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Bra Collection for Moms

Bra Collection for Moms

Today we’re talking bras for moms.  I’m continually shocked by how many moms have very few bras or the condition of the bras they are wearing.  Your undergarments are just as important as what is on top of them!

So here are some basics.  Clearly, you can have many more than this.  But for that mom that is wearing the same type of bra every day, over and over.  You need to branch out.

First up, on the top left, a bandeau bra.  This type of bra could be tricky for those well-endowed.  For those strapless summer tops or maxi dresses, or even for those deep v’s that leave not enough to the imagination, a bandeau is a great option.  It’ll give you coverage and comfort.  Be sure it fits well, so you don’t have the dreaded mommy droop!

Next up, the workhorse of bras, the nude t-shirt bra.   I like this one because it is also a racer back and for those tricky tank tops in the summer, this will save you pulling the straps together.  Don’t forget, nude is the color you wear under white tees, not white!

Every girl needs a black bra.  Nothing is worse than seeing a white bra strap peeking out of a black shirt.  It can be basic or lacy, what works best for your wardrobe.  But it is a must!

On the bottom left, here is a pretty bra that is also functional.  This kind of bra is great to sleep in.  It’ll give you support without feeling like you are actually wearing a traditional bra.

Then we have the strapless bra.  If you only have one, make it nude as it will work with more choices than white or black.  EVERY GIRL needs a strapless bra.  End of story.

I included this last bra because remember, we are not our mother’s generation.  Bras can be pretty and fun.  Don’t get stuck in the nude bra rut.  Choose something with color or lace, or better yet, both!

I hope this collection will get you inspired.  Just because we are moms doesn’t mean our undergarments should be limited!


Bra Collection for Moms by stylefromthesticks featuring a lace underwire bra

Hanky Panky green bra
$75 –

Hanky Panky lace strapless bra
$76 –

Maidenform t shirt bra
$58 –

Maidenform front fastening bra
$58 –

Spring Jackets for Moms

Spring Jackets for Moms

Every mom needs an arsenal of jackets for spring.  While you might only have one or two winter coats, spring jackets vary depending on what you’re doing.  I’ve got you covered.

Starting with the top right-

Here is a very trendy jacket that’s sure to up your style anti.  When you’re wearing jeans, this jacket will pop since the olive will surely stand out against the blue and, with the two toned sleeves, add dimension to your outfit.

The second jacket is a faux leather jacket in a soft pastel.  This jacket will take your spring dresses and give them warmth without sacrificing their feminine feel.  And it softens a tough jeans and t-shirt look.

No mom’s wardrobe would be complete without a jean jacket.  I like to wear mine with dresses and pants other than jeans.  Yes, you can wear something other than jeans!

Then there’s the zip up jacket.  Playing with the kids in the park?  You’ll need a warm jacket that can take the activity.  Caution, use sparingly!  It’s easy to never get out of this option!

Probably my favorite spring jacket, the trench.  This baby will take you from the school yard to date night without pause.  Look for one with a hood unless you are Audrey Hepburn and will wear a scarf over your hair in the rain…

Lastly, typical mom wardrobe- the hoodie.  Of course we all need this piece.  But I challenge you to wear some in a print, like these easy stripes.  Look for something that will add visual interest to your outfits.  This hoodie will help create an outfit instead of dull it down.

If you find yourself reaching for the same jacket every morning, choose wisely!  There are many quick and easy options that will take you out and about in style!


Spring Jackets for Moms by stylefromthesticks featuring a navy hooded sweatshirt

AX Paris pu sleeve jacket
$42 –

Denim jacket

Stud Earrings for Mom

Studs for Mom

Continuing with mommy style, there are lots of times that as moms, we can’t put together great accessories in a pinch.  The remedy for this problem?  Stud earrings.  Just that little bit of sparkle can pick up even the drabbest of outfits.  The bonus is you can wear them continuously if you wish, even while sleeping.

I put together the basics of studs.  Working our way from the top on the left-

These silver flowers are a great workhorse pair.  These are for every day and can be worn with small chain necklaces and simple outfits.

This pave pair in the middle is a little fancier.  You can dress them up or down, but they are sure to be noticed.

It’s always good to have a pearl pair.  You never know when you’re going to need some pearl studs.

On the bottom left- this pair is for those special occasions.  They’ll give you a ton of sparkle for a night out.

The middle pair is another basic workhorse.  They can be worn daily or dressed up.  Lucky you, those ladies who have real ones.

And finally, a pair in your birthstone would also be a fun colorful option.  If you don’t like your birthstone, just pick your favorite color, a color you wear a lot or a pair that bring out your eyes.

No need to run around with naked earlobes!  Throw on a pair of studs for easy mommy style!


I don’t appreciate technical difficulties.  I’m sorry to report that the image that appeared with yesterday’s post on my Facebook feed wasn’t the right image.  I hope I’ve got it fixed now.



Studs for Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring pearl jewelry

Clear stud earrings
$37 –

Kate Spade blue earrings

White house black market jewelry

Silver stud earrings
$32 –

Gemstone earrings
$12 –

Spring Shoes for Mom

Spring Shoes for Mom

What a beautiful day!  Seeing the sun shine after the gloomy week last week is such a gift!

This week, I’d like to focus on mommy style for the spring.   I’m finding myself increasingly in flats, much to my displeasure.  So I’d like to find several stylish options.

As you know, I’m recently obsessed with white Converse.  So, of course, a pair was included in my list.

I also think a good pair of loafers is necessary, for soggy spring days.  The two-toned flats are for your ankle pants and when sandals aren’t quite warm enough yet.

And white flats will look great with denim shorts or a maxi skirt.

And for when it warms up, I love neutral sandals.  I gave you two options- one for a slip on, out-the-door-with-the-kids kind of day and the other, the gladiators, for when you want to be a little more stylish.


Spring Shoes for Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring ballet flat shoes

Converse trainers

Boho sandals

Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom

Today certainly hasn’t gone as planned.  After getting the kids off to school,  I found myself phoneless.  Which is a weird feeling.  I was thankful that we still had our landline or I would have felt cut off from the world.  Drat technology anyway!

Instead of my normal routine, I had to make an emergency trip to town to fix said phone.  And in the process, guess what color I ended up dressing in…gray.  Gray like the skies have been for days.

So I color failed today.  And it got me to thinking about how to reset and prepare for what may be ahead for the rest of the week.

One area that I find myself struggling with is soccer.   What should a soccer mom wear?  Clearly no one wants to be the mom on the sidelines in sweatpants or worse…pajama pants.  Please no!  But with Iowa springs, one is never sure what the temperature will be on the soccer fields.  What can seem nice can be quickly deemed miserable on the sidelines of a game.

So here are a few ideas for some colorful soccer mom outfits.  Nothing elaborate.  So when you’re rushing out the door on Saturday morning and need some quick and easy options you won’t end up gray and miserable.  That will just be the sky.


Soccer Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring a multi colored striped bedding

Adidas top

ESPRIT pink hooded sweatshirt
$40 –

Freddy yoga tee
$34 –

Zella clothing

Mango slim jeans
$50 –

Converse white shoes

Keds shoes

Lucky Brand straw hat

Ignite chunky hat
$5.04 –


Quest Hi-Back Comfort Chair

Crop Tops and Other Misadventures

I am not 20 anymore.  I’m starting to realize this.  Every week in my workout classes, my body is slower, I have to be more careful with it.  Skin is starting to loosen and wrinkles don’t disappear with sleep.  Girl, it only goes downhill from here.

Here’s a promise to you.  I will not be a fashion blogger who flaunts a cropped top for a hot new look you need to try.  Clearly most of these women are not mothers.  Nor will I show you my weekend look only to reveal a short dress and heels.  Um, yes.  That will go nicely at the soccer fields.

This is the challenge ladies.  After 20, after you find the one and throw the big wedding and get pregnant, things are gonna happen that aren’t like living in a fashion magazine. Stretch marks, cellulite and nights with no sleep (and not because you stayed too late at the bar) will suddenly appear without warning.  Regular manicures and pedicures and root touch ups will be like a vacation in tropics, seldom happening occurrences.  Trips to the dentist will be a welcomed break where you can catch a nap.   Seriously.

So while I’d love to post pictures of myself in every dress I own and flit about in my stilettos, because girl, you know I’d love to!  But I’m a mom.  And the challenge is…how do you look great while living the mom life?  Twenty-year-olds, come talk to me when you are pushing a stroller in those stilettos to the park seven blocks away.  Or you’ve been spit up on twice today.  Or when the nanny, personal chef  and housekeeper all quit at the same time.  Wait, what?  I am all those things.  And SO much more.

Mom with Stroller

Mom with Stroller

Image courtesy of digitalart/

So enjoy those days if you are 20.  I may get to where you are again at 50.  But in the meantime, I’ll be posting looks for real moms.  For the weekend and beyond.  Because the crop top ain’t ever gonna happen again.