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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #18

I have a pale pink problem.  It really isn’t one of the best colors on me, but I love to wear it.  I think I’m just draw to this color when I’m out shopping.  It was also my wedding color.  Perhaps that’s why?
Here’s another look from VBS.  And I was complimented on this outfit so it may not have been a total bust-out-the-door-wearing-clothing kind of morning!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #18
Here’s the real-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #18 by stylefromthesticks featuring wedge sandals


Anne Klein wedge sandals
$55 –

Gold jewelry

Forever 21

TV Series- Friends- Rachel Green

Everyone’s favorite TV show, Friends has still yet to be challenged in its popularity.  I think it’s  a wonder as to why it was such a hit.  Was it because so many experience that period of their life where they aren’t married with a family and single and dating?  Or because so much of the time friends are more like family than family?  Or maybe it was simply because people were crazy for the on again, off again relationship between Ross and Rachel.
Rachel’s style evolved over the years but one thing was certain.  The girl appreciated fashion. And she loved simple, understated clothes in neutrals with not a lot of showy accessories.
I think many of you can relate to her style.  While this outfit may seem a little flat or stuffy, you have to remember it is missing one very important accessory- her hair.

TV Series- Friends- Rachel Green

TV Series- Friends- Rachel Green by stylefromthesticks featuring metallic handbags

Cap sleeve cocktail dress
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River Island metallic handbag
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Week Two of My Style

For your viewing pleasure, here is week two!

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