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Accessory Exchange

I am going to be part of my first ever accessories exchange party.  And I’m thrilled.  Because you know I love a good recycle.  And who doesn’t want to have a girl party every night?

Image courtesy of miss pupik/Creative Commons 

My thoughts are drifting to what I’m going to bring.  Having just had a garage sale and given many of my shoes and bags to a great consignment store, I’m going to have to dig deeper.
I have always wanted to do a closet swap.  But I think it would be fairly hard to exchange bottoms if you have many different sized participants.  But accessories!  What a fun idea.  What to do with that necklace you never wear or that bag that sits in your closet. Trade it!
My sister and I do this about every season- trade clothing.  We don’t exactly wear the same size however, so it is really hit or miss.  We also don’t wear the same shoe size, darn it.  But she has fabulous taste and I adore freeloading her hand-me-downs.
What do you do with your castoffs?  Do you have a family exchange or a group of friends to pass the off to?  Maybe you should be planning your own exchange party!


I’m not sure this outfit qualifies under the “bangles” heading, but it would work under a cuff theme.  Here is what I wore to another hot night at the fair.

Here’s the cuff-
However, I did get to debut my new fall accessory…my bangs!  And I think that falls under the “bang..le” category.  (I know, that was terrible.)
Dress- Merona
Sandals- Payless
Belt- Maurices
Earrings and cuff-vintage
p.s.  Bangs are going to be HUGE (not literally) this fall…!

Hair Accessories

I’m pretty sure that to wear this hair accessory you are supposed to be under the age of twelve.  But I couldn’t help myself.  I bought it from one of those fair vendors and I was entranced by the sparkle of the sequins in the bright sun.  Maybe you can’t see it clearly, but it is a butterfly.  FYI- headbands are going to be BIG (literally) this fall.  So maybe you’ll want to pick up a few at fair vendors too…

Here’s the rest of the outfit-
Capris-Faded Glory
Blouse-Old Navy
Sandals-Kenneth Cole Reaction
Bracelets-? and Cookie Lee

The Skinny on Scarves

Scarves were once the rulers of the 80s.

I love how in this photo from the 80s movie, The Breakfast Club, three out of the four characters are wearing a scarf!
And since their big comeback, I come across some knowledge that must be shared!
First, my particular favorite way to tie a scarf is called the casual swing.
Step one-
Put both ends of the scarf together.  Put one hand on the ends of the scarf, the other on the loop it creates.  Keep your hands there and put over your head so the middle of the scarf is on the back of your neck.
Take one end of the scarf and put it through the loop.  Now twist the loop around once and put the other end of the scarf through that hole.  Done!  Voila!  Looks a little more fabulous than just a simple knot!
(If you are a visual learner, check out this web site that a fellow blogger friend of mine, Natalie, sent me-
Side note, Natalie writes for A Touch of Country With Natalie-  if you’d like to check out her blog.  Her talents amaze me.  And I’ll be guest blogging on her site soon!
Secondly, a scarf can be used to coordinate your outfit.  Buying a printed scarf can help tie two solid colored pieces together.  Pick up a patterned scarf that has the colors of both pieces and how fabulous is that!
Finally, a scarf can dress up your outfit in a sneaky way- tie them on your bags!  If you are carrying a basic bag, a scarf can really dress it up.  This even includes bags such as your 31 bags.  Tie a fun one through the grommets on your bag handles.
Here are some bag pictures from a blog that I found-


(Images courtesy of –
Makes a difference doesn’t it?!!!
So next time you walk past the hanging scarves in your closet, now you have a few new ways to think about how to use them!

Accessories Addiction

Accessories can get your clothes to do things you never thought possible.  Case in point.  Have you seen recently the ad Loft is running?  (Maybe you’re getting sick of hearing about the Loft, NOT possible, sorry.)  They take a model with a pair of jeans and a shirt and show four different looks with those same pieces simply based on her accessories.  Here are all of the different outfits.
Here’s flirty and feminine-
Sporty and fun-
Cozy and cute-
Polished and playful-
Easy and comfy-
Bold and smart-
Now, don’t tell me that accessories don’t make a difference?!  Sometimes it really pays to shop for only pieces that will update your current clothing.  New shoes and boots, throw in a hat, this year’s belts, statement necklaces, scarves, vests, and especially in Iowa… coats!  Having a few of all of these will stretch your wardrobe and help to change up your look.  It’ll keep someone from thinking, “Does she wear that same blouse every week?”
I definitely have an accessories problem.  Sometimes it is the first place I stop when I’m in a store.  Accessories=versatility.  Don’t underestimate them.  You can never have too many!

Skinny Belts

They are everywhere.  You can’t watch a commercial, flip through a magazine or window shop without seeing these this season.  I, for one, need to buy a few.  I am a belt person.  (Really I’m an accessories person, but that’s for another day.)  Always have been.  My collection of belts is interesting.  I have one I bought at home in South Dakota that is a wonderful wide brown leather with a big silver Western buckle on it.  I love it.  It was from a consignment store.  It is over a decade old and it still is in fashion.  I have all kinds of mid-range belts for those pants that are too loose in the waist, but fit in the hip.  (Some of you are lucky enough not to have this issue.)  But I don’t have a ton of skinny belts. 
These belts top off any “sexy secretary” look.  A fitted cardigan and a pencil skirt?  Perfect.  Skinny jeans and a preppy sweater that hits right at your midsection?  Adorable.  Sheath dress and long cardi?  You nailed it.
You may think to get the basics, brown or black.  But I say, have some fun with it!  Get a metallic or a fuchsia.  Top off your look with a little fuchsia lipstick and you’ll look dynamite!
Here’s the look from the Loft this season.
Where can I find skinny belts on the cheap?  The Loft has leather belts for approximately $30 each.  But you know that’s more than I typically spend on a shirt.  Payless shoes has two for $13 and it is also BOGO time.  But these are leopard print and black.  I found a skinny silver chain belt at Maurices for $15.  Everyone in the sticks has a Maurices close by, right?
Skinny Snake Chain Belt -
Good ole JCPenneys has a set of two metallic belts for $17. 
Mixit® Womens Belt, 2 Metallic
I also found this belt there on clearance.  Look at this cutie!  It looks like multiple skinny belts!
Clearance! MNG by Mango® Belt Trio
It was originally $40 and it is on clearance for $12.
If you find any better skinny belt deals, let me know!  I’m on the hunt!  I’m looking for color!!

You Had Me At Coach

This weekend was tax-free weekend on clothing and shoes (and also diapers) in Iowa. Off I headed to Williamsburg which was a good hour and a half drive to inspect the Tanger Outlet Mall. I have never been there and thought it would be a fun day of back-to-school shopping. There are many stores that I needed to visit- Gymboree, Children’s Place, Nike, OshKosh, etc. But there were also stores for me-LOFT, Banana Republic, Gap and Coach! Hello, you had me at Coach. I printed out coupons online before I went- LOFT’s coupon was just mentioning the coupon for a “friends and family discount” and getting 15% off. I purchased the kids clothing and also found a few goodies for me. My purchases included: three summer tees for playing with the kiddos for $50 and a pair of jeans from the Gap for $20 (cheaper than some Wal-Mart pairs). At Banana Republic I found a summer skirt, a sexy date night top, a colorful blouse, a t-shirt looking blouse, a nightgown and a headband for just under $100. But my best find of the day was when I walked into Coach and the sales attendant handed me a coupon for 30% off anything in the store (yes, even clearance!). This was all I needed to tempt me. I looked around for a good fall purse, something in a bright color. Who needs a neutral? But didn’t find many options but blue and I’m not a big blue person… But I did find two small clutches on the clearance rack- a canvas one with a sequins starfish and also a faux croc one in neutrals. Score! Both purchases from Coach for less than $50. Whoohoo! Gotta love back-to-school sales, tax-free weekends and outlet malls!

Cash and Carry

Recently I attended another at-home jewelry party. This one happened to be for Premier jewelry. I browsed the catalog looking for something I’ve been missing from my jewelry collection, something to wear with the pea green color I love to wear. I found a necklace and earrings set (it also had a bracelet) called “Venetian.” The main color on these pieces is blue, that deep peacock blue that I also love, but the secondary color is pea green. This set caught my eye the first time through the catalog but I was in a bit of a sticker shock at the price. The last time I went to a Premier party, I believe they had some sort of sale going on where the pieces were buy two, get two at half off, or something similar. Premier is not cheap. But the pieces do feel quality and they company stands behind their products. They will replace your pieces if they break. All that said, I still didn’t know how I was going to justify purchasing these pieces. I got up to go look at the display table to inspect these pieces closely and “voila” sitting on the table in the cash and carry box is this very set! Ah, I smell a bargain. I pick up the pieces and sure enough, they are marked down half off. I’ll be purchasing these pieces thank you! And I got to walk away from the party with jewelry in tow. Couldn’t have had a better jewelry party purchase!