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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #7

The sun was out and it really did feel like the beginning of summer.  We slept in, hit the pool for the first time and had a night of t-ball.  Did I mention that I love summer?

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #7

Here’s the real life version-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #7 by stylefromthesticks featuring burnout shirts

Lord & Taylor flat shoes

Wire jewelry

$23 –

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #3

It’s the last day of school!  We made it!  Time to throw that alarm clock in the trashcan and set the clock to “slow down.”
We celebrated by taking the kids out to lunch in a very crowded pizza joint.  Let’s just say the claws come out when there is only a few pieces of pizza on the buffet.  And it isn’t even just the kids!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #3
Here’s the actual outfit (pardon the wind)-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #3 by stylefromthesticks featuring high heel sandals

Lipsy cami tank top
$42 –

The Collection boat neck top
$24 –

Princesse tam.tam cotton shorts
$38 –

Funeral Wear

I hate to start off a week like this, but I want you to be ready.  Most of us don’t want to ever have to think about going to funerals, but we’ve all been to them.
Here’s the basics.  Have a black dress in your closet that isn’t a cocktail dress and isn’t something you’d wear to the beach.  It’s called a day dress and it should be conservative.
Pair it with nude heels so that the attention stays on the dress and not your feet.  Add in a few simple accessories, understated is key.  And take a jacket.  You never know if you’ll be chilly and most likely you may be visiting a grave site.
I hope none of you have to refer to this post.  But I do want you to be prepared.  Because should it be someone you love, you won’t have much clarity to create an outfit that fits the occasion.  And in your grief, you’ll still want to give them the honor that they deserve.

Funeral Wear

Funeral Wear by stylefromthesticks featuring heart jewelry

Miss selfridge dress

Lipsy patent leather bag
$22 –


Spring Break- Anchors Away

Oh you lucky ladies.  Those of you who are going away to somewhere warm and leaving the rest of us jealous!  Jealous and buried in snow.  This week I’m going to help you dream of sunny activities to pack for and dream of weather warm enough for any of these activities at home.
First stop- the beach!  Where else?
And I’m a sucker for anchors.  So set your cap on these little numbers.  I’ll try not to be jealous…

Spring Break- Anchors Away

Spring Break- Anchors Away by stylefromthesticks featuring volcom hats

Sheer cover up

$38 –

Shopping tote

Volcom hat

A Week of Thanks- Corralling the Kids

Wait?  Wasn’t I just chewing you out for trying to wear your yoga pants grocery shopping and now I’m condoning it.  In the instance when you’re going to be hanging with the kiddos all day, doing who knows what, but probably not even leaving home.  Yoga pants, you bet!
The only other rules to follow are:
1) At least shower and be able to answer the door
2) Enjoy your family time!

Corralling the Kids

Corralling the Kids by stylefromthesticks featuring lipsy

$60 –

Pull Bear polka dot top
$29 –

Activewear pants