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SWL- Fashion in Your 50s

Lloyd gives some fashion tips for women in their 50s.  He says that at 50, the three fabrics of choice  for your style should be cashmere (who doesn’t love that!), merino wool (almost cashmere) and silk.  He calls them the “holy trinity.” So I created three outfits with each for the woman who doesn’t want to dress like a kid but own her own style.
Each outfit is mindful of heel height and appropriateness while keeping maximum style and comfort.  Women of every age can have great style!

SWL- Fashion in Your 50s

SWL- Fashion in Your 50s by stylefromthesticks featuring silk scarves

Short sleeve top
$97 –

Oasis cap sleeve top
$73 –

Isabel de Pedro jersey skirt
$91 –

Joules lightweight pants
$74 –

Raxevsky white capri
$62 –

Henri bendel jewelry

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #16

Here’s an outfit that I wore on total lack of sleep.  But I did try.  I did get out of my jammies. Pretty much only because I had to.  I also had to go to my child’s recital like this.  That was pretty embarrassing.  But luckily I had a nap later and returned to my human form later that day.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #16
Here’s the real life version-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #16 by stylefromthesticks featuring striped tops

Oasis striped top
$23 –

Nine west

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #10

Thanks to the generosity of a friend, we headed out to the ballpark tonight.  You couldn’t have asked for a better night- cool breeze, clear skies, sky box tickets, food and fireworks.  Too bad the I-Cubs didn’t have a win…
Is this heaven?  No.  It’s Iowa.  🙂

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #10
Real life version-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #10 by stylefromthesticks featuring chiffon tops

Full tilt

Mango jeans

Report flat shoes

Oasis vintage crystal jewelry
$25 –

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #1

I’d love to say I did something fabulous today but I think I did something important none-the-less, I babysit kiddos.  And I am so lucky to get to spend my day with little ones who have sticky hands and messes in every room and pronounce things without their “r’s”.
What do you wear when you don’t really care what you look like?  Okay maybe sweats was your answer.  I confess it probably would be mine.  But I did have to leave the house.  So this was the next best thing-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #1

And here’s what it looks like in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #1 by stylefromthesticks featuring cargo pants

Oasis metallic top
$38 –

Aldo jewelry

Pieces fringe scarve
$25 –

Memorial Day- BBQ

It’s time for Memorial Day!  Can you believe the start of summer is here?  I wasn’t sure it would ever come and then all the sudden it snuck up on me.
If you’re going to be BBQing with friends or family, don’t stress about what you’re wearing.  Slap on some capris, pair some beautiful colors in cozy fabrics, slip into flats and a fedora for squinting at the sun, but don’t forget the blanket for the fire later!

Memorial Day- BBQ

Memorial Day- BBQ by stylefromthesticks featuring straw fedora hats

$47 –

Oasis frilly shirt
$45 –

Stretch shoes

Spring- Mother’s Day

It’s that one day of the year where you might get breakfast in bed.  Or a macaroni necklace.  Or a scribbled masterpiece.  It’s Mother’s Day!
Mother’s Day wardrobe translation= feminine.  Today is the day to wear satin, flowers, heels, perfume and pretty hair braids.  All of these things at once is a great idea, just for today.
Being a mother is one of the greatest blessings in my life.  My kids drive me crazy 99.9% of the time, but I wouldn’t change one single moment.  It is surely one of the most amazing experiences life has to offer.
And I love my own mother.  She is constantly teaching me lessons in life, even in my old age.  She is truly one of the best people I know.
Motherhood is a full cycle.  I’m wishing all of you a happy mother’s day- those of you who have been trying for years, those of you who are expecting any day, those of you whose babies are in Jesus’ safe arms, those of  you in the trenches of newborns and teenagers, those of you who are watching their babies get married and have their own babies.  Happy Mother’s Day.

Spring- Mother's Day

Spring- Mother’s Day by stylefromthesticks featuring a hinged bangle bracelet

Peplum top
$72 –

Timeless nude heels
$45 –

Forever New hinged bangle bracelet
$17 –

Oasis floral earrings
$16 –

Eva NYC hair styling tool

Downton Abbey

I’ve been wondering what all the buzz was about this series on PBS and so when I saw it the other day at our library, Seasons I & II, I thought I’d check it out.  I’m only through Season I so far, but it is getting interesting!  I may be hooked.
Here’s my Downton Abbey inspired outfit, just in case I host a Downton Abbey party sometime…

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey by stylefromthesticks featuring pointy toe shoes

Oasis cutout dress
$83 –

Debut pointy toe shoes
$48 –

Giani onyx ring
$12 –

Forever New stud earrings
$16 –

Hair accessory
$68 –

Spring Break at Home- Ladies Day Away, Spa Day

So today, let’s focus on having a mom’s day away.  Call up your girlfriends and find a local beauty school and see what services they offer.  If they do pedicures and massages, I’ll bet they are half the cost of a regular appointment elsewhere.  Maybe you’ll get a group rate?  Each of you can get a babysitter for a morning and away you go!  Whatever it takes to rejuvenate yourself.  Hopefully that part of you that thinks this is selfish can just hush. Because there is a lot of good in being able to recharge.  Not everyone can be supermom all the time.  A happy mom= happy kids.
If it absolutely can’t work out that you all can’t go somewhere together, get together at a friend’s home and just have a morning of pampering.
What to wear?  Pack flip flops incase you need them for the pedicure (and a big bag to carry them in).  And wear pants that can easily roll.  And don’t fuss much with jewelry so when you’re lying on that massage bed, you aren’t uncomfortable.
Can’t you just feel that massage now?  Ahh.

Spa Day

Spa Day by stylefromthesticks featuring guess tote

Oasis pocket t shirt
$37 –

Gestuz beaded jacket
$97 –


Guess tote

Spring Trends- Globe Trotter

My last spring trend is all about traveling the world, for clothing patterns that is.  Tribal, oriental, ethnic, you name it, it is out there.  And it can be a lot of fun to wear!  Many of these prints are pretty large, so keep what you pair them with simple- read solids. 
Another trend for spring is outrageous sunglasses.  Have you ever wanted a really “out there” pair?  Now is the time to try it without feeling like Elton John circa 1970.  You can find them in all the classic shapes, so don your favorite, and see the world!

Spring Trends- Globe Trotter

Spring Trends- Globe Trotter by stylefromthesticks featuring leather booties

Tee dress

What to Wear with Patterned Heels

They call to you in the department store and they’re too hard to resist.   But then there they are in your closet and you are wondering what you were thinking.  What do these go with? When am I ever going to wear them?
Give those patterned heels purpose-
1)  For a no-brainer, pair them with neutrals.  Dress them up and take them out on the town for a date in a fancy pair of lace pants and a satin shell.
2)  Take them to a client meeting in a sheath dress in a matching tone.
3)  Wear them to a budget meeting with a fit and flare skirt and cardigan.
Leave the regret behind!  Put those heels to work!

Patterned Heels

Patterned Heels by stylefromthesticks featuring camisole tops

Wallis camisole top

Charlotte Russe beaded top

Tux pants

Purple skirt
$28 –

Oasis python handbag
$19 –

Rose earrings

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