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Casual Weekend

Casual Weekend

The weekend is upon us and I’ve put together a few casual colorful outfits for a laid back weekend.

If you want something different, wear a skirt!  Just as easy as jeans, this striped skirt kicks up your style.  For a cool day, pair it with a comfortable sweater.

Can you tell I’m really in love with the white converse this spring?  It’s on my must-have list.  Pair them with a printed tank (no florals needed) and a cardi to keep  you warm.

If you’re a polo girl, don’t be afraid of putting multiple colors together.  Brights look great when worn in a motley crew.  What ties them together?  A simple bracelet.  Yes, you can do that.

I hope you have a bright, sunshiny weekend!


Casual Weekend by stylefromthesticks featuring long tops

Pull Bear top
$30 –

Lola zipper jeans
$89 –

Converse star shoes

Flat pumps

Crystal chain necklace

Accessorize jewellery

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

This week I’m still on a quest for colorful outfits.  Because now it’s May and guess what, the skies are still gray.  Happy May Day!

One area that isn’t hard to throw in color is in your workout clothes.  I think people are more likely to wear a bright shirt to the gym than they would to work.  The brightness of the shirts motivates you to put those clothes on and get your workout in.  Apparently no one feels the same way about work…

Gym clothes don’t have to be expensive.  When you really think about it, these are clothes that you are putting on knowing they will end up sweaty and stinky every day.  If you don’t have the money to buy The North Face and Under Armour brands, don’t sweat it (pun intended), you can still exercise!

This outfit was inspired by my boot camp class at my local YMCA.  They offer awesome classes that are perfect for me.  Since I am no longer twenty, I don’t want a workout that will leave me injured or burnt out after six weeks.  I am looking for long-term, lifelong wellness.  (Did I mention also that its very affordable? That’s a big plus too.)

Don’t get me wrong, the class I attend is intense.  But I also know my limits.  And my instructor is motivating and positive.  I’d like to leave the days of screaming coaches in my past, thank you very much.

What can you expect at boot camp?  Lots of movement-my heart rate goes higher than it does in my cycling class (although both are GREAT heart workouts).  And strength training, which I really appreciate.  Most girls don’t realize how important strength training is.  Keeping those muscles strong burns more calories than cardio, changes your body shape (read- less cellulite and fat) and keeps your bones strong (so we don’t end up all hunched over in our old age).

This time of year, I like to wear capris so I don’t overheat.  These are from Forever 21 which has really fun, inexpensive workout clothes in lots of great colors.  I also love a headband so I’m not constantly wiping away all of my sweat.  As far as shoes, any cross trainer will do.  If you want to wear running shoes, that’s fine too.

The point is, get those clothes on your body and show up.  You won’t regret it once you do.


Boot Camp by stylefromthesticks featuring running shoes

Nike hoodie

Brooks running shoes

Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom

Today certainly hasn’t gone as planned.  After getting the kids off to school,  I found myself phoneless.  Which is a weird feeling.  I was thankful that we still had our landline or I would have felt cut off from the world.  Drat technology anyway!

Instead of my normal routine, I had to make an emergency trip to town to fix said phone.  And in the process, guess what color I ended up dressing in…gray.  Gray like the skies have been for days.

So I color failed today.  And it got me to thinking about how to reset and prepare for what may be ahead for the rest of the week.

One area that I find myself struggling with is soccer.   What should a soccer mom wear?  Clearly no one wants to be the mom on the sidelines in sweatpants or worse…pajama pants.  Please no!  But with Iowa springs, one is never sure what the temperature will be on the soccer fields.  What can seem nice can be quickly deemed miserable on the sidelines of a game.

So here are a few ideas for some colorful soccer mom outfits.  Nothing elaborate.  So when you’re rushing out the door on Saturday morning and need some quick and easy options you won’t end up gray and miserable.  That will just be the sky.


Soccer Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring a multi colored striped bedding

Adidas top

ESPRIT pink hooded sweatshirt
$40 –

Freddy yoga tee
$34 –

Zella clothing

Mango slim jeans
$50 –

Converse white shoes

Keds shoes

Lucky Brand straw hat

Ignite chunky hat
$5.04 –


Quest Hi-Back Comfort Chair

Color Inspiration

I am not afraid of color.  Maybe that should be written in color.  I am not afraid of color.

You too can say this.  Yes black can be slimming.  Yes many artists wear black.  But black can also be a prison.  Are you a red head?  Chances are black is not your most flattering color.  Or if you’re fair, black can wash you out.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know my affinity for white.  It isn’t that I never wear black, but it is probably the color I wear the least.

For a long time, I thought black clothing was saturating the market.  But now I’m starting to see the color creep in.  Why?  Because if you have bright blue eyes and you wear bright blue, your eyes are gonna sparkle like crazy.  Color can be flattering.

It can also be an amazing mood boost.  Case in point, this week’s dreary rainy days.  If I lived in Seattle, I’d be packing my closet with color.  Imagine the difference of putting on a bright yellow dress versus a black one.  I think you’re going to feel different.  I think you’re going to walk into a room differently.

Do I have you convinced?  Maybe you’re ready to break into something colorful but not sure how to do it.  This week, I’m showing you how to wear color.


Color Inspiration

Here are three examples of colorful outfits.

Outfit one has the most color.  This is when you’re feeling very adventurous.  But it is not difficult!  Take a bright skirt with a pattern and pull a color from the skirt and wear it on top.  Sure this skirt would look great with a white or black top, but a colored top creates something more!

Outfit number two is a basic- easy printed top with jeans.  Take a look through what you’ve worn lately.  Was it all jeans paired with solid tops?  Throw a colorful pattern into the mix!

The last outfit is your basic jeans and top look.  This look is so easy but it won’t come across that way.  Match the brightness of the blue top with white jeans.  They’ll make that color pop instead of dull it down with blue jeans.

These are baby steps into color.  I’ll show you more ways to wear color tomorrow and help brighten your week!


Color Inspiration by stylefromthesticks featuring blue jeans

Billie Blossom white shirt

Blue top
$18 –

Mavi blue jeans
$135 –

Even&odd white jeans
$49 –

Blue skirt

Victoria s Secret black flat

Boat shoes

Slip on loafer
$14 –

Daisy Jewellery vintage earrings
$44 –

Stretch belt
$13 –

The Forecast Looks Bleak

Silly wind

Silly wind

Image courtesy of via Vlado

I think we’re on day 30 or something of crazy, miserable wind this spring.  I have come to the conclusion that wind is the one type of weather I cannot stand.  Bring on the polar vortex but save me from the clear-off-the-patio, watch-out-for-the-basketball-hoop and glue-down-the-shingles wind.  This wind is SILLY.

This week’s forecast is terrible.  Wind, rain and clouds with some added cool temps. Pretty much nap weather all week.  How are we going to keep a positive outlook?

My suggestion.  Color.

According to Instyle Magazine, 86% of their readers felt a mood boost when wearing a vivid hue.  That’s a pretty high percentage.  My challenge this week is to leave the black at home and throw on some color.  Let’s see if we can power through this forecast with some sunny hues.

Check back for how to wear color and color inspiration this week!