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SWL- Three Seasons of the Espadrille

This is pretty basic really, but can you name a shoe that crosses over from spring to summer to fall with ease?  If you just said a flip flop, EEERRNNNTT.  That was a sound of a buzzer.  Nope.  If you said boot, you might want to send me an email about style.  The answer is… the espadrille! Ladies, there are lots of you who wear sandals year round, so this post doesn’t ring true for you. But for those of us who live in the frozen tundra that is the Midwest, you might get a good three months out of those sandals.  And then it is back to reality.
That’s where the espadrille can be your best friend.  Many a time these shoes can also be open toed but for maximum wear-ability, finding one in a close toe is a great option.  When it is springtime and not really warm enough to bare the toes…don the espadrille.  Wear it with short-shorts in the summertime for less “exposure.”  And in the fall, pair it with ankle jeans, a tank and a cardigan for casual layers that may or may not be needed for warmth.
Also, consider purchasing in a color.  It’ll give your outfit an extra pop!
Espadrilles…They’re fun, comfortable and as Lloyd points out, great for when you need a pedicure!

SWL- Three Seasons of the Espadrille

SWL- Three Seasons of the Espadrille by stylefromthesticks featuring bcbgeneration shoes

Influence summer dress
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Open back tank top

Dorothy perkin

Motel short sleeve shirt
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Dorothy perkin

Crossbody bag

Pieces imitation purse
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Tear drop earrings

H M chain necklace
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Jewel belt

Q&A- VIP Golf Tournament

I have to put our wedded bliss on hold for a day.  We have urgent fashion matters to address!
I received the following question-
My husband won tickets to the US Senior Open, a national golf tournament.  I’m not sure what to wear.  I’ve considered a maxi dress with a denim vest and a floppy hat.  Any ideas?  The tickets are VIP so I want to look put together.
Thank you for your question!
I had to dig deep in my resources to answer this question as I have never been to the US Open, senior or otherwise.  I called my go-to man on all things golf.  My brother.  The golf fanatic.  While maybe not a fashion pro, he could tell me what he’s seen on the greens.
And here’s my conclusion- go with something preppy.  I think your idea for the maxi dress is a good one.  But maxi dress says bohemian to me.  While it’ll be a great choice if the weather is sweltering, it might not look “high-end” enough for the VIPs.
So pretend you are in Pretty Woman at the polo match- only more laid back and sporty.  I think a short dress would be an equally good choice.  Think ivy league school.
And while a big hat may be a great idea for the sun, if you are a VIP, you may be under a tent and people could have trouble seeing around said big hat.  So perhaps just stick with the sunglasses!
Also, there could be a lot of walking involved, so wear some comfortable flats.  And if your dress has no pattern, be a little more daring with your shoes!
Have a great time!

VIP Golf Tournament
If you have a fashion question, email!

VIP Golf Tournament by stylefromthesticks featuring white house black market jewelry

Dorothy Perkins shirt dress

Stretch dress

Flat pump shoes

White house black market jewelry

Stretch bracelet

Collar necklace

Wayfarer glasses

Gold glasses
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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #20

Who can believe that we are 20 days into summer vacation?  I cannot believe it.  And what’s really sad is that essentially my summer hasn’t even begun.
My family and I have to pretty much survive June.  Along with t-ball and VBS, we have to tackle having a garage sale.  And I’ve been busy tagging and decluttering my home in preparation.
People ask me all the time why I have garage sale.  It’s simple.  I make money.  Yes, it is a ton of work.  Yes, you are literally earning quarter after quarter sometimes.  But I am actually benefiting from the sale of the items we no longer need.  If you take your donations to the Goodwill and use them as a tax write off, excellent.  But this is one way I can put the cash in my pocket.
If you’ve never done it, I recommend you try it.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  I’ll post a few tips I’ve learned along the way as we head into a busy weekend for me.
And I can’t wait to start my summer!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #20
Here’s the real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #20 by stylefromthesticks featuring dorothy perkins

Burnout tank

Maine New England khaki pants
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Dorothy perkin
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Calvin klein

Memorial Day Weekend- Cemetery Service

I am so thankful to all the veterans who are there for us to honor on Memorial Day.  Freedom doesn’t come free, unfortunately.  And these men and women have served our country with honor and sacrifice for you and I and the rest of this country.
Remember today to thank a veteran and most of all, teach your children what their sacrifices mean.  If we don’t learn from history, we are bound to repeat it.

Memorial Day Weekend- Cemetary Service

Memorial Day Weekend- Cemetery Service by stylefromthesticks featuring gold rings

Monki anorak jacket
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Calvin Klein short pants

Crocs shoes
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Dorothy Perkins gold ring
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Warehouse star jewelry
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Memorial Day Weekend- Family Games

You never know what sort of game you may be playing Memorial Day weekend, especially when there are nieces and nephews involved.  Anything from a game of catch to UNO could be on the agenda.  Be prepared for just about anything in this easy outfit and shoes.  The bonus here?  You can wear this to the ballpark as well.
What’s your favorite family game?

Memorial Day Weekend- Family Games

Memorial Day Weekend- Family Games by stylefromthesticks featuring slim fit jeans

Anna field
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Mango slim fit jeans
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Restricted shoes

Leather jewelry

Graduation Weekend

I thought I’d get this out there a little early in case many of you need to be thinking of what to wear this weekend.
Graduation weekends can be a marathon.  Especially for the family of the graduate.
For travel day, wear something trendy with a fun pair of colored jeans.  Throw on a “look-at-me” pair of shoes and you’ll be set for a long car ride.
When you get there, who knows what all the activities might be- camp fires, helping set up, preparing food, watching kids- having family time.  Wear something that will be very comfortable and versatile.  A maxi skirt and a chambray shirt will help you transition from each task.
And finally for the big ceremony, wear something lightweight with a preppy feel.  You could be sitting for hours, in the hot sun, waiting for your family’s name to be called.  Now is not the time for stiff and weighty fabrics.  Should the weather change, pack a cardigan and coat.
Congratulations to all the graduates!  Hopefully your future is as promising as these outfits.  🙂

Graduation Weekend

Graduation Weekend by stylefromthesticks featuring a cord bracelet

Mango linen dress
$54 –

ONLY denim shirt
$25 –

People Tree print shirt
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Maxi skirt
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Relaxed jeans
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Banana Republic stretch bracelet

Betsey johnson

Cord bracelet

Baublebar jewelry

Spring Family Picnic

It’s time to get out there and do some family activities and that includes a picnic.  Find that cute old picnic basket that was probably your mother’s and head to the park.  Wear a lightweight sweater and toss on some laid back shoes.  Pair with a carefree attitude.
Enjoy the sunshine!

Spring Family Picnic

Spring Family Picnic by stylefromthesticks featuring super skinny jeans

Bearpaw shoes

Brown watch
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Round scarve

Spring Mommy On the Go

I’ve been asked lately what to wear in this crazy spring weather.  In case you missed the memo, we had snow here last week.  That’s right, snow.  In May.  And that is all I have to say about that.
So in case you thought it was hard to dress yourself, now you must be prepared for all elements, year round.  Here’s what helps-
1)  Dress in layers.  I know you’ve heard that repeatedly but it helps you be prepared.  Start with something you could wear if the temperatures soar, add in a little warmth if it doesn’t hit the temperature they thought it would, and have that heavier coat with you should it become absolutely freezing.
2)  Keep the colors springlike.  Find some pastels and bright colors in your wardrobe to trick your mind into the fact that even though the temperature may not read 70s, you know it really is spring.  If you’re stuck in the grey and black, it won’t brighten  your mood.
3)  Don’t forget accessories.  Just a few small things to look at make a difference.
Now you can be mommy on the go that’s ready for any weather!

Spring Mommy On the Go

Spring Mommy On the Go by stylefromthesticks featuring mar y sol tote

French Connection sleeveless top

Plus size cardigan

Fat Face summer jacket
$75 –

Fat face
$62 –

Mar y sol tote

Going Pickin’

Ladies, sharpen your elbows!  The season for pickin’ is almost here!  Sure we may have snow tomorrow, but we can always take the sleigh.  Springtime is supposed to mean garage sales, barn sales, auctions and junkin.’  Let the games begin!
Dressing for any of these activities means casual wear (who knows what you’ll be loading), layers (who knows what the weather will be next) and a few fun pieces that remind you of the stylish person you are (who knows who you may run into).
The rules for pickin’- leave early, stay late and don’t be afraid to negotiate!

Going Pickin'

Going Pickin’ by stylefromthesticks featuring lace up shoes

Pullover shirt


Converse lace up shoes

L A M B floral ring

Brown shawl

Easter- Travel Day

It’s almost time for Easter!  I can’t believe it.  Especially considering there is still snow on the ground.  We’ll have to hide white eggs this year kids!
If you’re making a trip to visit family, I’ll help you pack.  And believe it or not, it is pretty much what I’m packing for my own Easter vaca.
We’re traveling by car, so I don’t have to worry so much about making myself comfortable for a plane ride.  But I am still going to try and pack light, so I’ll be reusing many of the pieces I show this week.
I chose these white jeans because I’m SO ready for some spring.  And these will help achieve the mood.  I’m also packing a suede jacket for a warm coat but I’m leaving the wool behind for what I hope will be until next winter!  And don’t forget a cute weekender bag!
Time to get moving!

Easter- Travel Day

Easter- Travel Day by stylefromthesticks featuring skinny leg jeans

Jane norman
$38 –

Mango jacket

Shoulder bag
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Miss selfridge

Dorothy Perkins black belt

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