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BSS- Threading

I can’t recall talking about this before, so we’ll pretend that it is our first time, even if it isn’t.

This summer, I talked my sister into getting “threaded” for the first time.  You see these kiosks at malls where two threads are twisted together and essentially pluck your hair out in mass quantities.

Now, I’ve done this before.  I was brave enough to do it on my eyebrows once.  But I have never done my whole face.  Until this summer.

Here’s what the experience is like:

1)  It feels like you are being snapped with a rubber band repeatedly in the face.  It doesn’t feel good.  But it isn’t like childbirth.  I found my hands sweating and eyes tearing up.  Especially on the upper lip.  I wanted to sing my ABCs or something to keep my mind off the snapping.

ID-100175851Photo credit Gualberto 107 via

2)  I went again this month and did my whole face again.  The ladies assured me that the second time would be easier.  Not the case for this big baby.  Nair was looking pretty good at this point.

3)  I love being a hairless wonder.  I cannot even imagine what it would feel like to wax my entire face.  And I’m not ever gonna find out.  Waxing leaves my skin RED and angry.  Generally I break out.

Post threading you look like you’ve been slapped really hard in the face.  And I break out.  A lot.  Which begs the question, is all this hair removal really worth it?

Here’s the deal.  For eyebrows, hands down threading wins over waxing.  It is less painful and less irritating.  But I still can’t recommend it for your entire face.  All the fuzzies I have will have to find a different way of disappearing because I don’t think I can take the sweating and the tearing again.

Have you tried threading?  What was your opinion?