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Holiday Hostess

I lived through the weekend!   I’m so sorry that I missed posting. Too many holiday parties!  But I’m back now!
When hosting a holiday party, the last thing you might have time to think about is what to wear. Decorating, cleaning and food take top priority.  But with this simple outfit, you can put the pieces together at the last minute and still be ready for the festivities!
The key to an easy last minute look- monochromatic.  With all black pieces, you really can’t go wrong.  It’s the LBD of outfits.  Just remember to keep the pieces textured and/or shiny to keep the look from being too boring.
Time to make pigs in a blanket!  Happy hosting!Holiday Hostess


Holiday Hostess by stylefromthesticks featuring leather ankle boots

American apparel bodysuit

Jane Norman graphic tank top
$28 –

Dickins Jones black trousers
$59 –

Monsoon drusy jewelry

Town Festival

Whatever your town is doing for its Christmas celebration, if you live where there is cold weather, you want to be bundled up!
Start with a great sweater that will be stylish when you may have to duck indoors and take your coat off.  Add on some white jeans- completely appropriate for either summer or winter.
Don’t forget a warm coat, easy to wear but also stylish boots, and your hat and mittens!
The only thing missing…a warm cup of hot chocolate to keep you toasty!Town Festival


Town Festival by stylefromthesticks featuring beanie hats

Miss Selfridge aztec print top
$52 –


Paige Denim skinny leg jeans
$305 –

Beanie hat
$46 –

Chili Party

It is cold outside baby!  Nothing will warm you up faster than a chili party!
What to wear?  A beautiful cashmere sweater and some festive cords.  Layer on a scarf, flats and fun necklace in equally fun colors so you will be merry and bright!
Now you’re ready for the chili and the cold weather!Chili Party


Chili Party by stylefromthesticks featuring j crew sweaters

Slim jeans

Kenneth Cole Reaction flat

Charm pendant

Sam Edelman stud earrings

Coast lightweight scarve
$49 –


Sorry for my missing status, I had hoped to write this post all together, but since it is taking longer than I thought, I’m going to write it in series.

In the fall my church hosts its now annual craft/bake sale fundraiser.  We combine it with the town’s Christmas festival.  And I’m getting all geared up with ideas on what to make and hopefully sell this year!

While I have a number of Christmas crafts in mind, I’ve talked my father into helping me with one particular project.  I love all of the handpainted signs with Christmas carols, Bible verses, etc. on old wood.  And I’m attempting to make these myself.

First stop, find the wood.  We decided that pallet wood would be the best choice for our signs simply because it is weathered, thin and slatted- all three what I was envisioning.

Pallet Wood

Pallet Wood

Next we disassemble the pallets.  This is no easy task.  It involves tedious nail pulling and a few broken boards.  But the final project hopefully will be worth it!

Deconstructed Pallets

Deconstructed Pallets

Now we have to reassemble.  Break out the finish nailer!  And add tiny nails!  To create a “barn door” sign, we attach the pallet boards to two other opposite running boards.

Lining Up the Boards

Lining Up the Boards

More on the rest tomorrow!  Hopefully it involves paint!!


Plate Full

Let’s rename November.  It should really be called Nail-ovem-Biter.  There is so much going on this month!

One of the projects I have on my plate is something our community does annually called the Festival of Trees.  It is basically a showcase for Christmas trees.  It is beautiful to see a bunch of trees, all lit up in darkness with piano music playing in the background.  I showed you my tree from a few years ago in this post.

Now I am thinking of sweating new ideas for my tree.  I have scoured Pinterest for ideas and have a couple.  If you have any good ideas, let me know!  I always try to marry fashion and Christmas…in a tree!

Whatever I come up with, I’ll be sure to share.  And will hopefully have one more project off my plate!

Merry Christmas!

In honor of the Christmas holiday, I’m taking a few days off.  I’ll be back after Christmas!
I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!  Rejoice in the announcement of our Savior!
“And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.'”

-Luke 2:10 

Tree Three

And here’s the last of ’em.  Yes, we have THREE trees.  It wasn’t intentional to have that many but we just kind of expanded.  Our last tree is in our basement and is fiber optic.  It reminds me a little of my grandma who loves fiber optic anything.  This tree has many of the kids’ homemade ornaments and some that I made as a child too.
Hope you enjoyed your tour o’ trees!

Tree #2

I promised more pictures of my trees and just got busy with Christmas outfits.  So here is tree number two. (Since my post last night didn’t publish, I’m feeling a little out of sorts anyway.)
This one is upstairs on our landing in our front window.  It is my favorite tree.  It is a skinny, white kinda scraggly tree with flocking and mainly white ornaments.  Because you know how much I love…white!

Top Five Holiday Movies for Style

Tomorrow’s post will be Day 25.  It’s all about New Year’s Eve.  But today, I’m still loving the holiday season because I love the music and I also love the movies.  Here are my top five holiday movies for style:
5)  The Family Man- Not your typical holiday show, but definitely has a Christmas theme.  It is a little bit It’s A Wonderful Life for the modern day.  If you have a family, you’ll relate so much to this movie.  It is adorable.  I love Tia Leoni in it, it is by far her prettiest movie.

(Image courtesy of
4) Miracle on 34th Street- I’m talking about the newer (1994) version (although the older one is a classic too).  This movie was carved out of cream cheese.  Every piece of clothing is so thought out, it almost makes you want to wrinkle a shirt on purpose.  But it is beautiful.  Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause and he wants your outfits to be strategically coordinated.

(Image courtesy of
3) White Christmas- This is such a classic.  Every outfit is so stage-worthy.  You have to love this old movie when it’s time for the holidays.

(Image courtesy of
2) The Holiday- This movie made my top ten style movies of all time.  So naturally it is a choice here.  You just can’t beat Cameron Diaz’ coats and snow bunny appeal in the middle of winter.  Oh ya and Jude Law is pretty fabulous too…

(Image courtesy of
1) Surviving Christmas-  Wow.  This one is definitely not going to win any Oscars but it is a fun movie.  It was out in 2004.  And the outfits are still classic for today, seven years later.  (How can that be that 2004 was that long ago!?) Moreover, Christina Applegate looks amazing in this movie and has on a wonderful outfit for just about every type of family event you can think of.  I especially love how the color choices in this movie play up her complexion and blue eyes.  Very stylish!  Oh, and looking at Ben Affleck isn’t too bad either…

(Image courtesy of
I hope you had a chance to catch a few of these movies.  Not only are they enjoyable, but they are also stylish!  What is your favorite holiday style movie?
Honorable Mentions:
Love Actually
It’s A Wonderful Life
Home Alone
Edward Scissorhands
Muppets Christmas Carol
A Christmas Story
Little Women
Chronicles of Narnia
Meet Me in St. Louis
Holiday Inn

Five Things NOT to Wear on Christmas

Christmas is over now and if any of the following was part of your wardrobe for the holidays, go promptly to your closet and donate it.
5) Badly printed sweaters, aka Neil, Charlie’s stepdad in The Santa Clause-

(Image courtesy of Artist Direct)
Oh circa 1986, these sweaters have done their service to humanity.  Now let’s let the past lie.
4) Jeans to church-
I don’t care if you just got done doing chores, this is a time for your dress pants.  Please!
3) Any sort of elf hat, Santa hat or reindeer antlers-
Unless you are handing out gifts on Christmas Day, in the privacy of your own home, give these to a small child for their own entertainment.  That is who these articles of clothing are suitable for.
2) Christmas jewelry that lights up-
In general, I don’t find too many style icons running around with some light up trinkets.  I’m just sayin.
1) A Christmas sweater-

(Image courtesy of CBS Channel 47 Kevin Malloy’s blog)
If you are reading this blog post, most likely you are not 87.  Save the merriment for your house decorations or cookie decorations, not your sweater.
I hope you didn’t find any of the above in your stocking this Christmas.  If you have, you may exchange for a lump of coal and try harder to be more stylish next year!

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