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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #25

I can’t believe there are five more days of my Polyvore to Real Life series.  How did these 30 days pass so quickly?  Well, that’s summer for you!
This outfit here was another grab something and go outfit.  I’m sure none of you know how that feels.  🙂  And that’s real life!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #25
Here’s the real life version-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #25 by stylefromthesticks featuring skinny jeans

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #22

This outfit should really be called Sweat-tastic.  Because that’s pretty much all I did in this.  What began as a strangely cool and rainy morning turned into a sickening humid and hot afternoon.  I think I was a pool of moisture.
Thank goodness for the breeze or I may have become a puddle on the driveway!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #22
Here’s the real life, a little blurry or maybe I just need some sleep!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #22 by stylefromthesticks featuring river island

Just Another Rainy Day

In the forecast, more rain.  And I won’t even type that other four letter word that was mentioned.  Fight the dreariness with a jolt of color.  Bubble gum pink will do the trick.
I love a fun pair of rainboots.  I wore them before they were cool.  And playing in the rain with a bubble umbrella is one of my earliest childhood memories.  I still have the old purple one that we had, even though it is broken.  It lifts my spirits just to see it.
Oh, and don’t forget alittle vitamin D.  I think we could all use some right about now, don’t you?

Just Another Rainy Day

Just Another Rainy Day by stylefromthesticks featuring crew neck sweaters

Stay at Home Spring Break- Pool Party

We are all dreaming of laying by the pool in the hot sun right now.  And so are the kiddos.  Today, let’s try and give them a taste of that summer fun.  Call your local hotel with a pool or perhaps a YMCA and find out how much it would set you back to bring a group of kids to swim for a few hours.  Hopefully you can find something in your area that lets you slap on a suit before the “season” and remind yourself to cut back on the sugar!
When packing don’t forget your waterproof mascara, a coverup that makes being in that suit less terrifying and a big tote for all those wet suits!  Make a splash!

Pool Party

Pool Party by stylefromthesticks featuring lancôme

What to Wear with Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the ultimate in fashion huh?  They are for the fashion risk takers.  It’s okay to wear them with boot cut jeans and cover them up, but really, they are meant to be seen.  So wear skinny jeans that tuck in or leggings that show them off.  Or be creative and pair them with a skirt.  When you’re feeling edgy, these are your go-to boots!

What to Wear with Ankle Boots

What to Wear with Ankle Boots by stylefromthesticks featuring lightweight jeans

Dorothy perkin

Sheer top

French connection
$46 –

Layered lace skirt
$29 –

High heels
$45 –

$73 –

Fantasy jewelry box

Tinley Road circle scarve

Shopping Marathon

Rule number one when marathon shopping- you must have comfortable shoes.  I say that with a little hesitation that some of you may go shopping and find a style of shoe that should only be worn if you, well, if you’ve finally reached THAT age.  Or have basically given up on life as a whole.
Anywho, comfy shoes are a must.  Choose some cute sneakers, some fabulous flats, low boots that are super plush, whatevs.  Just make sure you can walk all day in them.
Rule number two- everything must be easily taken off.  This rule applies for all the trying on that happens when shopping occurs.  Or wait, is that only when I go shopping?  In general I don’t buy anything unless I’ve tried it on.  A few exceptions to this rule, it’s Black Friday and I’m delirious.  Or I’m shopping with kids.  Trust me, little boys in their mamma’s dressing room can come up with some really embarrassing one liners.  Like…”Mama remember when you spilled that glass of wine and it went everywhere.”  SO AWESOME.  Where does this stuff come from?
Last rule- Keep the accessories to a minimum.  But for your own sake, wear at least one.  You don’t want to look into the mirror and scream in horror.  A little sparkle by your ears or around your neck will help.  But nothing so elaborate that the whole on/off thing is a hassle.
We all have enough of that right now.
Happy shopping!

Shopping Marathon

Shopping Marathon by stylefromthesticks featuring a leopard print blouse

Tree Pickin

For the rest of the month, I’m using last year’s themes (before I knew about Polyvore and Pinterest) and creating new outfits for all the activities you and I may have this December.  I may make this an annual tradition.  Because this month is a doozy and anything that makes life simpler is a good thing!

Tree Pickin

Tree Pickin by stylefromthesticks featuring platinum diamond jewelry

H M knit top
$56 –

Mango turtle neck sweater
$16 –

Rebels side zip boots

Platinum diamond jewelry

Banana republic

Red, White and Blue

The Fourth of July is just around the corner (seriously! where does the time go?) and that means dressing festively but not wearing fireworks on a grandma sweater.
For our one item three ways, let’s focus on the chambray shirt.  Pair them easily with colorful shorts and your outfit is complete.  Throw on as a coverup over a retro swimsuit.  And lastly, when you’re headed to view the fireworks, throw on as a jacket over some white jeans and a striped tank.
Now that’s what I call sparklin.

Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue by stylefromthesticks featuring 1 piece bathing suits

Becoming One With Nature

If your travel plans are to build a fire, take a hike and apply bug spray, then you’ll need some camping clothes.
Here’s the plan- take layers so that you won’t cook during the day and shiver at night.  Keep your accessories minimal and pack some comfy shoes along with some stylish hikers.  And this may be the only instance where I would recommend a backpack.
Happy Trails!

Becoming One With Nature

Becoming One With Nature by stylefromthesticks featuring scoop neck tops

SELECTED long sleeve top
£25 –

Woven shirt
50 AUD –

Scoop neck top
18 CAD –

BKE low rise pants
$15 –

SCARPA laced shoes
$65 –

TOMS navy blue flat
$44 –

Forever 21 knapsack bag
$32 –

Ettika silk jewelry
$24 –

Victoria’s Secret metal sunglasses
$30 –