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Q&A- Black Tie Formal for Petites

I received the following question-
I have a convention to attend in California in September with an evening gala.  I was told it is black tie and I will need a dress.  Can you help?  What are the rules?
Thank you for your question!
Black tie can be a dreaded word if you are unfamiliar with the event.  With evolving dress codes (what two people consider business casual can differ greatly), these words can get really tricky. Here’s my decoding:
1)  Black tie is dressy.  It does not mean a sundress in cotton.  It means a formal.
2)  Black tie is dressier than business casual.  Guys need to wear jackets and leave the khakis for another day.  So wear something nicer than a typical jersey work dress.
3)  Black tie is not as dressy as white tie.  White tie means a gown- like you’re headed to the Oscars. Black tie usually means “cocktail” dresses.  Differ to Pretty Woman- she wears the lacy black short dress to meet for drinks.  She wears the red ballgown to the opera.  That’s the difference.
I hope that helps clear up that what black tie means.
Now, knowing that you are on the petite side, I picked a few looks that will accentuate your figure. Petites look great in shorter dresses, showing a little bit of leg will elongate your stature.
Look number one is figure flattering and the color will be an attention-getter.  Red dresses do not need red heels.  Find either a nude heel or a leopard print.  Don’t forget to leave the giant mom bag at home!  Bring a clutch.  Great places to find them are thrift stores, especially if you’ll use it once a year.
The second look is a safe bet.  Black almost always looks more expensive and is something that can be worn to many different occasions.  Simple accessories let the dress stand out but a fun pair of heels can really add a sophisticated element to the LBD.  Black heels would be pretty boring.
The last look is riskier.  A fun color like this light green is ladylike in lace.  Pair it with other ladylike accessories such as pearls.  I paired it with a mint heel in the same color family.  This dress would also look great with silver metallic heels.
I hope this helps!  And you have a great time!

Black Tie Formal for Petites

Black Tie Formal for Petites by stylefromthesticks featuring party dresses

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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #29

Welcome to July!  It’s my birthday this month and in honor of that fact I’ll be taking a few days off after the big finale tomorrow with my month long posts of outfits.  But you won’t want to miss what’s coming up after the 4th!  It won’t be as big as the fireworks but you’ll be seeing white!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #29
Here’s the real life version-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #29 by stylefromthesticks featuring guess flats


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Spring Break at Home- Ladies Day Away, Spa Day

So today, let’s focus on having a mom’s day away.  Call up your girlfriends and find a local beauty school and see what services they offer.  If they do pedicures and massages, I’ll bet they are half the cost of a regular appointment elsewhere.  Maybe you’ll get a group rate?  Each of you can get a babysitter for a morning and away you go!  Whatever it takes to rejuvenate yourself.  Hopefully that part of you that thinks this is selfish can just hush. Because there is a lot of good in being able to recharge.  Not everyone can be supermom all the time.  A happy mom= happy kids.
If it absolutely can’t work out that you all can’t go somewhere together, get together at a friend’s home and just have a morning of pampering.
What to wear?  Pack flip flops incase you need them for the pedicure (and a big bag to carry them in).  And wear pants that can easily roll.  And don’t fuss much with jewelry so when you’re lying on that massage bed, you aren’t uncomfortable.
Can’t you just feel that massage now?  Ahh.

Spa Day

Spa Day by stylefromthesticks featuring guess tote

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Spring Trends- Black and White with Stripes

As promised, we are going to focus on spring.  As I write this, it is raining and thundering in Iowa, in January!  And nothing makes me think of spring more than cold rain!
It is no surprise that black and white is a trend for spring.  I think this could go on rotation every year.  What makes it different this year?  Adding in the combination of stripes.  Stripes are everywhere.  And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you don’t own a black and white striped t-shirt, your wardrobe is missing out!
This spring, add in a little striped sporty dress to your rotation.  Sporty dresses are another big spring hit.  But instead of wearing them with flats or sneakers, wear them with a serious sandal. 
Take this outfit to an outdoor cafe, a bed and breakfast weekend, a picnic lunch date or a walk through the trees when they bloom.
Isn’t it fun to think about spring?

Spring Trends- Black and White with Stripes

Spring Trends- Black and White with Stripes by stylefromthesticks featuring a floppy wide brim hat

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SWL- Welcome Autumn

This week Lloyd recommends not falling 🙂 for the typical fall colors.  They are beautiful, those rusty reds, moss greens and mustards.  Instead, try to pair a few of those colors with beautiful bright year round colors.  And I have to say, I am really loving hot pink for fall.  It says the summer is ending and let’s celebrate the cooler weather intensely!
So here is my version of the outfit Lloyd describes as an example of an updated color palate for fall-

Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn by stylefromthesticks featuring guess boots

Fall Updates- Vests

My self-proclaimed trend for the fall makes a wonderful addition to your wardrobe when you don’t know if you’ll be sweating or getting the chills- the vest.  Throw it on over a printed tee and some work trousers.  Then add a few feminine touches to balance the menswear.  Think Meg Ryan, When A Man Loves A Woman, only minus the clunky boots and Andy Garcia.

Fall Updates- Vests

Fall Updates- Vests by stylefromthesticks featuring floral tops