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White (Re)Cap

Lloyd talks in the next few chapters about the wonderfulness of white jeans.  I’ve written a post on them myself –here.  They really are wonderful.  They are a great blank canvas to create all kinds of outfits.  They go with everything, can be casual or dressy and bring a little oomph to your outfit without overpowering other pieces.  One word to the wise.  Be very careful wearing skinny ankle white jeans.  They are adorable, but you don’t want to go too skinny and tight.  They’ll be see through and unflattering!
To keep things current I made a few new outfits for you to enjoy via Polyvore!

White (Re)Cap

White (Re)Cap by stylefromthesticks featuring flower print high heels

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #16

Here’s an outfit that I wore on total lack of sleep.  But I did try.  I did get out of my jammies. Pretty much only because I had to.  I also had to go to my child’s recital like this.  That was pretty embarrassing.  But luckily I had a nap later and returned to my human form later that day.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #16
Here’s the real life version-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #16 by stylefromthesticks featuring striped tops

Oasis striped top
$23 –

Nine west

Spring Break at Home- Ladies Day Away, Spa Day

So today, let’s focus on having a mom’s day away.  Call up your girlfriends and find a local beauty school and see what services they offer.  If they do pedicures and massages, I’ll bet they are half the cost of a regular appointment elsewhere.  Maybe you’ll get a group rate?  Each of you can get a babysitter for a morning and away you go!  Whatever it takes to rejuvenate yourself.  Hopefully that part of you that thinks this is selfish can just hush. Because there is a lot of good in being able to recharge.  Not everyone can be supermom all the time.  A happy mom= happy kids.
If it absolutely can’t work out that you all can’t go somewhere together, get together at a friend’s home and just have a morning of pampering.
What to wear?  Pack flip flops incase you need them for the pedicure (and a big bag to carry them in).  And wear pants that can easily roll.  And don’t fuss much with jewelry so when you’re lying on that massage bed, you aren’t uncomfortable.
Can’t you just feel that massage now?  Ahh.

Spa Day

Spa Day by stylefromthesticks featuring guess tote

Oasis pocket t shirt
$37 –

Gestuz beaded jacket
$97 –


Guess tote

Playing the Hostess

Hosting an open house?  Grab an easy-peasy dress to wear.  You could throw on some nude heels or a pair of shimmery flats but do the unexpected with some leopard kitten heels and that jeweled collar that you’re not sure where or how to use.
Happy hosting!

Playing the Hostess

Playing the Hostess by stylefromthesticks featuring a sleeveless dress

I Won’t Be Ruffled

I love this red shirt from St. Tropez (  If you want to look sophisticated in the summertime, throw on a sweet little blouse like this one.  Add on some fuller cut trousers and take it to lunch.  Need an outfit for girl’s nite out?  Pair with some ladylike shorts.  Zip into a high waisted pencil skirt and make it office worthy.  Rain in the forecast?  Don’t get ruffled, just slip on the trench!

I Won't Be Ruffled

I Won’t Be Ruffled by stylefromthesticks featuring nude flat sandals