve discovered that white fits me like jeans and a tshirt.  Does it need dusting?  Who can tell.  Does it play nicely with all of my other furniture friends.  Yes, yes it does.  And maybe it too is secretly having other hot and steamy relationships in my friend’s homes. But all I know is that right now it feels good.

Maybe some day you and I can be friends again.  Maybe I’ll be in need of the sophistication that you bring to a piece that no other color can.  But right now, I have to listen to the calling of my heart.  And that is white.



Style from the Sticks

New Obsession- Fixer Upper

This weekend really gotta a hold on me.  I’m going to be playing catch up all week!  I meant to get out a BSS post but it escaped me.  We’ll try for this Saturday.

Meanwhile, I have a new obsession.  I am completely smitten with HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper.

Here are the reasons I love it:

1)  Chip & Joanna are like no couple I’ve ever seen who works together.  Clearly their Christian attitudes flow through their lives in positive ways that make me wonder if it could possibly be real.  Who gets along this great with their spouse in stressful situations?  I mean he calls her “hon” and tells her so looks gorgeous and she tells him how strong he is and how much she loves him….  Um, ya, I totally talk like that every day to my spouse. I guess I need to aspire to this!  I’m totally jealous and admire their encouraging and loving demonstrations of couplehood.

2)  I love her style.  White?  Chippy?  I’m sunk.  I’m thinking maybe we all need to move to Waco, Texas and buy homes so she can redo them for us.

3)  They have four kids.  Something that I will myself know shortly.  And they make time to eat together.  Busy lifestyles but they still make family a priority.  Love this.

4)  They live on a farm.  I would be happiest in the country but I make do in town.  I’m jealous of all my chicken raising, CSA gardening, animal loving friends who get this secret pleasure but I also am glad I don’t have all those chores.  But oh, to have such space and privacy!  They also named their farm and I’m totally into this.  We named our last home and I’m still trying to conceive what this one needs to be called.

5)  They take something old and forgotten and make it beautiful again.  Talk about recycling.  These old homes that have so much history and character and personality are appreciated again.

6)  They have an affinity for old things.  It isn’t all Pottery Barn (which I love, don’t get me wrong).  But the items used are literally things that they find on the side of the road. Hello junk’n!  Thus the final product doesn’t look so cookie-cutter perfect.

7) Her style is also so streamlined.  Where is all the clutter?  It makes me wish I had half the stuff I have and I’m working on making life in my home simpler.

8)  She’s gorgeous and wears cute outfits while in the middle of a construction zone.  I mean, yes, she isn’t in heels and skirts.  But if you were filming in some of those houses, I don’t know I could look that good in my Converse and sweaters.

9)  She knew what she wanted her life to look like and she went out and made those dreams come true.  I love that she sets the bar high and why shouldn’t we all?

10)  In this era of Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo, here is a family I can aspire to be more like and spend some quality time watching.  Thank you!

Fixer Upper, you have a new fan!

Here is a link to Joanna’s blog, if you want to follow stalk her like I do:

2014 Fall Trends- Pointy Heels

I hope you are willing to try at least one of my fall fashion trends this season.  I know you can do it!

In case you were wondering, pointy heels are still a big trend for fall.  Heel looks come and go though, so if you’re still wearing heels from a few years ago, I won’t judge.  I’m just going to be proud that you’re in a pair of heels.  Good for you!

Here are a few of my favorites.  And two of them are as basic as bras- everybody needs both flesh colored and black.  Which pair catches your eye?

2014 Fall Trends- Pointy Heels


2014 Fall Trends- Pointy Heels by stylefromthesticks featuring pointy toe shoes

Pointed shoes

GUESS pointy toe pumps

SPURR pointy toe stiletto
$22 –

2014 Fall Trends- Tons of Texture

2014 Fall Trends- Tons of Texture

Settle down, I know that these pieces don’t “match.”  It’s okay.   I did it on purpose.  And you can too!

Today’s fall fashion trend is tons of texture.  What exactly do I mean?  Well, it’s hard to explain in a photo but if you look carefully at the textures I’ve selected, you’ll see that this outfit contains the following:

1)      Boiled wool

2)      Satin

3)      Suede

4)      Felt

5)      Faux Leather

6)      Faux Brass

While this outfit doesn’t have a ton of pattern, it is something that you’ll want to reach out and touch.  I’ve seen lots of touchable textures this fall and the trend is to wear a bunch of them together.

And yes, I know that the skirt has black in it and that most of you would pick out some black boots to go with…but that’s what makes this outfit Bohemian chic.  The nonmatchy matchy is something you can explore too.  Start small, like in this outfit, with the footwear.  And incorporate another piece that has the same feel or color in it elsewhere for cohesion.


2014 Fall Trends- Tons of Texture by stylefromthesticks featuring a wool jacket

Gróa wool jacket
$150 –

Pied a Terre skirt
$38 –

Topshop handbag

Sun hat

2014 Fall Trends- Sporty

I write this post with hesitancy.  I’m afraid that some of you will take this as a free pass to live in activewear.  I understand the allure of yoga pants and leggings, tshirts and tennis shoes. But unless you are headed to or from the gym, or are taking the kids for a sporty outing, living in athletic gear is just another example of the sloppiness of our society.
We have gone from Donna Reed raising kids and vacuuming in a dress and heels to pajamas in the pickup line at school.  If you’re a mom, I completely understand the need to feel comfortable.  I’m not asking that we all become Donna Reed.  But can we have a little self respect?
I have days that I’m throwing something on to just cover my body and get out the door.  It happens.  I will try not to add to the judgment that we mothers face.  But I know this, when I feel best about me, it isn’t those mornings.  I want you to feel good about what you have on and feel good about yourself!
Okay, that said.  Some of these looks are fun.  HERE IS THE KEY.  You cannot wear these looks like you would to the actual gym.  For example, in the outfit below, you will not find tennis shoes and a headband with ponytail.  If you have some really snazzy sporty wedges or a cute basketball jersey, don’t wear them with head to toe sporty looks.
Also, consider who is wearing the legging look.  Mostly under 30 year olds.  Can you pull off the legging look?  That’s your call.  But it isn’t something I would want my mother to be sporting.  Unless, of course, she was headed to the gym.2014 Fall Trends- Sporty


2014 Fall Trends- Sporty by stylefromthesticks featuring a bow handbag

Zalando white v neck tee
$15 –

Fox sportswear
$16 –

NIKE jersey knit pants
$47 –

Black slip on shoes

Ted Baker bow handbag

Topshop jewelry
$23 –

Black round sunglasses

1 2