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Gel Nail Follow Up

Sally Hansen Gel Nails you got some ‘splaining to do.  😉

Here’s a picture of my nails….not even 14 days later.

A Week's Aftermath

A Week’s Aftermath

And here’s the before again-

Gel Polish

Gel Polish

So the company CLAIMS that it would last up to 14 days.  But in those 14 days I did all kinds of harsh-real life things such as spray paint, dishes and cleaning.  Oh silly me.  I did not feel that the nail color withstood like a true gel nail would.  BUT…I am going to give it one more try during a week that I will not be so abusive to my nails.  And possibly try a light source…

One perk- it really did remove easily.  And my nails didn’t look all shriveled and thin like when you remove the real gel polish.  That was nice!

Now to find a week where I won’t be so hard on my nails…. Hm, maybe when I give birth? Not sure when this magic week will happen as I feel like lately I’m stuck in an episode of Rehab Addict.  Until then, I wouldn’t rush out and purchase said nail color.  If you really want the real thing, spend a few more dollars and get it!

Beauty Shop Tuesday

I meant to get this post out yesterday but the Mr. surprised me with a day at home.  And I was busy soaking that up!

So here we are having a Beauty Shop Tuesday…because it can be beauty shop time anytime, right?

Today’s topic, Sally Hansen’s Gel Nail polish.  You know how I love gel manicures.  But I just don’t have the time to maintain nails.  Seriously, I have almost four children now.  Get real.

I’ve heard some serious buzz about the Sally Hansen gel polish.  I’ve heard it’s the next best thing to salon gel manicures.  1) It’s affordable.  It runs approximately $15.  No $100 kit needed here.  2) There is no special light needed.  3) You can buy it anywhere.

So I had to check it out.

The last time I was at Target, I scooped up a color and the top coat.  And I’m gonna be honest.  I’ve been through that nail aisle several times lately and there were three colors left.  Out of about 25.  And I bought the LAST topcoat.  So…I’m thinking it is popular?!!

The color I chose was the only one that looked even remotely fall-ish, a bright violet (Hunger Flames).  So I’m not sure I would have normally experimented with this one.  But it’s just nail polish and I’m adventurous, right?

Previous Polish & New Gel Polish

Previous Polish & New Gel Polish

I went to work and put on the two coats that it asks you to use for the color.  And then also added the topcoat.  Now, it says that you can sit in natural light for them to dry. Since it was so nice out, I went outside and let the sun bake them.  I’m not sure how they’ll dry in the wintertime.

But surprisingly they were dry quite quickly, just like the real thing.  Maybe not put-your-hands-in-your-pocket kind of dry but more like run-errands dry.

So I’ll give them the test and see how long they make it.  And how easy it is to remove because the claim is that you can use your regular polish remover.  And I’m hoping for none of that weird-looking wrinkly nail issue that you have when you take off the salon gel polish.

Here’s the finished product.  Disregard the hangnails.  Having polish ON is a wonderment to moms everywhere.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish


Color Show

I love to pick up cosmetics on the clearance aisle because you never know what products you might like until you try them!  And if you are spending pennies on those items, it feels better when you hate them.  😉

So I bought some nail polish on clearance the other day, Maybelline’s Color Show.  The goal with this line was really fun nail colors. I tried the red relic.  But I was not prepared for a completely mat finish!

#color show

Color Show nails

I’m thinking that it looks like I used a red highlighter on my fingernails.  Esh.  And all that chipping is one day’s worth of wear.  Hm.

Maybe a clear shiny top coat will save the day?



A Week of Beauty

I feel terrible about missing Beauty Shop Saturday this week and I’m hoping to make it up to you.  So!  We are going to have a week of beauty.  Every day something beauty related!

And to kick it off, today’s beauty review-


Kiss Nail Dress

I received these nail stickers from Kiss at Blogher this summer but hadn’t been in the right mood to try them.  They are pretty exotic for me.  And even thought I’m not really the type of girl who has these nails, I thought I’d at least see what I thought of their wearability.

So here is day one of the application-


Day One

The application process was simple.  Just size the sticker to your nail, peel off the back, apply and file down at the end of your nail to your perfect length.  The sticker really felt funny because of the texture.  And the filing process was a little tough to get the sticker to end at the right place without pulling or stretching the pattern.  But overall, it was fairly painless.  🙂

The adhesive is strong but not like a faux nail.  So there was an incident one night where I found a sticker on the floor.  At least it wasn’t in what I was cooking at the time!  Total Friends moment.  But I put another one on and didn’t have a problem for the rest of the week.

Here’s what they looked like a week later.  Please be kind to my ragged cuticles….


After One Week

Overall, they were fun to wear and lots of people noticed them.  Something to think about if you have a special occasion coming up or just want a little mix up into your regular routine!

BSS- It’s Hard Saying Goodbye

We have come to the time of the year where my nails have hit their max.  All summer they grow strong, healthy and long.  And then about this time of year, they start to get brittle, hang nails appear and they break.  And while I spend about .2 seconds every week on my nails, it does make one sad to see them go.



Image source, photo credit Marin

But who’s kidding.  I have three kids.  I paint almost daily, do household chores and generally live.  Nails are gonna break.  Dreams of perfect manicures shatter.  And that’s probably a good thing.  I still have reoccurring nightmares of the picture in my brother’s Guinness’ Book of World records of the lady with the longest fingernails.  EW.

This summer I experienced my very first gel manicure.  And let me tell you busy moms…it is the ANSWER.  Not only do your nails look Martha Stewart close up ready, they last!  For weeks!  And they feel strong!   Like you no longer are going to hit that car door handle just wrong and bend them back in agony strong!  Not to mention the dry time is ridiculous. Waiting for twenty minutes while you sweat how much extra you’ll have to pay your babysitter while your nails are drying will no longer be the case!

There are two down sides to gel manicures.  #1- The UV light used in salons could potentially be harmful.  The jury is still out on this.  And the chances are slim.  #2- Removing the gel with acetone nail polish remover takes awhile.  Think “Madge, I’m soaking in it.”

The good news?  You can buy a kit and do it at home with an LED light (no potential harmful light) and have salon results.

So saying goodbye just got a little easier.