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Painting Pallets #2

It’s a slow going week.  But here is the progress I have on another pallet.  I’ll show you where I’m going with it next later.

Here’s what it looks like now-

Beach Image Pallet

Beach Image Pallet

I know it’s out of season, but this is a beach scene.  I love the colors.  It isn’t quite how I want it yet though….

Stay tuned!


Painting Pallets

Do you remember WAY back when my dad and the Mr. helped me make some pallet signs for a Pinterest party for my church?  If not, you can read more about it here.

Well, I had a few of those pallets left over and got tired of looking at them naked (without paint).  And I decided to make me a few signs.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m selling them this year at the same fundraiser for my church, or if I’m going to keep them for myself.

Here is example number one-

Iowa Pallet

Iowa Pallet

Now, keep in mind this was freehand.  So all of you that know Iowa well can judge my skills later.  😉

She’s a beaut, ain’t she Clark?


The Big Reveal

Alright, I’ve stalled enough.  Here is the big reveal of my trim party.

This is what it has looked like for an extremely long period of time-

Trim Before

Trim Before





And here’s some after shots-

Foyer After

Foyer After

Trim After

Trim After

Window Casing

Window Casing

All that whiteness is very, very exciting around these parts.  I hope you enjoy it too.


The End of the Peacock

Another little piece of furniture that recently underwent a makeover…my china hutch.

This piece has quite a history.  It was originally my husband’s grandmother’s piece.  And true to its era, it had a dark veneer finish.  Then one day on a whim, I painted it the dreaded black. (Hey, it was about ten years ago.)  And after remodeling my former dining room, it got a good dose of peacock-blue paint.  And I really loved the peacock-blue.  I really did.  It was mysterious and such a fun color.  But then we moved.  And I knew that it just needed a change.

I know you know where this is heading…it got painted white.  And I mean WHITE.

And I love it!

Here is a before shot.  I can’t seem to find a better picture, sorry!

Big Blue

Big Blue 

And here is the after-

White Yumminess

White Yumminess 

I’d say this baby took me about three coats of paint.  Covering dark paint can be tricky.

Every time I look at it now I feel like I’m on a vacation to the beach.  And that makes me happy…



While You’re Waiting

I still need to finish up a few spots before I can get some great pictures of the trim.  And I won’t play elevator music while I keep you waiting.  Instead, I’ll show you a little house project I did a few weeks ago.

This is an old dresser that I bought in our old house to be a dresser.  It was originally all a dark veneer finish and it has a lovely mirror that can sit on the top.  I wish I had some before pictures….

In our new home, it just wasn’t working anywhere as a dresser and ended up becoming a buffet in my dining room.  I took off the top mirror and loaded it up with linens and silverware and such.  And simply threw it in the room with the paint color that matched my old bedroom decor.

Mustard Colored Before

Mustard Colored Before (Sorry this one’s blurry)

And that color had been bothering me ever since.  It needed updating but I wasn’t sure what paint color I wanted it to be.  Since I have an assortment of paint, I just began experimenting.  Here it is during the process-


Hate That Old "Country" Blue

Hate That Old “Country” Blue

And here is the result!  I am very happy with how it turned out.  Now I don’t pass by it and cringe.



I was trying to decide on the pulls and I ended up leaving them this old tarnished brass.

Just a small update to keep you inspired.  Now I’ll turn on some Kenny G.  😉

You And What Army?

This week is going to be all about the house.  I can’t seem to stay focused much lately on this blog.  It’s just my way of keeping you all guessing, right?

Last you knew I had this MONSTER of a project going at my house called filling all of the white trim where it had been put up with caulking and painting the nail holes and seams. Three floors full.  Oh, and painting all of my interior doors.

MONSTER project.  It was almost so overwhelming I couldn’t begin.

And then comes the saying, how do you eat an elephant?  A little bit at a time, right? This elephant required an army to eat it.  And the most wonderful thing happened- my friends came to my rescue.  They had talked about throwing me a baby shower.  But let’s face it. When it comes to baby number four, you know what you need and what you don’t.  And I just don’t want a bunch of baby stuff that only new moms fall for (hello wipes warmer!).

So they decided to throw me a painting and caulking party instead.  And to help remove the boulder on my back that’s been staring me in the face forever now.

This army of women is the greatest.  I have lived in many places in my lifetime.  And I know something special when I see it.  We support each other and are there for each other better than any other friendship among a group of women I’ve ever seen.  I have won the friend jackpot and I feel incredibly lucky.

I know I’m making you all jealous right now and rightly so.  If you don’t great friends, I hope that a wonderful group of ladies (or at least one very special one) comes your way.  I know mine are an answer to prayer.

I’ll try posting some pictures tomorrow.  But for today, all I want to say is thank you to the incredible ladies who threw me the very best shower I could ever ask for.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’ve been going through a very bad breakup.  And I wrote down my thoughts so you could understand.

Dear Black Furniture,

You and I have shared many years together.  The ups and downs of trying to keep you even remotely looking dusted was worth it in the beginning.  Our affair was sultry.  I craved you even though I knew that you were wrong for me.  And I knew that you had other lovers on the side.  But it didn’t stop me to succombing to your siren call.

I have seen the light.  I am now awakening to the understanding that you were wrong for me all along and that my innermostself desires all that is white and bright.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I’ve discovered that white fits me like jeans and a tshirt.  Does it need dusting?  Who can tell.  Does it play nicely with all of my other furniture friends.  Yes, yes it does.  And maybe it too is secretly having other hot and steamy relationships in my friend’s homes. But all I know is that right now it feels good.

Maybe some day you and I can be friends again.  Maybe I’ll be in need of the sophistication that you bring to a piece that no other color can.  But right now, I have to listen to the calling of my heart.  And that is white.



Style from the Sticks

New Obsession- Fixer Upper

This weekend really gotta a hold on me.  I’m going to be playing catch up all week!  I meant to get out a BSS post but it escaped me.  We’ll try for this Saturday.

Meanwhile, I have a new obsession.  I am completely smitten with HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper.

Here are the reasons I love it:

1)  Chip & Joanna are like no couple I’ve ever seen who works together.  Clearly their Christian attitudes flow through their lives in positive ways that make me wonder if it could possibly be real.  Who gets along this great with their spouse in stressful situations?  I mean he calls her “hon” and tells her so looks gorgeous and she tells him how strong he is and how much she loves him….  Um, ya, I totally talk like that every day to my spouse. I guess I need to aspire to this!  I’m totally jealous and admire their encouraging and loving demonstrations of couplehood.

2)  I love her style.  White?  Chippy?  I’m sunk.  I’m thinking maybe we all need to move to Waco, Texas and buy homes so she can redo them for us.

3)  They have four kids.  Something that I will myself know shortly.  And they make time to eat together.  Busy lifestyles but they still make family a priority.  Love this.

4)  They live on a farm.  I would be happiest in the country but I make do in town.  I’m jealous of all my chicken raising, CSA gardening, animal loving friends who get this secret pleasure but I also am glad I don’t have all those chores.  But oh, to have such space and privacy!  They also named their farm and I’m totally into this.  We named our last home and I’m still trying to conceive what this one needs to be called.

5)  They take something old and forgotten and make it beautiful again.  Talk about recycling.  These old homes that have so much history and character and personality are appreciated again.

6)  They have an affinity for old things.  It isn’t all Pottery Barn (which I love, don’t get me wrong).  But the items used are literally things that they find on the side of the road. Hello junk’n!  Thus the final product doesn’t look so cookie-cutter perfect.

7) Her style is also so streamlined.  Where is all the clutter?  It makes me wish I had half the stuff I have and I’m working on making life in my home simpler.

8)  She’s gorgeous and wears cute outfits while in the middle of a construction zone.  I mean, yes, she isn’t in heels and skirts.  But if you were filming in some of those houses, I don’t know I could look that good in my Converse and sweaters.

9)  She knew what she wanted her life to look like and she went out and made those dreams come true.  I love that she sets the bar high and why shouldn’t we all?

10)  In this era of Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo, here is a family I can aspire to be more like and spend some quality time watching.  Thank you!

Fixer Upper, you have a new fan!

Here is a link to Joanna’s blog, if you want to follow stalk her like I do:

Porch Rules

I love these house rules, porch rules, cottage rules, lakehouse rules, etc. signs.  And I happened to have this old ceiling tin that was framed in.  I grew tired of it since it was…black.

Black Tile Before

Black Tile Before

But I had an idea.  I’ll paint it!  And then I’ll paint my porch rules on it and let it sit on my front porch.


Porch Rules After

Porch Rules After

Who wants to enjoy the front porch with me?



You Can Paint Anything

I recently acquired a patio umbrella for free.  I’ve been looking for a turquoise umbrella and have yet to find a big one in that color that I could afford.  So when I received this free, large but dated umbrella, I had plans for it.

Here’s a picture of what it resembled, only mine was 80s pastels.

Break out the turquoise spray paint.

I used three cans of paint on this baby, which is approximately $12.  I think that’s a pretty good buy.  And while it didn’t cover the former stripes, it did leave the umbrella turquoise. And in the bright sunshine, it has a little bit of a tie-dyed effect.

Tie-Dyed Umbrella

Tie-Dyed Umbrella

But it does the job and it looks the part.

Umbrella & Table

Umbrella & Table

Esh, I can’t wait to get rid of those hunter green shutters from 1996.

All this does is make me want to finish the door into table project I’ve started but haven’t completed yet.  That’s a story for another day.

Door into Table

Door into Table

Oh, and that umbrella stand is a 5 gallon bucket spray painted and filled with cement with a paint roller as an insert.  Cause that’s the “Sticks” in Style from the Sticks.  🙂

Proof that you can paint just about anything.

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