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Beachcomber Bride

There are those girls who live on the beach, dream about all winter (or live close to it, if you’re so lucky) and there is no other place they’d rather marry.  This post is for you.
The steps to looking like a blushing bride on the beach:
1)  Start with a flowy dress that isn’t extremely restrictive.  It just doesn’t say easy and breezy.  Keep in mind the length.  Will you be in the sand and the surf?  You won’t want a long train getting wet and sandy.
2)  Add some beachy accessories.  I couldn’t help myself with the matchy matchy starfish earrings and sandals.  Not many people will even see your feet and they were adorable.
3)  Now for the veil.  I recommend wearing your hair back when you’re out in the elements.  Flowy hair would be beautiful but what if it is super windy?  Same idea with the veil.  Keep it back just over or underneath your updo and hopefully it won’t be in your face the entire time.
Now you should be set to get your feet wet!

Beachcomber Bride

Beachcomber Bride by stylefromthesticks featuring inc international concepts

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #11

Eek gads.  Sometimes there are just days when you don’t take a good picture.  In this outfit, I was headed to a matinee with my kids.  It seems that summer is still struggling with an identity crisis of late and I have to dress for any weather, any time.  So while I thought it would be warm enough for shorts, I also added a blazer just in case the movie theatre was subzero.
Summer take note, you have my permission to officially warm up now.  Thanks.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #11
Here’s what it looks like in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #11 by stylefromthesticks featuring stella & dot

Banana republic tank top

River island
$39 –

Plus size shorts

Monsoon shoes

Stella dot

Carolee earrings

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #6

Here’s my outfit I wore for church.  It was the closest I could come to what I really wore.  It is hard to find items that are similar to my look.
And it was nice to ditch the soccer mom attire and wear real clothes for a change.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #6

Here’s what it looks like in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #6 by stylefromthesticks featuring sheer tops

Bow belt
$105 –

What to Wear with a Bright Pencil Skirt

Many of us have the usual black pencil skirt hanging in their closet, but what about a brightly colored one?  Does this give you pause when trying to pull a look together?  Here are a few ideas-
1)  Pair it with something equally as bright.  A fuchsia blazer is a really fun piece to own.  You’ll be surprised at how many outfits it’ll refresh.
2)  Find some romance with a classic neutral.  The pretty details on this sweater make it perfect for work.
3)  Spice it up and add some shine.  Head out on the town with this sequin top and celebrate!
Have any pieces you need help with?  Send them my way!

What to Wear with a Bright Pencil Skirt

What to Wear with a Bright Pencil Skirt by stylefromthesticks featuring blue heels

Marc by Marc Jacobs cami top
$130 –

Black shirt

Gold top
$49 –

ONLY blazer
$69 –


River Island slingback shoes
$49 –

Over the knee high heel boots
$21 –

Quilted tote

Forever new
$18 –

Pat Down

You did it.  You took the plunge and you bought a pair of patterned shorts.  And you got them home and you said, “What was I thinking?  What do I wear these with?  I can’t pull this look off!”  Oh yes you can.  Don’t fear the pattern bottoms.  Trust me, this is just a little preview of where pants are going to wind up this fall.  You can wear these pants.  So put aside those little comments that you imagine people saying and wear what you like!  Because life’s too short for only solids.
For starters, keep your tops simple.  If you happen to find one that has a coordinating pattern, you’ve scored!  But if not, don’t stress.  Keep them neutral and you can’t go wrong. 
And on a side note, who wouldn’t want those hair ties.  Must buy immediately.
You’ve got these patterned shorts down!

Pat Down

Pat Down by stylefromthesticks featuring flat heels

Bible School

When little girls come to church bearing flowers for you (picked weeds), then you’ll know that Bible school has its own sweet rewards.
So if you’re helping or planning on helping with the children at your church this summer, here’s your uniform- comfy maxi dress (check), sparkly accessories that will mesmerize little girls (check), bright colors so they won’t lose you from games to crafts (check).
Knowing they are learning while you share God’s love= worth it all.

Bible School

Bible School by stylefromthesticks featuring wedge shoes

AX Paris strapless dress
£30 –

Forever 21 wedge shoes
$25 –

Jane Norman oversized handbag
£18 –

Monsoon bracelet
$35 –

Wallis rhinestone earrings
$7 –