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SWL- Class Reunion

Lloyd had a great idea today for a class reunion look- leather pants.  Why leather?  Because it cinches you in like a girdle.  I know you are having a Ross Geller moment right now, worried you’d be stuck in the bathroom applying powder and lotions.  But pair it with a nice loose, bright blouse, some sky high heels and a pair of dangley conversation starter earrings and there’ll be no need for the sweaty panic.
Only a svelte body and irresistible charm.  Perfect.

SWL- Class Reunion

SWL- Class Reunion by stylefromthesticks featuring a pink shirt

Wallis pink shirt

ALDO evening clutch

Amrita singh

Spring Cleaning

Now that the weather is more spring-like and the windows are flying up to let in the fresh air, this is also the time of year we notice just how dirty winter leaves our homes.  Time to breakout the gloves and handkerchief as a bandanna and do some serious spring cleaning.  It isn’t fun, but sometimes digging into the real dirt instead of the weekly chores is more exciting than just dusting and vacuuming.  Cleaning the blinds and degreasing the kitchen cabinets has its own thrill…at least when it’s done.
I’ll leave you to your own cleaning agenda.  Goodness knows that I’ll still be working on my own list in September…

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning by stylefromthesticks featuring long sleeve shirts

ONLY long sleeve shirt
$25 –

Tall pants
$48 –

Juicy couture

Easter- Church Service

It’s Easter Sunday!  It’s time to celebrate your Savior risen from the grave, cleansing us from our sins and providing our escape from an eternal death!
Let’s celebrate this happy day with a little festivity.  Now, if ever, if you are going to dress up for church- this is the day.  It is the high Christian holiday and that means wear a dress!!
I chose this coral dress because it is simple and reserved.  Add some fun accessories- a statement necklace, a trench in case it’s chilly and some metallic accents.
I read somewhere to remember that heaven is full of sinners.  And that’s the good news for all of us.  All of the bad things I’ve done, thought and will do are washed away permanently in the blood of Jesus.  And through his death and resurrection, we can have life everlasting.  That is something to celebrate!

Easter- Church Service

Easter- Church Service by stylefromthesticks featuring platform pumps

Sleeveless dress

Forever 21

Shopping Marathon

Rule number one when marathon shopping- you must have comfortable shoes.  I say that with a little hesitation that some of you may go shopping and find a style of shoe that should only be worn if you, well, if you’ve finally reached THAT age.  Or have basically given up on life as a whole.
Anywho, comfy shoes are a must.  Choose some cute sneakers, some fabulous flats, low boots that are super plush, whatevs.  Just make sure you can walk all day in them.
Rule number two- everything must be easily taken off.  This rule applies for all the trying on that happens when shopping occurs.  Or wait, is that only when I go shopping?  In general I don’t buy anything unless I’ve tried it on.  A few exceptions to this rule, it’s Black Friday and I’m delirious.  Or I’m shopping with kids.  Trust me, little boys in their mamma’s dressing room can come up with some really embarrassing one liners.  Like…”Mama remember when you spilled that glass of wine and it went everywhere.”  SO AWESOME.  Where does this stuff come from?
Last rule- Keep the accessories to a minimum.  But for your own sake, wear at least one.  You don’t want to look into the mirror and scream in horror.  A little sparkle by your ears or around your neck will help.  But nothing so elaborate that the whole on/off thing is a hassle.
We all have enough of that right now.
Happy shopping!

Shopping Marathon

Shopping Marathon by stylefromthesticks featuring a leopard print blouse

A Week of Thanks- Christmas Practice

It’s that time of year again- the annual children’s program at church.  And it brings with it the sweat, tears and weeks of weeks of practice just to get your little ones to say their one line of the Christmas story.  As adorable as it all is, the children are relaying an important message.  And also learning themselves just what Christmas is all about.  Take practice seriously and dress like a lady, but one who can race a preschooler to the bathroom to avoid the potty dance during Away In the Manger.

Christmas Practice

Christmas Practice by stylefromthesticks featuring straight leg pants

People Tree pink polka dot shirt
$22 –

Cape coat

Straight leg pants

Red shoes
$19 –


Juicy couture

A Week of Thanks- Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!  Stop and think today of all the blessings in your life that you have, many of which are taken for granted.  And thank God for them!
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” -Psalm 107:1

Give Thanks

Give Thanks by stylefromthesticks featuring a feather pendant necklace