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Vegas Baby

Who knows how this decision was made.  Perhaps you’ve planned this.  Maybe you made some bad decisions and your wedding night looks like something from The Hangover.  Either way, the outfit need not be so serious.
A short dress is in order.  This can be tricky.  Pick the wrong one and you may feel like you’re in a bad prom dress.  Look for something you wouldn’t possibly wear in a cathedral.  Feathers?  Yup, that’ll work.
Add an eyelash veil to make this look especially bridal.  And some killer heels that you’d also never be caught dead in with this dress anywhere other than Vegas.
And the ring?  Well, it may or may not be real.  And hopefully didn’t come out of a gumball machine.
Who can tell?  This is Vegas baby.

Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby by stylefromthesticks featuring j crew

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #28

This girl loves her some turquoise.  I think the color is taking over my life.  I wear it, I have it all over my home and it is now making its way outside.  To make matters worse, I follow the blog- House of Turquoise.  As if I needed any reason to feed my Pinterest addiction.  🙂
So I hope the color doesn’t suddenly make the “not” list because I think the fashion police would just have to come after me for it.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #28
Here’s the look in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #28 by stylefromthesticks featuring turquoise earrings

Loft top

Forever 21 shorts

H m
$12 –

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15

We’re half way there!  This is another comfy t-ball/soccer outfit.  Nothing too complicated and has a few layers in case the weather changes.
Get ready because the next week’s worth of outfits is going to be survival status.  Pretty much anything I can throw on my body in a few minutes time is what works.  This is as real life as as any fashion blogger/mommy is going to get!
It is time for vacation Bible school again and it is busy, busy, busy!  Hang on to your hats!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15 by stylefromthesticks featuring twisted tees

Puma twisted tee
$39 –

White waistcoat
$6.27 –

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life- #5

Day two of soccer and I have to say, my photo was a dud.  The first strike was that it was raining when we took it.  The second strike was that it had been a LONG day of soccer.  And the third strike was that it was blurry.
So I apologize.
And I think I just used baseball references for a day of soccer.  But hey, t-ball starts tomorrow!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life- #5
And here I am in REAL life.  Eeeeesh.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life- #5 by stylefromthesticks featuring a heart pendant

Easter- Egg Hunt

Your kids have been looking forward to this day ever since Christmas.  Something about finding an egg in the grass, behind a tree or under a bush gives them so much excitement.  To put yourself in the mood, wear some bright cheerful colors.
Start with a peasant blouse and some ankle jeans.  And don’t forget the necessary flats.  Just remember that today is not a day to throw on a sweatshirt.  You may be looking at pictures of this day for years to come.  Dress consciously!
Happy hunting!

Easter- Egg Hunt

Easter- Egg Hunt by stylefromthesticks featuring chaps


$76 –

Dolce Vita mini shoes

Fantasy jewelry box

Free people

Stay At Home Spring Break- Science Museum

What to do with the kids when you aren’t going anywhere fabulous for spring break?  Oh, and it is the dead of winter with a mountain of snow on the ground?
First thing, formulate a plan.  Don’t leave yourself with the same old video games and movies fall back.  Let’s think of some exciting things together.  And then I’ll show you what to wear for your staycation.
Let’s assume you have five days of “regular” school to enjoy together.
Day One-Science Museum
Day Two- Aquatics
Day Three-Matinee
Day Four- Ladies Day Away
Day Five- Overnighter

Now, let’s get out our white coats and goggles and go visit the science museum!  Don’t have a science museum, how about a children’s museum or any museum for that matter.  Even the smallest of towns sometimes have museums that your children can tour.  It’s good for them to get a little bit of education on their break.  You never know how much impact these little outings can leave.  Maybe you’ll have a budding Einstein or historian on your hands.
Wear something colorful and a bit geek chic.  With these pops of red, the kids will never lose you (and neither will the tour guides!).

Science Museum

Science Museum by stylefromthesticks featuring thin belts

Three quarter sleeve cardigan
$30 –

Long sleeve shirt

Dollhouse jeans

Bracelets jewelry

Henri bendel

Madewell thin belt

What to Wear with Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the ultimate in fashion huh?  They are for the fashion risk takers.  It’s okay to wear them with boot cut jeans and cover them up, but really, they are meant to be seen.  So wear skinny jeans that tuck in or leggings that show them off.  Or be creative and pair them with a skirt.  When you’re feeling edgy, these are your go-to boots!

What to Wear with Ankle Boots

What to Wear with Ankle Boots by stylefromthesticks featuring lightweight jeans

Dorothy perkin

Sheer top

French connection
$46 –

Layered lace skirt
$29 –

High heels
$45 –

$73 –

Fantasy jewelry box

Tinley Road circle scarve

Client Lunch

Smart and sassy with just a touch of tough creates a winning client lunch combo.  Choose your details wisely (just one true attention getter and the rest fuss free.) Keep them bold but in conservative colors and you’ve just won them over with a polished pitch, your outfit!

Client Lunch

Client Lunch by stylefromthesticks featuring black jewelry

True Decadence cap sleeve dress
$65 –

Gold pumps
$41 –


SWL- Welcome Autumn

This week Lloyd recommends not falling 🙂 for the typical fall colors.  They are beautiful, those rusty reds, moss greens and mustards.  Instead, try to pair a few of those colors with beautiful bright year round colors.  And I have to say, I am really loving hot pink for fall.  It says the summer is ending and let’s celebrate the cooler weather intensely!
So here is my version of the outfit Lloyd describes as an example of an updated color palate for fall-

Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn by stylefromthesticks featuring guess boots

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