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The House That Built Me

I know I share the love of this song with a fellow blogger but most of us have known the loss of our childhood home.  The memories created there are powerful.  Even the smells can bring you back; crayolas, afghans and homemade playdoh are a few I remember. 
Below is what I’d describe as the country girl uniform.  Floral dress, check.  Denim jacket, check.  Boots, check.   I like the twist of high heeled boots instead of cowboy boots. 
I hope you enjoyed my country video countdown.  I think I saved the best for last.  I’m off to buy a new box of crayons and some Kleenex.

The House That Built Me

The House That Built Me by stylefromthesticks featuring a sports jacket

Walk Into the Party Like You Are Walking Onto A Yacht

It is boating season and of course I don’t know anyone who has a yacht.  But I have always wanted to take one of those riverboat cruises.  I think it would be a wonderful quick vacation so long as the other people on the boat with you were fun…so take your friends!  And pack these pieces- flowy patterned pants that feel like pajamas but are easy breezy on the water, a sweater to stay out late at night, a scarf so you can wrap it around your head, big sunglasses for the water glare and big heels.  It’s not like you have to do a bunch of walking, all you need is to stay steady!
Ahoy!  You’re ready!

Walk Into the Party Like You Are Walking Onto A Yacht

Walk Into the Party Like You Are Walking Onto A Yacht by stylefromthesticks featuring khaki short shorts

Dorothy Perkins coral top
$44 –

$18 –

Fat Face slimming tank top
£12 –

A|Wear khaki short shorts
£30 –

Crafted ankle length skirt
£28 –

Jessica Simpson platform heels
$49 –

Michael Antonio platform sandals
$40 –

Kate Spade hardware jewelry
$38 –

Miss Selfridge yellow gold bangle
$12 –

Fat Face cotton scarve
£22 –

Bow sunglasses
£15 –