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SWL- Class Reunion

Lloyd had a great idea today for a class reunion look- leather pants.  Why leather?  Because it cinches you in like a girdle.  I know you are having a Ross Geller moment right now, worried you’d be stuck in the bathroom applying powder and lotions.  But pair it with a nice loose, bright blouse, some sky high heels and a pair of dangley conversation starter earrings and there’ll be no need for the sweaty panic.
Only a svelte body and irresistible charm.  Perfect.

SWL- Class Reunion

SWL- Class Reunion by stylefromthesticks featuring a pink shirt

Wallis pink shirt

ALDO evening clutch

Amrita singh

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #30

Whoohoo!  We made it to day number 30!  I hope you enjoyed my daily life…style!  This is just my every day wear.  Nothing special or planned in advance.
I hope you have a wonderful 4th and I’ll see you in a few days!  Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy my 30 something birthday.
Thanks for reading!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #30
Here’s me in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #30 by stylefromthesticks featuring bracelet jewelry

Mango dress

ALDO open toe flat

Pendant jewelry
$24 –

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #1

I’d love to say I did something fabulous today but I think I did something important none-the-less, I babysit kiddos.  And I am so lucky to get to spend my day with little ones who have sticky hands and messes in every room and pronounce things without their “r’s”.
What do you wear when you don’t really care what you look like?  Okay maybe sweats was your answer.  I confess it probably would be mine.  But I did have to leave the house.  So this was the next best thing-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #1

And here’s what it looks like in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #1 by stylefromthesticks featuring cargo pants

Oasis metallic top
$38 –

Aldo jewelry

Pieces fringe scarve
$25 –

Spring Trends- Sheer & Lace

You are going to start to wonder if anything I’m reporting here is new.  But we’ll just say these trends are new…again?
Anything sheer or lace is big for spring.  And some of you are wondering, did it ever go out of style?  No.  And lace was big for fall.  So carry those pieces on into spring!
Just remember to keep yourself covered up.  These looks are meant to be subtle!

Spring Trends- Sheer & Lace

Spring Trends- Sheer & Lace by stylefromthesticks featuring flat shoes

Mango full skirt dress
$31 –

Pink dress
$30 –

Mango blouse
$47 –

H&M slim pants
$24 –


Anne klein shoes

ALDO platform sandals

French Sole flat shoes

Snakeskin sandals

Client Lunch

Smart and sassy with just a touch of tough creates a winning client lunch combo.  Choose your details wisely (just one true attention getter and the rest fuss free.) Keep them bold but in conservative colors and you’ve just won them over with a polished pitch, your outfit!

Client Lunch

Client Lunch by stylefromthesticks featuring black jewelry

True Decadence cap sleeve dress
$65 –

Gold pumps
$41 –


A Week of Thanks- Stocking Up on Supplies

Time to shop!  You need everything from turkey to the pumpkin pie and when you’re busy stocking up, it can be easy to throw on yoga pants.  But…here’s an outfit that is just as easy, just as comfy and requires just a little more thought.
A sweater and jeans combo isn’t a tough one.  Just top off with a scarf that complements the color of the sweater, throw on some cute ankle boots and tie it all together in your tote!
Now if only stuffing the turkey was this easy…

Stocking Up on Supplies

Stocking Up on Supplies by stylefromthesticks featuring slim jeans

Slim jeans


Tote bag


Fall Updates- Scarf

There are a few easy pieces you can rely on during this transitional weather to take your summer pieces into fall. I mentioned this in a previous post and, this week, I’ll show a few looks and how to work those pieces in.
For starters, let’s take the scarf.  Your tank top can be worn into cooler weather with the addition of this little accessory.  If you’re feeling brave, pair a printed scarf with a printed tank to enhance the outfit’s visual interest.
No matter how you wear it, the scarf can take you from summer to fall!

Fall Updates- Scarf

Fall Updates- Scarf by stylefromthesticks featuring a cross body shoulder bag

My Big Fat Greek Romance

If you’re in the mood for a little romance, how about wearing something sweet like this crocheted white dress?  Add a few leather accents around the waist, the ankle and the wrists and you’ll feel like a Greek goddess. 
Now take the Mr. out and woo him with your charming wiles.

Summer Lovin

Summer Lovin by stylefromthesticks featuring aldo sandals

Lace evening dress
$90 –

Aldo sandals
$50 –

Wet Seal buckle belt
$4.99 –