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Q&A- Summer Wedding Outfits

I received the following question-
What do I wear to a summer wedding in Colorado?  I need something that is appropriate for a woman in her 40’s.
Thank you for your question!
I put together some ideas for you.  Don’t be afraid of strong color.  It can really make a statement without having to worry much more about your outfit.  If you need something easy to pack (and to dance all night in), try a maxi dress.  With a maxi dress you can get away with wearing flats and going with a more relaxed vibe.  If you are hoping this night will be a fun date night, wear something sexy that has hints of black.  This sheer brown dress has a small high-low skirt, an open neckline and while it appears to expose, you’re still all covered up.
Perfect for those of us who don’t want to be the mother-of-the-bride yet but don’t want to show up in the same dress as the 20 somethings!

Summer Wedding Outfits

Summer Wedding Outfits by stylefromthesticks featuring l.a.m.b.


Reverse cutout dress

Wallis maxi dress

Chinese laundry

Pull&Bear platforms heels shoes
$62 –

L a m b

Cotton candy

Forever new
$16 –

Boho chic jewelry

Graduation Weekend

I thought I’d get this out there a little early in case many of you need to be thinking of what to wear this weekend.
Graduation weekends can be a marathon.  Especially for the family of the graduate.
For travel day, wear something trendy with a fun pair of colored jeans.  Throw on a “look-at-me” pair of shoes and you’ll be set for a long car ride.
When you get there, who knows what all the activities might be- camp fires, helping set up, preparing food, watching kids- having family time.  Wear something that will be very comfortable and versatile.  A maxi skirt and a chambray shirt will help you transition from each task.
And finally for the big ceremony, wear something lightweight with a preppy feel.  You could be sitting for hours, in the hot sun, waiting for your family’s name to be called.  Now is not the time for stiff and weighty fabrics.  Should the weather change, pack a cardigan and coat.
Congratulations to all the graduates!  Hopefully your future is as promising as these outfits.  🙂

Graduation Weekend

Graduation Weekend by stylefromthesticks featuring a cord bracelet

Mango linen dress
$54 –

ONLY denim shirt
$25 –

People Tree print shirt
$69 –

Maxi skirt
$31 –

Relaxed jeans
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Banana Republic stretch bracelet

Betsey johnson

Cord bracelet

Baublebar jewelry

TV Series- Friends- Rachel Green

Everyone’s favorite TV show, Friends has still yet to be challenged in its popularity.  I think it’s  a wonder as to why it was such a hit.  Was it because so many experience that period of their life where they aren’t married with a family and single and dating?  Or because so much of the time friends are more like family than family?  Or maybe it was simply because people were crazy for the on again, off again relationship between Ross and Rachel.
Rachel’s style evolved over the years but one thing was certain.  The girl appreciated fashion. And she loved simple, understated clothes in neutrals with not a lot of showy accessories.
I think many of you can relate to her style.  While this outfit may seem a little flat or stuffy, you have to remember it is missing one very important accessory- her hair.

TV Series- Friends- Rachel Green

TV Series- Friends- Rachel Green by stylefromthesticks featuring metallic handbags

Cap sleeve cocktail dress
$93 –

River Island metallic handbag
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