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BSS- Baring It All #2

Now that I have you all jacked up on this awesome foundation…I have to preface it by saying that it won’t be the answer for a girl that needs heavy coverage.  What I like most about this foundation is its color match.
I can be a hard person to color match for.  I have a very ruddy complexion by nature and I either find foundation that is too yellow or too pink.  It is either trying to cover the red completely leave me looking pasty or it is trying to match it and look too disproportionate to my neck, etc.
The second thing that I like about this makeup is that although it is sheer (which is great for summer), it can be layered, if needed.  It won’t give you the total coverage of a thicker foundation but it still feels and looks like your skin.
The foundation I’m talking about it is…

Estee Lauder’s Invisible Fluid

Available from $35

Estee Lauder’s claim is that you will not feel or see this makeup.  And I totally agree.  It is super lightweight and feels so good.  But again, my favorite part is the color match.  It is so close and that makes it disappear all the more.  There are a few drawbacks.  One, it comes in such a small bottle.  If you wear foundation every day like I do, you feel like you are going to go through it in a week.  But that’s not true.  Second, it is so sheer that it comes out pretty runny.  So you want to apply it with a foundation brush or a sponge so you use every last drop.
But for $35, you are getting a really great foundation.  I know that you can pick up a bottle for $13 at Wal-Mart that will last you just as long.  But can you try it on at Wal-Mart and have someone color match you?  No.  And will it feels as great as this one on your skin?  Nope.
I also love the fact that it is so sheer in the summertime.  This winter I might need something more hydrating but when you spend your days out in the sun and want that “barely” there look- this gets my vote for summer!

BSS- Baring It All

This post might be LENGTHY.  And I apologize upfront for that.  The initial reason for this post is a great new foundation that I enjoy.  But thinking on that gave me also something I thought I’d write about. Skincare.
Most of those who know me know that I don’t have perfect skin.  Living with not-so-perfect skin hasn’t always been easy.
Like a lot of girls who hit their teen years, my skin broke out.  But mine was BAD.  Anyone who has ever had a condition that you can’t control, that is on the first thing people look at when they notice you, will tell you that life isn’t easy.  And to write the post is not easy for me either.  I can be brave, I can be brave…
I know what it is like to be called pizza face when you are sitting with your teammates on the bench at a basketball game by a boy from the opposing team.  Or pussface by the boy you have a crush on right in front of your father.  Or have a blemish popped by the thoughtless popular girl in the middle of class because she loves to pop zits.  I understand what it is when people talk about having pimples and anxiously look your way first (it is just human nature).  I completely get it when you want to call in sick to school or work because you just don’t want to deal with it one more day.  If anyone out there gets it, I get it.
Side note- It’s also not a great idea to ask if you’d like facial wash for Christmas.  That isn’t a thoughtful gift.  Just an FYI.
And it’s hard for others to understand why Clearasil and Proactive work for everyone else, shouldn’t they just clear up your face too?
They don’t know that you have been on prescription drugs for years that would disfigure any babies you conceived while on them and regularly have your liver checked for damage said medication could produce.
What is my point in writing this?  It isn’t for you to feel sorry for me.  I don’t have any reason to complain. God made me in his image and some day I’m going to have a new and perfect body.  My point is that, this is my truth.  We all have our story.  We all have our baggage.  But when it is written on your face for the whole world to see, I GET IT.  You have a sympathizer in me.  As the old adage says, “Once you walk in someones shoes,  you know their struggle.”  If you know me, you know that all of this is behind the scenes. And I don’t blame people for their comments.  Most of the time, they just want to help, right?
If you look at me today, you will see that I still bear the scars of this skin disease.  And I still struggle with it, even now in my 30s.  Through pregnancies and hormonal changes and birth control pills and all kinds of crazy prescription experiments, I still have flair ups.
But I take GREAT care of my skin.  I know good skincare even if you wouldn’t think it to look at me.  If you want to know what I think works and what doesn’t, that’s a post for another time.
I still feel the need to cover every day and that is where this post originally began.  And since it is becoming so lengthy, I will “cover” the original topic tomorrow.
If you want to hear about my new favorite foundation, stay tuned…

BSS- The Return

I’m working on a special Beauty Shop Saturday post and am excited for its return from hiatusville.  Hopefully you will enjoy!
See you tomorrow!

BSS- How to Look Expensive

I picked up a copy of this book at my local library.  (Written by Andrea Pomerantz Lustig.) I enjoyed flipping through it and stumbled upon a few beauty tips that I’m sure I’ve heard before, but perhaps this time they were said in a way that really made sense.  Here are three that I thought we’d  discuss:
1)  When putting on your foundation, mix it with water or moisturizer.  It’ll help keep your face looking dewy and less “masky.”
2)  When powdering your face, only powder your forehead, your nose and your chin.  Leave the natural shine on your cheeks.  Most importantly, never powder under your eyes and over cheekbones.
3)  Eye cream is important.  Important enough that it doesn’t matter what brand you choose to use, just that you use it, night and day.  The key is to hydrate the heck outta that area of skin.  Dryness= wrinkles.
Nothing earth shattering here.  But it is nice to hear these tips again to remind myself to take note and apply them.  Sometimes we just get so busy, maintenance goes by the wayside.  Good reminders so we all look like we have “people” that help keep us looking beautiful and like a million bucks.

BSS- A New Do

When I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest, it was love at first site.  And I had to try it immediately.


I found that it is tricky to get it to stay when it is really windy out.  Sorry you can’t see my headband more.  I wore it with my faux hair braid headband.  (Photos are courtesy of a wee one.)

But I think this will be a really fun way to wear my hair when it is hot out.  When will that be again?

BSS- Fauxing It

Preface to this post- I did end up buying myself the Goody hairbrush from last week’s BSS.  And…I love it!  It is the perfect balance between soft and hard.  It helps detangle but also is soft enough not to pull and snag.  As far as the shine…I can’t tell a difference.  But on blonde hair, shine is often overrated.
Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a little experiment with self-tanner.  I bought two self-tanners (very inexpensive) to see which one did a better job of turning this whitey into a bronze goddess.  (Okay, neither did that.)
The two self-tanners I chose were Neutrogena Micro Mist ($8.82)

MicroMist® Airbrush Sunless Tan

and Banana Boat’s Sunless Mist ($6.67- Wal-Mart)

Both were very comparable in price,  While the Neutrogena brand went on very smoothly (very fine mist), the Banana Boat was almost like shaving cream.  However, the Banana Boat dried very quickly without that tacky feeling you get.  Both left my legs moisturized and shiny.  So that was an improvement.
After applying both products twice to my legs and waiting a few hours between both applications for it to develop, here are the results.  Neutrogena is on the right (top), Banana Boat on the left(bottom).
If you can tell from the pictures above, the Neutrogena brand was much darker than the Banana Boat brand.  I find this interesting because I LOVE Banana Boat’s Deep Dark color lotion.  It kicks more expensive brand’s um, legs.  So it was kind of disappointing that this time, spending a few extra dollars pays.  Neither brand was dark enough for me.  If I’m going to spend the time to lather on the self-tanner, you better be asking me where I went on vacation!
The verdict, both were so, so.  If you really like the less mess of the spray, I’d recommend the Neutrogena.  But if you really want a deep color, stick to the lotion!

BSS- Sometimes You Just Need a Good Brush

Welcome back to Beauty Shop Saturday!  I feel like it’s been ages.
Today’s topic, hairbrushes.  I’ve been on the hunt for a good one and a cheap one.  I probably have ten hair brushes in my drawer and none of them do I love.  I’m always on the lookout for a great one.
With my fine hair, it gets pretty tangled easily.  And unfortunately I have a sensitive head.  I don’t really like the brushes with the plastic, widely spaced bristles.  They poke my scalp and leave me feeling that my hair is damaged after use.  I enjoy using brushes with soft, thick bristles.  They aren’t so hard on my head and are gentler on knots.
The problem is 1)  natural bristles are fabulous but are expensive and 2) they don’t get through the hair very well.  You have to brush in layers to get them to hit every strand.
Well, I opened my Instyle last month with the special issue all about hair and there in the Steals and Deals section was a hairbrush that I wanted to try.
Now Instyle referred to this brush as Goody’s Smooth Blends Ceramic Cushion brush.  I cannot for the life of me find such a brush.  I think they made a typo.  But in my search, I stumbled upon this little gem-

Goody So Smooth Ceramic Infused Styler Brush at Wal-Mart $8.34
I’m so excited to try it.  It has natural bristles, it is ceramic, it costs less than $10 and I’m hoping it doesn’t snag my hair.  I’m hoping it is everything I think it is and more.
You know what I’ll be purchasing on my next Wal-Mart run!  And I’ll fill you in on if I love it or not!
What is your favorite hairbrush?

BSS- The Perfect Bun

So as promised, I’ve going to review a few beauty products that maybe you’ve considered purchasing but wonder…does that really work?
First up, Goody’s Simple Styles Mini Spin Pin. The claim is that you can create the perfect bun with using only these two cork screw bobby pins.
Sidenote, does anyone else detest the ABC Family show Bunheads name? 
The instructions are to simply twist your hair into the bun shape, wind one corkscrew up and the other down making sure they don’t touch, and by magic it holds.
I would agree that this product is easy to use and holds the hair well. But my hair is wasn’t thick enough or long enough to hide the corkscrews. And that wasn’t a very good look…

Simple Style Spin Pin Detail

Image source-

In the process of my research, I stumbled upon this video on youtube about how to correctly use a bobby pin. Check it out. I think I may have learned something here…
(Sorry, today is not my day for technical issues.  Here is the link.  I cannot embed it for some reason!)

Save yourself the money and use cheap old bobby pins correctly to create the perfect bun!

BSS- Infomercial Testing

Wha???  No, it isn’t Saturday.  But I’m working ahead because there is a little event on Sunday that I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to blog about.  Have you heard of it?  It’s called the Oscars.  So for the rest of the week, we work ahead!
I love being your guinea pig for beauty products.  Because I’ll give you an honest opinion of what I like and what I don’t like and why. 
I’m kind of an infomercial sucker.  I don’t order a whole lot from infomercials but I watch the entire shpeal.  I can’t seem to pull the remote control trigger!
So I’m happy to report that I’m going to be doing some testing of these beauty products.  It’ll be the best and the worst of infomercial beauty.
Any requests?

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