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Christmas Eve

As you are heading to a Christmas Eve service, don’t let the big night intimidate you.  You don’t have to have a special dress, just wear a dress that can be dressed up.
If you start with a simple shape, add on statement pieces like this necklace and the detailed shoes.
And don’t forget outerwear.  A must in your closet is a dressier coat.  Just find anything that you wouldn’t go skiing in…please!  Even a simple wool coat can look fancy.
Christmas Eve outfit= a simple dress+statement accessories+dressy coat.  Done!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve by stylefromthesticks featuring a stripe dress

Traffic People stripe dress
$66 –

Coast long leather glove
$24 –

Pickin Pumpkins

I can’t wait to choose some pumpkins with the kiddos this fall.  We also enjoy picking apples and consider both a fun outdoor tradition, when available.  Sure a flannel shirt and a printed cardigan are a little cliche for fall but why fight it?  Embrace the things that make each season so enjoyable!

Pickin Pumpkins
p.s.  That is a FOLD in the pants….!!

Pickin Pumpkins by stylefromthesticks featuring a zippered tote bag

Becoming One With Nature

If your travel plans are to build a fire, take a hike and apply bug spray, then you’ll need some camping clothes.
Here’s the plan- take layers so that you won’t cook during the day and shiver at night.  Keep your accessories minimal and pack some comfy shoes along with some stylish hikers.  And this may be the only instance where I would recommend a backpack.
Happy Trails!

Becoming One With Nature

Becoming One With Nature by stylefromthesticks featuring scoop neck tops

SELECTED long sleeve top
£25 –

Woven shirt
50 AUD –

Scoop neck top
18 CAD –

BKE low rise pants
$15 –

SCARPA laced shoes
$65 –

TOMS navy blue flat
$44 –

Forever 21 knapsack bag
$32 –

Ettika silk jewelry
$24 –

Victoria’s Secret metal sunglasses
$30 –