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Just a Small Thing

In my process of trying to organize post-Christmas, the yearly task of writing in birthdays on the new calendar was as appealing as cleaning out the refrigerator.  You know you should do it but want to avoid it as long as possible.

While perusing Pinterest one day, I came across a fabulous idea to make a craft and put our family birthdays onto it so we can have them up and around no matter the year.  And as everyone in my family knows, I’m terrible at remembering birthdays.  I can barely remember the dates my own children were born, let alone anyone else’s.  So if I get around to sending a card or a gift in the same season as their official birthday, it’s a success.

I’m holding out all hope that this little craft may help me be a little more proactive in the birthday department….

I’m going to show you the final product and give you the instructions afterwards.  Because I had an epic fail trying to take pictures of the process.

Here she is-

Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar

I started with an empty picture frame (no glass, nothing!).  I strung some twine across it. I conveniently tied the twine where there were staples to hold in the picture, but some were missing and I had to tie those ends around the outside until I can add staples.  I purchased some plastic smaller sized clothespins from the Dollar Store which I intend to….spray paint! Or cover in twine.  Or fabric.  Something.  Because I just don’t appreciate them in all their plasticky primary colorness.  (Those are all real words.)

And then I went to work on creating the paper months.  First I found a printable to use for each month, printed it and cut those out with a pretty edge.  Then I found some bits of scrap paper to use on the edges for a border.  Then I tried to add a little shape to go with each month.  So far I have yet to figure out August….?

All that was left was to fill it in with birthdays (in pencil!) and to hang it up.  Here it is with some of my kids artwork-

Wall art

Wall art

In one glance, I can see who all has birthdays in what month.  Success!


Brass Wall Grouping

Nothing earth shattering today.  I’ve slowly collected a mix of circular wall art in brassy colors.  And I’ve been wondering what to do with them.  I think I finally found the spot- on either side of my living room doorway.

Have you heard that brass is back in?  I’m not sure what to think about that yet.  I mean, ten years ago everyone was throwing it out the window.  And, it does remind me a little of my grandma’s house.  The reason these babies haven’t gotten a good dose of spray paint?  I’ve just been too lazy.  But I have to admit, I’m not hating it.  It will take me a little convincing to go back to the shiny bright brass.

Here’s what they look like-

Clock and Corkboard

Clock and Corkboard







I especially love how they carry the theme across the room’s opening.

Here’s an article from a blogger I love regarding brass-

Are you on board with brass?  Or does the whole thing scare you?

Chalkboard Cabinet

I am forever writing lists of things i need to accomplish.  A list for the day, a list for items that need to be done whenever, lists for house projects.  Lots of lists.  And it gets really tiresome to find lists all over the house.

Due to the popularity of chalkboard paint and how much I love it, I had an idea of making a chalkboard wall.  Except that I really didn’t know where I wanted to put it.  I liked the thought of making the side of one of my cabinets all chalkboard because it seemed a great place to be able to write out all of my “to-dos” at least for the day.  But I really wasn’t too excited about painting the cabinet,

Instead, I found a piece of chalkboard vinyl on Amazon that came in almost the exact dimensions that I needed.  Obviously it was intended to be used horizontally, but I turned it and made it follow the entire cabinet length.

Here’s what it looks like-

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Wall

it was fairly easy to apply and I hope that it lasts.  I’m very excited about having lists so visible and easy to update!

Basement Curtain Solution

It is back to reality now that it is midweek.

I’ve been busy at home since I pretty much couldn’t go anywhere else.  So for the last few days this week, I thought I’d share some of the creating I’ve done (this mind never sits still).

For today, it’s a little project I did in the basement.  I’ve had these curtains that I’ve been wanting to hang for a while now.  They aren’t actually for a window but because I have a big blank wall down there that I wanted to cover (and make look like there are more windows). But hanging curtain rods wasn’t something I was willing to do.  My solution?  Using old pinch-pleat curtain hooks to attach to both the curtain and the drop ceiling track.

Here’s what it looks like-

Basement curtain solution

Pinch-pleat hooks; Curtain hangers

And here is the final product-

Curtains Hung

Curtains Hung

So here is the before-

Empty Room

Empty Room

And here’s the after-

Curtains with Couch

Curtains with Couch

I have some work yet to do on these so that my kids leave them alone.  🙂  I need to figure a way to keep them attached to the hook.  Perhaps a small piece of cork…?  But for now, they are up!




Dining Dilemma #2

Something that I forgot to mention about my dining room was the color scheme.
If you recall, I did end up painting the room Benjamin Moore’s Huntington Beige.  But I’ve really kept the color palette of the room pretty neutral (on purpose).  Now it is time to introduce in some pops of color.

;Painted room,still empty(terrible picture)

I’m completely smitten with the color palette of a smokey blue and a light lime green added with the grey and beige.  The smokey blue is the same color as my little sofa.  And the lime green is pulled out of a print on my curtains.
As my paint color collection grows, so does my spray paint color selection and I just so happen to have a smokey blue spray paint on hand as well as a small can of paint in the light lime green.  Soon I’m going to be a one-woman Sherwin Williams.
So this week I have many projects to catch up on- switching closets, tagging garage sale clothes and painting my pops of color.  I promise to post picts of any fun results as I can!

Dining Dilemma

Formal dining rooms are so hard to own these days.  Unless you do a lot of dinner parties or host family holidays, they really just don’t get much use.  And I can’t handle wasted space in a home.  It seems so silly to pay so much for that coveted square footage and not use it!
I have such a room.  My dining room is located off the kitchen but on the opposite side of the living room which gives it a very closed off feeling.  And I’m brainstorming some ways to entice guests to meander over into that room….

(Dining room photo before paint and furniture)

I could easily make the room an office.  But I have to confess, I just don’t utilize a desk much.  Sitting at a desk isn’t very conducive to create writing.  And I feel that turning the room into an office would leave it in the same unused predicament.
Here are my two ideas:
1)  Make it a lounge.
Remember the hutch that is a new addition to the room?

Why not use it as a bar?  I could fill it with my glassware and a few bottles of Sangria.  Better yet, I could add some cozy chairs and make it feel like a place you’d go to meet for drinks and have a stimulating conversation.  Or to feel perhaps like cigar bar, minus the smoke and smoking one so strong everything is pink after you leave (that one is for you Ms. Wilson ;).

2)  Turn it into a library/den/study.
I could take that hutch and fill it with books.  I could fill the room wall to wall with books and get a library ladder.  I could use my sofa for a nice place to cuddle up with a great read.

I could add some artwork and funky lighting and require everyone who enters to whisper…
My imagination is getting carried away again.  It must be the cold medicine.
How would you use this room to end my dilemma?  Whatever I choose,  I just hope this room doesn’t end up being so stressful for me I end up like Monica on that episode of Friends where she can’t get the gang to hang out in Joey and Chandler’s old apartment….

It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Another change in our home is… my new furniture!  I’m pretty excited about having something new.  And if you know the Mr., I’ll probably have it for the next 50 years, so I hope I love it.
I’ll show you pictures of what’s new below.  But let me talk about where I purchased it first.  One of the BEST furniture stores in the Midwest is hands down, Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Their selection and inventory makes their competitors pale in comparison.  Not only do they have great furniture but they also have excellent customer service.  I’ve never had a problem getting something resolved.  And finally, they have a clearance center that rocks.  You know this girl loves a good bargain and so everything you see below came from…the clearance center.  (And let me give you this tip, it pays to haggle there.)

 So this couch is part of a couch and loveseat combo that I was eyeing this summer, full price.  And low and behold, we walked in to the clearance center and there it sat.  It must have been fate.  I believe it is by Ashley Furniture.  It is a beige chevron pattern.
 This little lovely was a special order return.  And now it is special to me.  🙂  It has a slight curve to it and is a lighter color than the other pieces but same pattern.
 Probably should have smoothed this out before I took a picture of it, but this is the couch I bought to go with my dining room table.  It has a leg issue right now but NFM is taking care of it.  
 This guy was not on the list of must-have’s.  But for some reason is spoke to me.  It was also hugely reduced and I thought I can use it as a hutch (duh) or a bar or a bookcase.  I <3 versatility.
And sitting way down the aisle were two chairs that match the grey weathered cottage-y look of the hutch.  So we threw those in the truck.

If you live close to where I live, NFM delivers.  They also have extensions in several other cities.  I hope you get a chance to visit their stores.  It is an experience.  And for me, a big deal!

First Stop- The Master

First stop, the master bedroom.  It wasn’t on the list for our first stop, but today the living room was all a fluster (more on that when you get to see it).
This was the master bedroom before-

And here is the “after.”  Keep in mind that this is only one week after taking possession of the home.  So the lights and window treatments are all the same.

I painted this room in Benjamin Moore’s Baby Fawn (which is also the color of my upstairs landing).  It is a very soft grey with just a subtle lavender undertone, which makes it perfect in a bedroom.  It feels very soft, dreamy and ethereal.  It is so much better than the harsh, dirty white that was there.

Baby Fawn
Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

We also took all of the old carpeting out and replaced it with hardwood and Prego floors.  In this room, it makes a subtle difference but wait until you see some of the others.  Wowza.
Just a small change but even those count!

The Man Cave Update

I’m having one of THOSE days.  But I’m trying to keep things in perspective.  I live a very blessed life.
Anywho, here is a sneak peak at where I’m going with the Man Cave.  It is only just the beginning.
Here’s what it looked like with no furniture and new paint (Cup O’ Joe and Ivanhoe from True Value)-

And here is what it looks like with furniture and just an idea of decorations-

I have yet to hang the mirror which I got from Nebraska Furniture Mart (quite possibly the best place to buy furniture ever).  It is copper.  I need my master hanger.  Otherwise the kids get quite alarmed when they find me running the drill.  “That’s Daddy’s!”  Someone suggested I get a pink one.  Not a bad idea!

The John Updated

I know you are all holding your breath to see my bathroom…but I’m happy to call it another room that is close to done.
Here’s the another inbetween shot-

After taking down the wallpaper, repairing the walls where damage was done and repainting, I am very happy with it.  This room was painted in Evening Coast by Dutch Boy and I love the deep rich color in the small room with no light.

I’m still trying to find a nice idea on Pinterest on how to store some extra toilet paper rolls in this room as with three males in the household, we go through a LOT of toilet paper. TMI, I know.
The iron piece on the wall is from Target.  It was originally red and got a new paint color from metallic silver spray paint.  We also took down the towel ring on the wall by the sink and put up these hooks.  I may in the future use them to hang a small toolbox from that will hold towels and soap.
Still to be done in this tiny room- new faucets,  new mirror and a new light fixture.  Oh, and of course trim.  Wait, did I say this room was almost done???

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