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Q&A- Black Tie Formal for Petites

I received the following question-
I have a convention to attend in California in September with an evening gala.  I was told it is black tie and I will need a dress.  Can you help?  What are the rules?
Thank you for your question!
Black tie can be a dreaded word if you are unfamiliar with the event.  With evolving dress codes (what two people consider business casual can differ greatly), these words can get really tricky. Here’s my decoding:
1)  Black tie is dressy.  It does not mean a sundress in cotton.  It means a formal.
2)  Black tie is dressier than business casual.  Guys need to wear jackets and leave the khakis for another day.  So wear something nicer than a typical jersey work dress.
3)  Black tie is not as dressy as white tie.  White tie means a gown- like you’re headed to the Oscars. Black tie usually means “cocktail” dresses.  Differ to Pretty Woman- she wears the lacy black short dress to meet for drinks.  She wears the red ballgown to the opera.  That’s the difference.
I hope that helps clear up that what black tie means.
Now, knowing that you are on the petite side, I picked a few looks that will accentuate your figure. Petites look great in shorter dresses, showing a little bit of leg will elongate your stature.
Look number one is figure flattering and the color will be an attention-getter.  Red dresses do not need red heels.  Find either a nude heel or a leopard print.  Don’t forget to leave the giant mom bag at home!  Bring a clutch.  Great places to find them are thrift stores, especially if you’ll use it once a year.
The second look is a safe bet.  Black almost always looks more expensive and is something that can be worn to many different occasions.  Simple accessories let the dress stand out but a fun pair of heels can really add a sophisticated element to the LBD.  Black heels would be pretty boring.
The last look is riskier.  A fun color like this light green is ladylike in lace.  Pair it with other ladylike accessories such as pearls.  I paired it with a mint heel in the same color family.  This dress would also look great with silver metallic heels.
I hope this helps!  And you have a great time!

Black Tie Formal for Petites

Black Tie Formal for Petites by stylefromthesticks featuring party dresses

Wallis black dress

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Spring Trends- Globe Trotter

My last spring trend is all about traveling the world, for clothing patterns that is.  Tribal, oriental, ethnic, you name it, it is out there.  And it can be a lot of fun to wear!  Many of these prints are pretty large, so keep what you pair them with simple- read solids. 
Another trend for spring is outrageous sunglasses.  Have you ever wanted a really “out there” pair?  Now is the time to try it without feeling like Elton John circa 1970.  You can find them in all the classic shapes, so don your favorite, and see the world!

Spring Trends- Globe Trotter

Spring Trends- Globe Trotter by stylefromthesticks featuring leather booties

Tee dress

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather

You just can’t shake this trend.  And I know beyond outerwear, leather really intimidates most of you.  Can I wear this dress to work?  How do I wear leather shorts?  What can I pair a leather skirt with so it feels current?  So I gave you lots of options here.  Leather isn’t just black biker jackets anymore.  Think feminine shapes, colors and for all types of weather.  It can be casual or sophisticated.
Find something you love and invest!  This is one place to put your money.  Because it is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.  🙂

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather by stylefromthesticks featuring h&m

H m
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Live Nativity

The title of this post should really be Dances With Wolves.  The look is a little bit military, a little bit Native American inspired.
If you are lucky enough to view a live nativity this year, dress warmly and with fun accessories.  (Channel Nicole Richie.)
A word to the wise, maybe don’t wear your very BEST boots.  You may be petting a donkey later, you just never know…

Live Nativity

Live Nativity by stylefromthesticks featuring feather hair accessories

Wide shoes

Jane norman
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Feather hair accessory

Walk Into the Party Like You Are Walking Onto A Yacht

It is boating season and of course I don’t know anyone who has a yacht.  But I have always wanted to take one of those riverboat cruises.  I think it would be a wonderful quick vacation so long as the other people on the boat with you were fun…so take your friends!  And pack these pieces- flowy patterned pants that feel like pajamas but are easy breezy on the water, a sweater to stay out late at night, a scarf so you can wrap it around your head, big sunglasses for the water glare and big heels.  It’s not like you have to do a bunch of walking, all you need is to stay steady!
Ahoy!  You’re ready!

Walk Into the Party Like You Are Walking Onto A Yacht

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Dorothy Perkins coral top
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Kate Spade hardware jewelry
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Fat Face cotton scarve
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Bow sunglasses
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Where Dreams Come True Theme Park

The kids are in a frenzy of excitement, this is the ultimate in theme parks and they can’t wait to take it all in.  What to pack?  Something comfy, kid-friendly and  rollercoaster worthy.  A bright pair of cropped pants and a long pair of jeanshorts are a good start.  Don’t forget good walking shoes and a fun way to keep your hair out of your way. 
I hope it’s the vacation of a lifetime!

Where Dreams Come True Theme Park

Where Dreams Come True Theme Park by stylefromthesticks featuring summer handbags

Striped top
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Wallis summer shirt
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Retro jewelry
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Beach Baby

Rule number one when traveling to the beach, keep it casual.  What may not pass on a vacation to the city will when sipping daiquiris with umbrellas.
Second rule (and this rule applies to all destinations), keep your wardrobe in the same color family and your options will be limitless.
Third rule, packing accessories is important.  On this trip you can leave your diamonds at home.  But taking a few fun pieces will help stretch the clothing items you bring.
In this case, wear the button up over the swimsuit for the beach and wear the swimsuit underneath the button up and jeans outfit at night as a cami.
You’re all set for the beach baby!

Beach Baby

Beach Baby by stylefromthesticks featuring heel sandals

Cream dress
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Calypso St Barth button down shirt
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White bikini
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A|Wear denim skinny jeans
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Heel sandals
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Wet Seal t bar sandals
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Bib necklace
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Stella dot jewelry
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Chunky stone jewelry
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J Crew summer beach hat
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Woven belt
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