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Breaking All the Rules- Disney Vacation

My family decided to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a Disney vacation.  We have never been to Disney. And I’m trying to imagine how I’ll pack. It isn’t easy as the weather could be cool and rainy or hot and sunny!  Not to mention we’ll be traveling through all different climates just to get there.
In my effort to pack for kid friendly activities, I’m breaking all of my own fashion rules!
Here are five of my own fashion faux pas!
1)  Leggings, leggings, leggings
Mainly I will taking leggings because I figure I can be comfortable in them hot or cold.  And lots of layers- sweatshirts, t-shirts and outfits that I would only wear when running around after kids in a theme park.
I’m basing my outfits on what shirts I have that are tunic length.  Let’s be honest, not too many of us moms should really ever have our backside showing in leggings.  Unless you are very, very confident…
2)  A backpack
I will take a backpack to the park.  But I just can’t quite sport one of my kids.  This fun little boho backpack outta do the trick.
3)  Mainly solid tees in a loose color family
I don’t anticipate many prints being packed while will make for some lackluster outfits.  This and being constrained to tunic length tees is leaving me with a loose color family.  But this is one destination that I feel I can make some exceptions.
4)  Sneakers and flip-flops
I will also wear mainly slip on tennies and flip-flops, something I wouldn’t do at home.  But I know we’ll be walking a ton and I need these feet to be comfortable!
5)  Very little accessories
And for my accessories, earrings are about the extent of what I will pack.  They are so small and hardly take up any room!
A few things that I couldn’t leave at home that might redeem an outfit- a scarf, a necklace and don’t forget the shades!
Next week, I’ll try to redeem myself by showing the different outfits one can create from this simple packing list!
 Disney Vacation


Disney Vacation by stylefromthesticks featuring vneck shirts

Pink top
$85 – alannahhill.com.au

Anna Field blue tee
$20 – zalando.co.uk

H M vneck shirt
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Levi s clothing
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Mama licious clothing
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Fat Face black trousers
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Skinny legging
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Billabong hippy bag

Blue jewelry
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Facet jewelry
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H M metal jewelry
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Q&A- Destination Arizona

I received the following question-
I am going to Arizona with my family for spring break. We’re flying there and I’m hoping to fit our whole family of five into one suitcase.  So I can’t take much.  Can you help me with some outfit ideas and what to pack? We’ll be doing lots of family activities and also will hopefully have a few dates nights including an Alan Jackson concert.
Thank you for your question Meghan!
I too am taking a trip for spring break and am trying to pack light.   More on that later this week.
I tried to combine a few things for you in the same color palette so that they could be mix and match.  The key is to look for pieces that have pattern and some that are solid so you get the strongest outfit combinations from them.
You’re gonna need your boots for the concert so I recommend wearing them on the plane to save room in the suitcase.  And potentially the jean jacket as well.  You could also include a scarf for warmth instead of the jean jacket or wear both if you wish!
I like the idea of a sundress and a maxi skirt.  You can wear your jean jacket over the top of the dress.  You can also pair this white eyelet top with the maxi skirt tucked in with the belt.  The longer tunic length of the tshirt can be worn with leggings or tucked in to the maxi skirt.
Don’t forget some fun sandals and your swimsuit!  Oh, and a pretty carry on!
I hope you have a great time!
Destination Arizona


Destination Arizona by stylefromthesticks featuring a bikini swimsuit

Topshop navy blue sundress
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Crochet tank top

Blue top

Hue cotton legging
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River Island bikini swimsuit
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Strap sandals

Green bag

Ilundi black belt
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Why Valentine’s Day is a Holiday Not for the Faint of Heart Mom


Picture Love

Image credit luigi diamanti via freedigitalphotos.net
Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday.  But when you have school aged kids, especially preschoolers, look out.  It’s enough to put this mom over the edge.

It’s kind of like the feeling I have when we make Christmas cut out cookies.  The flour, the sprinkles, the licking of fingers and spreading of the frosting.  It’s chaos.  It’s messy.  It makes you want to freak out.  And then it’s over with and you think, that wasn’t so bad?  I’m sure it’ll be fun again next year…

Here’s how Valentine’s Day preparations go in my house:

Mom:  Who wants to do valentines?

Child One:  Groan.  (He has grown wise.)

Child Two & Three:  Yea! (Ah to be young and innocent again.)

Mom:  Okay, let me see your teacher’s instructions.  Is the cereal box supposed to be decorated or not?  When is the cereal box supposed to be delivered?  Tomorrow?  Next week?  (Muttering to self- each class has a different party schedule, different delivery day and different instructions.  Awesome.)

Child Three:  I don’t have a cereal box!

Mom:  Consider yourself lucky.

Mom:  Let’s see if we can find any leftover valentines from last year.  Anyone want to use up these from last year?  No?  

Child Two decides it’s okay.

Insert trip to store.

Child Three picks out new valentines in 3 seconds.  Child One debates and picks the least worst choice.  Child Two needs a few more and wants to go to another store to look.  Mom says no.  Child Two picks the same as Child One after 20 minutes of deliberation.

Next they choose the candy for the valentines.  Child Two picks out snack sized candy bars in 3 seconds.  Child Three doesn’t even know half of what the candy options are.  Mom encourages her to go for the Ring Pops.  She loves Ring Pops; doesn’t she want to bring Ring Pops?  Mom knows that after they exit the store Child Three will inevitably want Ring Pops no matter what she chooses now.  Child One deliberates for 20 minutes and finally chooses Fun Dip. Mom runs through her head how much the other moms are going to appreciate their child coming home with the messy powdery Fun Dip.  

Home for assembly.

Mom:  Holy cow.   This is crazy.  (Does Child Two know how to run the tape dispenser?)  Do you need help using the tape?

Child Two breaks the tape dispenser.

Mom: (How does one break a tape dispenser?!!)

Child One: (In best whiney voice) I don’t know where the construction paper is to cover my cereal box!  How come Child Two’s teacher gave him some?

Child Two:  I’m writing my own class list.

Mom:  (Let’s hope there isn’t a classmate left off of it.)

Child Two’s interest is starting to fade.

Child Three is writing her name on 17 valentines.  She is in preschool and it takes her five minutes a card.

Mom: (We could be here when it’s dark.)

Child Two is still taping.  

Mom: (How much tape does one cereal box need?)

Mom: Oh no, one box of valentines turns into a mask and comes with a string for it.  Be sure to include a string for each kid.

Child Two has last year’s valentines that aren’t enough for each kid.  Child Two borrows valentines from another box.

Mom: Please don’t open the last new box of valentines if we don’t have to.

Child Three can’t tear her valentines on the perforated line.  Requests scissors.  

Mom:  (Preschooler and scissors.  Here we go.)

Child Three is still writing her name and randomly applying the small heart stickers that come with the valentines.  She may the only one who is still excited.

Child Two is still using tape.

Mom: Here’s a plastic bag for each of you.  Please keep your valentines separate from your brother or sister’s.  Child Two please put yours in your backpack to be delivered tomorrow.  

She marks on calendar when the others are supposed to be delivered to school.  Gets two of the dates wrong.

Thank goodness for snow days or we’d never be ready for Valentine’s Day.  I applaud you moms that a) make your own homemade valentines and b) make your own treats for said valentines.  I can barely make it through the boughten ones.  This is not a holiday for the faint of heart mom.

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