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Memorial Day Weekend- Cemetery Service

I am so thankful to all the veterans who are there for us to honor on Memorial Day.  Freedom doesn’t come free, unfortunately.  And these men and women have served our country with honor and sacrifice for you and I and the rest of this country.
Remember today to thank a veteran and most of all, teach your children what their sacrifices mean.  If we don’t learn from history, we are bound to repeat it.

Memorial Day Weekend- Cemetary Service

Memorial Day Weekend- Cemetery Service by stylefromthesticks featuring gold rings

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Graduation Weekend

I thought I’d get this out there a little early in case many of you need to be thinking of what to wear this weekend.
Graduation weekends can be a marathon.  Especially for the family of the graduate.
For travel day, wear something trendy with a fun pair of colored jeans.  Throw on a “look-at-me” pair of shoes and you’ll be set for a long car ride.
When you get there, who knows what all the activities might be- camp fires, helping set up, preparing food, watching kids- having family time.  Wear something that will be very comfortable and versatile.  A maxi skirt and a chambray shirt will help you transition from each task.
And finally for the big ceremony, wear something lightweight with a preppy feel.  You could be sitting for hours, in the hot sun, waiting for your family’s name to be called.  Now is not the time for stiff and weighty fabrics.  Should the weather change, pack a cardigan and coat.
Congratulations to all the graduates!  Hopefully your future is as promising as these outfits.  🙂

Graduation Weekend

Graduation Weekend by stylefromthesticks featuring a cord bracelet

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Spring Cleaning

Now that the weather is more spring-like and the windows are flying up to let in the fresh air, this is also the time of year we notice just how dirty winter leaves our homes.  Time to breakout the gloves and handkerchief as a bandanna and do some serious spring cleaning.  It isn’t fun, but sometimes digging into the real dirt instead of the weekly chores is more exciting than just dusting and vacuuming.  Cleaning the blinds and degreasing the kitchen cabinets has its own thrill…at least when it’s done.
I’ll leave you to your own cleaning agenda.  Goodness knows that I’ll still be working on my own list in September…

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning by stylefromthesticks featuring long sleeve shirts

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Spring Break- Travel Day

If you are actually returning to the land of the frozen tundra…by choice, at least make the trip home comfy and easy and a little less of a blow.
If you didn’t get the memo, less fuss is typically wise when traveling.  Having a cardigan that can serve as blanket or be taken off if the temperatures are too warm is helpful.  Take a scarf and it can double as a pillow.  Wear minimal jewelry to avoid security issues.  And always, always wear something you can walk miles in.
Welcome back.  If you want to go get some coffee, I’ll have to quick get a spray tan first.  😉

Travel Day

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What to Wear with a Bright Pencil Skirt

Many of us have the usual black pencil skirt hanging in their closet, but what about a brightly colored one?  Does this give you pause when trying to pull a look together?  Here are a few ideas-
1)  Pair it with something equally as bright.  A fuchsia blazer is a really fun piece to own.  You’ll be surprised at how many outfits it’ll refresh.
2)  Find some romance with a classic neutral.  The pretty details on this sweater make it perfect for work.
3)  Spice it up and add some shine.  Head out on the town with this sequin top and celebrate!
Have any pieces you need help with?  Send them my way!

What to Wear with a Bright Pencil Skirt

What to Wear with a Bright Pencil Skirt by stylefromthesticks featuring blue heels

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Week Two of My Style

For your viewing pleasure, here is week two!

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