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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #28

This girl loves her some turquoise.  I think the color is taking over my life.  I wear it, I have it all over my home and it is now making its way outside.  To make matters worse, I follow the blog- House of Turquoise.  As if I needed any reason to feed my Pinterest addiction.  🙂
So I hope the color doesn’t suddenly make the “not” list because I think the fashion police would just have to come after me for it.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #28
Here’s the look in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #28 by stylefromthesticks featuring turquoise earrings

Loft top

Forever 21 shorts

H m
$12 –

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #18

I have a pale pink problem.  It really isn’t one of the best colors on me, but I love to wear it.  I think I’m just draw to this color when I’m out shopping.  It was also my wedding color.  Perhaps that’s why?
Here’s another look from VBS.  And I was complimented on this outfit so it may not have been a total bust-out-the-door-wearing-clothing kind of morning!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #18
Here’s the real-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #18 by stylefromthesticks featuring wedge sandals


Anne Klein wedge sandals
$55 –

Gold jewelry

Forever 21

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15

We’re half way there!  This is another comfy t-ball/soccer outfit.  Nothing too complicated and has a few layers in case the weather changes.
Get ready because the next week’s worth of outfits is going to be survival status.  Pretty much anything I can throw on my body in a few minutes time is what works.  This is as real life as as any fashion blogger/mommy is going to get!
It is time for vacation Bible school again and it is busy, busy, busy!  Hang on to your hats!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15 by stylefromthesticks featuring twisted tees

Puma twisted tee
$39 –

White waistcoat
$6.27 –

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #8

What can I say?  I was in a bohemian state of mind.  I’m sure House of Harlow has me on speed dial.
There are times you have to just remember how good wearing a breezy skirt like this feels.  There is just something so relaxed about it.  It’s like the yoga pants of skirts.
It should come with a warning…wearing may result in dancing in the kitchen.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #8
Here’s the real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #8 by stylefromthesticks featuring forever 21

Fat Face scoop neck tee
$28 –

Tiered peasant skirt

H&M flat shoes
$12 –

Forever 21

Stone jewelry

Rare london
$18 –

Ralph lauren

Memorial Day- BBQ

It’s time for Memorial Day!  Can you believe the start of summer is here?  I wasn’t sure it would ever come and then all the sudden it snuck up on me.
If you’re going to be BBQing with friends or family, don’t stress about what you’re wearing.  Slap on some capris, pair some beautiful colors in cozy fabrics, slip into flats and a fedora for squinting at the sun, but don’t forget the blanket for the fire later!

Memorial Day- BBQ

Memorial Day- BBQ by stylefromthesticks featuring straw fedora hats

$47 –

Oasis frilly shirt
$45 –

Stretch shoes

Easter- Church Service

It’s Easter Sunday!  It’s time to celebrate your Savior risen from the grave, cleansing us from our sins and providing our escape from an eternal death!
Let’s celebrate this happy day with a little festivity.  Now, if ever, if you are going to dress up for church- this is the day.  It is the high Christian holiday and that means wear a dress!!
I chose this coral dress because it is simple and reserved.  Add some fun accessories- a statement necklace, a trench in case it’s chilly and some metallic accents.
I read somewhere to remember that heaven is full of sinners.  And that’s the good news for all of us.  All of the bad things I’ve done, thought and will do are washed away permanently in the blood of Jesus.  And through his death and resurrection, we can have life everlasting.  That is something to celebrate!

Easter- Church Service

Easter- Church Service by stylefromthesticks featuring platform pumps

Sleeveless dress

Forever 21

Spring Break at Home- Overnighter

Maybe grandma and grandpa live close.  Maybe you’ve been secretly longing to make a special visit to a local attraction, get a hotel and just have a short getaway for the weekend.  Whatever it is, plan on packing up the family and getting away for a few days.  It’ll give home a nice perspective, especially when you’ve been cooped up all winter.
First off, find some luggage that doesn’t make you want to die when you haul it in from the car.  When you are looking for luggage, don’t pick a solid black/brown/navy.  You’ll never know which one is yours from all the other hundreds of bags in those colors.  Find a fun color or a cool print that makes you smile and that your husband will still carry.
Next requirement- layer.  Wearing layers will help no matter the temperature in the car, outside, or wherever you are going to visit.
Lastly, flats are your friend whenever you don’t know what you might be doing.  And so is a leather jacket.  Either can be dressed up or down and will work with countless other clothes you’ve packed.
I hope you have a great week of spring break at home!


Overnighter by stylefromthesticks featuring diane von furstenberg

Vero Moda leopard t shirt
$27 –

Forever 21

H M short jacket
$45 –

Diane von furstenberg

Aqua pins jewelry

What to Wear with Patterned Pants

Most of us don’t even get brave enough to purchase these, but they are a big trend.  And really a fun way to freshen up your wardrobe.
Here’s proof that you won’t look back at the pictures of you in patterned pants and wonder what you were thinking-

Jayne Mansfield circa 1960

Image courtesy of

Classics will always stand the test of time!

What to Wear with Patterned Pants

What to Wear with Patterned Pants by stylefromthesticks featuring forever 21 tops

Black striped shirt

Forever 21 top

AX Paris zipper jacket
$49 –

H&M patterned pants
$65 –

Taupe booties

H&m shoes
$24 –

Floral scarve

H M clear eyeglass
$9.76 –

Week Two of My Style

For your viewing pleasure, here is week two!

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