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Spring Mommy On the Go

I’ve been asked lately what to wear in this crazy spring weather.  In case you missed the memo, we had snow here last week.  That’s right, snow.  In May.  And that is all I have to say about that.
So in case you thought it was hard to dress yourself, now you must be prepared for all elements, year round.  Here’s what helps-
1)  Dress in layers.  I know you’ve heard that repeatedly but it helps you be prepared.  Start with something you could wear if the temperatures soar, add in a little warmth if it doesn’t hit the temperature they thought it would, and have that heavier coat with you should it become absolutely freezing.
2)  Keep the colors springlike.  Find some pastels and bright colors in your wardrobe to trick your mind into the fact that even though the temperature may not read 70s, you know it really is spring.  If you’re stuck in the grey and black, it won’t brighten  your mood.
3)  Don’t forget accessories.  Just a few small things to look at make a difference.
Now you can be mommy on the go that’s ready for any weather!

Spring Mommy On the Go

Spring Mommy On the Go by stylefromthesticks featuring mar y sol tote

French Connection sleeveless top

Plus size cardigan

Fat Face summer jacket
$75 –

Fat face
$62 –

Mar y sol tote

Week Two of My Style

For your viewing pleasure, here is week two!

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Fall Updates- Turtlenecks

Oh the turtleneck.  You’ve heard me talk of this before but if you thought it was just a passing fad, sorry honey.  Think of these lightweight turtlenecks like tights for your tops.  If it is too sheer of fabric, sleeveless, short sleeved or a summery print, this is the magic item that will earn those pieces frequent wearing miles!  Don’t get stuck on just tops, think outside the box and wear them with your summer dresses too. 
Transitional weather can be tricky!  Keep a few of these pieces on hand to get you from warm to cool, sometimes on the same day!

Fall Updates- Turtlenecks

Fall Updates- Turtlenecks by stylefromthesticks featuring a floral blouse

Fall Updates- Vests

My self-proclaimed trend for the fall makes a wonderful addition to your wardrobe when you don’t know if you’ll be sweating or getting the chills- the vest.  Throw it on over a printed tee and some work trousers.  Then add a few feminine touches to balance the menswear.  Think Meg Ryan, When A Man Loves A Woman, only minus the clunky boots and Andy Garcia.

Fall Updates- Vests

Fall Updates- Vests by stylefromthesticks featuring floral tops