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Stairway to Heaven Update

Here is what our foyer looked like earlier this summer-

And here is the status of it now-

I have a lot left to do here.  But what a difference!  A little paint here and there and you’ve got a whole new look!
I painted this room Benjamin Moore’s Kingsport Gray and the staircase (what isn’t just primed) is painted in Dover White.  We have yet to change out the trim on this floor but it’s coming.
One little room at a time!

Baby Girl Blue Updated

Here is what the status of this room was earlier this summer-

And here is what it looks like now-

Remember it was painted in Benjamin Moore’s Morning Glory?  I had been eyeing a comforter at Pottery Barn Kids all summer but was unwilling to commit to the price tag.  And I wasn’t sure if I would like pairing such an intense blue with a blue comforter. 
But one day when hitting up Target for a five minute trip, I spied this comforter that was very similar and…it was on clearance!  It was meant to be.
The bed is one that I have had forever and it has been many different colors in its lifetime.  The vinyl collage above the bed is from Uppercase Living and as usual, caused all kinds of swearing and bickering between my husband and I while attaching to the wall.  The side table is an old antique that I painted and the lamp I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite lamp stores).
I still have curtains to sew (more on that project in a later post) and I’m also going to sew a ruffly bedskirt.  And I have an antique chandelier that I’d like to hang but I just haven’t gotten that all completed yet.
What do you think?

House Updates

This week I’m going to take you through a few of the rooms of our house that I have “done.”  I know many of you requested a finished photo and since I get so many inquires about the paint colors I have chosen for the house, I thought it was necessary.
It’ll also help me to avoid the back-to-school, back-to-real-life mentality that this week brings.  And maybe I’ll come out of my depression next week to talk fashion again.
Please be kind to my house photos!  A few still have little tweaks that I have not managed to squeeze in yet.  Maybe when I become a licensed decorator that’ll be number one priority.  For now, I’m too busy being a mom and a blogger.

I Hope You Enjoyed Your Tour

Did someone say it could be the end of May already?  Seriously.  Time has just slipped away. 
Here it is, the start of June and I must leave the house work for my own crazy business and rejoin the ranks of fashion.  And it is a little inspiring.  It makes me feel that perhaps there will be an end to this moving madness.
I’ll try to post some after picts as my work progresses, but it is now officially summer and I have kids to enjoy and entertain.  So it may be awhile before any pictures are hung or I find that right piece of furniture.
I do hope you enjoyed your tour.  It is the place we live and soon maybe it’ll feel more like home.

Half Bath

Last time you saw this room, it was in the “in between” stage.  And it looked like this-

(You can check out more “before” picts here.)

Now, it is much more fabulous.  Wallpaper is off, walls are “fixed” and paint is on.  And it is a lovely deep shade of teal green with a hint of dark gray.  And it’s perfect for that little tiny half bath. 

Paint is Evening Coast by Dutch Boy

Formal Living

Well, I saved one of the best for last.  But with this room, I’m having some trouble not only figuring out what color it should be, but also how to make it more functional. 
These days, a formal living room is pretty much wasted space.  What really is a “parlor” and a place where you formally meet company just doesn’t really fit anymore with how the majority of Americans live.  Yes, it would be grand, say, I lived in a mansion.  But I don’t have rooms to just waste space.  I love to use every last square inch of every room I have in my house.
So this room has to become more than just a formal living space, it has to be a real living space.  It also has to look exceptionally nice since it the room most people will sit down in and enjoy when visiting.
Here’s what it looks like now-

And I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but, I think I may not be painting this room!  Isn’t it glorious.  My hands and wrists thank me.  This may be the last of the heavy cream through out the house.
Now, the question remains.  What to put in it? 
Right now we just don’t have enough seating but I’m sure that’ll be something we purchase in the near future.  I also have the TV in this room because I fear if we don’t put it in here, no one will ever sit in it. 
What’s left to add?  What other ways can I make this room more useful?

Welcome to the Holiday Inn

Bathroom that is.  Actually, I think the Holiday Inn would have better taste.  Here is today’s bathing beauty…the basement bathroom.  Oh it is a sad little bathroom, full of brass, oak and complete pastiness.  It has the personality of a hotel room.
And that needs to change.  But again, I’m stuck trying to figure out what color to start with as this bathroom butts (pun intended) against the basement’s brown.  Red perhaps?

What do you think?  Will it please people the world over?

Bleek or Chic

Once again, I’ve had a tremendously busy day, so I’m going to write a simple post.
Here is the hallway to the basement-

Once all the large furniture is down there (and I won’t have to “touch up” any oops from the heavy lifters), I’m thinking this WHITE wall will be also Bleeker Beige from Benjamin Moore-

It is the same color I painted the laundry room.
What do you think?  How do you think this will go with my brown in the basement?

Call the Fire Department

Ok, not literally.  But the home we purchased has a family room off the kitchen and needless to say in all of Heavy Cream, there was one lone wall with color…a deep country maroon.  And it was used as an “accent” wall by the fireplace.  [Shudder.]
I confess, there was a time when I would have enjoyed this color, especially had it been used more purposely throughout the house.  But that time has come and gone.
While I still love bold color choices, I just like to use them now as accents or in small rooms where I can change the paint color like I change my hair color.  Now I find myself gravitating towards the light and airy neutrals or the dramatic neutrals, but either way, still a neutral.
And so that maroon had to GO.  It was one of the first walls to get a coat of something, anything to put out the maroon fire.  Needless to say, that is all that has happened with it.
Here’s a pict-

Please disregard the half hazard furniture. I was definitely not thinking clearly when I snapped this photo.

Therefore the maroon is gone and I’m at a standstill waiting to see what happens with the kitchen before I can declare a paint color for said room.  The poor thing has one coat of primer and another coat of paint (what was thought to be the same color as the rest of the room…Not!) and it STILL doesn’t look “finished” yet.
What a sad little fireplace.  Hopefully it’ll be soon be getting some love…

Fine Dining

I think I’ve chosen a color for my dining room.  The whole main floor is still up in the air.  It depends on what happens with the kitchen (see future post).
Here’s what it looks like now-

And here’s the color I’m thinking of using shown in someone else’s house-

(Image courtesy of

The color is Benjamin Moore’s huntington beige.
It’s a bit more dramatic than a normal cream/tan.  But not too dark either.  I think it will look lovely by candlelight or when the lights are dimmed.
Any color suggestions?

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