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My Two Closets #2

I think the first change I’ll make in my closets will be paint because who wants to empty their closet to paint when they are using it!?!Here are a few of my choices.  I’m going for dark and dramatic and extremely fun. I’m hoping for something similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s closet from Sex in the City-
(Image courtesy of
Sea Serpent from Sherwin-Williams
Seaworthy from Sherwin-Williams
Which would you pick?

My Two Closets

Sorry I know it’s BSS, but I’m so excited that I’m actually going to have some major closet improvements when we move into our new home.  But first, they need a makeover.
I thought I’d share some pictures with you of the befores so that you can ooh and ahh over the afters whenever the transformation takes place.  (In all likelihood,  it’ll be a slow progression of details.)
Closet one-

Closet two-

Tomorrow, paint swatches!

The Great White- #2

Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t feel so well last night!  Much better this morning!
As promised, here are some great ideas on how to wear white jeans from Pinterest-
White. Gray. Yellow....LOVE!
p.s.  I love grey and yellow together.
white jeans aalyssarivera  white jeans  white jeans
I like this skinny jeans/flat combo.
white jeans
Lots of blues and greys here.
love white jeans
This list of outfits could keep you busy all summer!
White jeans
Jackie O- Just for more proof that white jeans are classic.
Good luck with the great white!

The Great White

It’s back to my random randoms here lately.  And as we are in the final stretches of the moving process, it could get really random.  I apologize in advance.
I officially broke out the white jeans this weekend.  And I was thinking a little about how popular they are and how they are almost a spring/summer wardrobe staple and it brought back a memory from high school.

(Image courtesy of
I’m not sure if I was ahead of my time or if I just had watched too many movies from the 70s (think Love Story) but I was one of the first people I knew who owned a pair of white jeans.  And I can remember getting made fun of for wearing them by people who were supposedly “going against the crowd” themselves.  I remembered that for some reason today and thought about the irony of that.  They only thought wearing something out of the box was cool if it was the right kind of out of the box.  Oh high school… 
Anyway, it is time to wear them.  So stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on some ideas for pairings with white jeans!

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