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BSS- Big Night Out Beauty

Big Night Out Beauty

It is time to assemble all of your efforts and actually “get ready” for your big night out!

I put together an ensemble of products from Maybelline, not because I am a diehard Maybelline fan, but because you can find their products in almost any place, regardless of how small and they are affordable.  (And secretly I feel they are at least one step up from Cover Girl.)

This is my night out makeup routine and I’ll lead you through it.

1)      Always start with a good primer.  It’ll smooth out your skin and let the rest of the makeup lay better on your skin.

2)      Next step is foundation.  Make sure to apply it more than just on your face, blend it down your neck and sometimes on your chest.

3)      Now it’s time to cover your imperfections.  Blemishes, under eye circles and any other flaws can easily be blotted away with concealer.  Be sure to use the right formula for each specific area.  Undereye concealer is generally a thinner consistency than blemish concealer so it doesn’t cake into fine lines.

4)      In the winter, I like to use a cream blush because my skin is so dry.  And if you are using a cream blush, you can to put it on now, before the powder.  If you were using a powder blush, it would go on after the powder.

5)      Set all of your makeup with the powder so it lasts.  Be careful not to be too heavy with this step.  Especially in the winter when dewy skin is more challenging!

6)      Before we get started on your eyes, now is the time I like to focus on your eyebrows.  Don’t skip this step!  Filling them in is very important to framing your face.  For evening, you can go a little heavier here than you would for a daytime look.

7)      I try to focus on one feature with makeup.  If you want a rosy glow, let that be your feature.  If you want a smoky eye, go easy on the lip.  Going with a red lip, tone down the eye makeup.  For this look, I’m doing a smoky eye, so the lip color I chose is a neutral rose color.  If you choose an eye palette with at least two colors, it makes it easier to pair complimentary colors.  I use the lightest color all over the lid and the darker color in the crease and in the outside corners.

8)      I always put my eyeliner on after I’m done with the shadows because I like its intensity.  If you wanted to down it down, you could do it before.

9)      And finally for eyes, mascara!  A few coats for a special event.

10)   Lastly, the lips.  For a big night out, I take the time to line them and also use the pencil to color them in a little.  It helps the lipstick stay longer.

11)   Top it off with a little lipstick and you’re red carpet ready!

This is just a simple makeup routine for a fancy evening.  Clearly, you can make this process more or less complicated as you wish.  But doing something a little more than your everyday makeup can really make you look and feel special.  If you never wear lipstick, add it in.  If you usually only wear mascara, make your eyes the feature for a special evening.  Play up it up!


Big Night Out Beauty by stylefromthesticks featuring maybelline eye makeup

Maybelline beauty product
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Maybelline beauty product
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Beauty Arsenal

Beauty Arsenal

“Just look at me Annelle.  It takes some effort to look like this.”

Remember that quote from Truvy in Steel Magnolias? Oh how it is true for an Oscar-worthy night out.  While the guys shower and shave and are good to go in under 15 minutes, it takes us girls considerably longer.  Why?  Here are a few reasons:

1)      Hair removal- well, let’s just say, at least we don’t have to shave our faces.  I mean, why were we born with hair anyway?  At this point, we all want thick, beautiful hair but only on top of our heads.  Removing it?  Time consuming!!

2)      Eyebrow shaping- while the boys may be sporting unibrows, we strategically shape ours.   Do you want the Marilyn Monroe or the Sophia Loren?  Can you imagine them putting themselves through plucking, ha!

3)      Teeth whitening- all that coffee and wine ends up somewhere else!  A few white strips later and you can undo at least yesterday’s damage.

4)      Self-tanner- winter whites are only popular in clothing.  I wish I had that beautiful Nicole Kidman porcelain skin that looks great pale white.  But I don’t.  So a great spray tan gets me through.

5)      Manicures and pedicures- now this is the fun part.  Break out your creative side!  These days nails are all about fun patterns.  Get a nail pen and do a few swirls.  Or cheat and buy the nail stickers…

Guys, these are all perfectly good reasons a night out is much more than a few minutes getting ready.  And I have not even mentioned the obvious, hair and makeup.  But isn’t the end result so worth it?  A night out feeling fabulous!


Beauty Arsenal by stylefromthesticks featuring Sally Hansen

Sun care

Nail polish

Tweezerman tweezer


Accessorizing Your Dress

Accessorizing Your Dress

It’s time to talk accessories!  This might be my favorite part!

I found three dresses that have similar elements of my own dress and accessorized them.  I kept the accessories the same (earrings, bracelet, clutch and shoes) so that you can focus on the difference they make between looks.  Don’t forget that your hair is an accessory too!  And probably your most important one!

The first look has a sophisticated hairstyle because the dress is very simple.  I chose simple jewelry that feels very regal.  Nothing too showy but also still fancy.

The second look is more of a Grecian inspired look.  I chose the longer earrings with the longer hair, a simpler shoe to peek out the bottom of the dress and a deco looking clutch.

The last look has a sweeter feel.  Because of the rhinestones on the dress, I put the more romantic inspired hairstyle with it.  I also added the all over sparkle shoes and clutch but kept the accessories simple.

Three different looks with very similar dresses.  I hope you have fun with your accessories!


Accessorizing Your Dress by stylefromthesticks featuring metallic handbags

Thakoon pink satin dress

How to wear formal ball gown
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Hairstyles for Evening Wear

Before we talk about accessories for your gown, one thing to consider is how to wear your hair.  Even if you have short hair, there are ways to dress it up and make it different from your everyday hair.

Short hair ladies can wear their hair chic and sleek, smoothing it down for a wet look.  Or a headband or other sparkly hair accessory (heck, even a pretty bobby pin) can add something new.

For those of you with hair that can be put up, here are some recommendations on the age old question- do I wear my hair down or up with this dress?

If your dress is pretty low key, sometimes doing the opposite with your hair adds another dimension.  I know this doesn’t always make sense.  But think of it this way, if you wear a fancy dress and have a really fancy updo, you’re going to feel pretty dressy.  Like going to “prom” or perhaps your own coronation.  Get my drift?  It is just a little fussy.  Whereas, if you wear a fancy dress and have easy hair, it gives it a more relaxed feel.  Think of it like wearing a leather jacket with lace.  Opposites attract.

For necklines, here are some general guidelines (because I guarantee I can find contractions to any hard rules).  Think about what the dress is trying to showcase.

1)      Does your dress have a high neck but is sleeveless?  Then you probably shouldn’t cover it up, wear your hair up.

2)      If the dress has a fancy back, wear your hair up.  Or at least pull all of your hair to the front.

3)      Sleeves can mean, go ahead and wear your hair down.  Same goes for a fully covered front (aka high neck with sleeves)

4)      Strapless dresses are putting the emphasis on your shoulders and neck.  Now, for broad shoulder girls like me, I like to wear my hair down when I’m wearing strapless.  But for those of you with delicate features, showcase those beautiful necks and shoulders and wear your hair up!

5)      An off the shoulder, boat neck or scoop neck dress feels very ballerina.  Try a bun.

6)      A square neck or v-neck could be a half up do.

7)      A one shoulder can be balanced with a braid pulled to the side.  A halter also looks great with a braid.

8)      Thin straps can be a way to showcase your delicate features with an updo or they can be hidden by long hair, if you’re built like me.

9)      A mermaid gown looks great with sleek hair pulled to the side or sculpted Hollywood waves.

10)   And the width of cap sleeves can be balanced with medium length hair worn down.

Lastly, I love hairstyles that are a little bit loose.  Unless you’re doing a severe hairstyle like a high bun, keep things looking relaxed and keep the hairspray to a minimum.  And don’t be afraid to try something trendy or new- here are a few pictures of braids, which have been trendy a few years now.  But maybe something new for you to try!

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to do with your hair based on your dress!

Hairstyles for Evening Wear


Hairstyles for Evening Wear by stylefromthesticks featuring prom hair accessories

Prom hair accessory

Oscar-worthy Dresses

Oscar-worthy Dresses

First start to an Oscar-worthy look?  A great dress.  When you are a mom, you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a prom dress.  Or for that matter, any formal that can be found in the junior’s department.  But finding a dress that is sophisticated and also fun can be a struggle.  Throw on top of that constraints like it’s freezing outside or you don’t want to show a ton of skin and it can be a treasure hunt.

Thank goodness for the Internet.  Because even if the local mall doesn’t have what you need, you have a host of options online.  And many of them can be thrifty choices!

I sought out three dresses that I felt were sophisticated but not matronly, fun and age appropriate.

The first dress feels the most Oscar worthy to me.  It showcases the arms but everything else is covered.  It isn’t wild and crazy but you can definitely dress it up even more with a great updo or show-stopping accessories.  I can see this dress being worn by Emma Stone or Gwyneth Paltrow.

The second dress is for the woman who wants to be fully covered and comfortable.  It has the ease of a maxi dress with the sophistication of a formal.  The key to pulling this dress off is the accessories.  In order for it to feel like evening wear, it needs some fancy pieces.  And while this girl looks fabulous in this nude color, recognize that she is darker complected and finding a nude that looks great on everybody doesn’t exist.  Read- you’ll want to try on a nude dress to be sure it doesn’t wash you out!  I could see this dress on Jennifer Lopez or Meryl Streep.

This last dress is for those of you who want to wear something fun.  Navy is a very regal alternative to black and I love the shape of the top of this dress.  It even gives you just a touch of sparkle.  But this dress is not for the faint of heart!  It will be an attention getter!  So keep the accessories minimal.  I could see Naomi Watts or Jessica Chastain rocking this dress.

And that’s the starting point of our red carpet look.  Stop by tomorrow for more prepping!


Oscar-worthy Dresses by stylefromthesticks featuring a pink dress

Philosophy purple ball gown
$225 –

Unique Boutique navy blue dress
$205 –

Koh Koh pink dress

Schutz pastel pink pumps

Red Carpet Ready

The adult prom is coming up for moi.  Remember where the grown ups get all dressed up and go out on the town?

Well, even if you don’t, I thought we could talk this week about getting ready for a big event such as this one.  No doubt you have a prom, wedding or other special day in your future.  And I mean to help you know how to prepare!

Think of this week as getting red carpet ready!

Best of 2012 Oscars

Was anyone else a bit disappointed in the dresses this year?  While the show seemed much better (I love Billy Crystal), the dresses just didn’t seem like last year’s “Wow Year.”  Here are the dresses and hairstyles I liked best.
Best Dresses
Ellie Kemper-
Ellie Kemper - Armani Prive - Oscars
This dress was matchy-matchy with her hair and it looks a little more like a fall dress than spring, but I love a pattern. And this was pattern in a subtle, sparkly way. Very pretty.
Kate Mara-
Kate Mara - Jack Guisso Couture - Oscars
I thought this dress was very feminine and elegant. I think the color is spectacular on her. And it had fun details, like the belt and the little sleeve.
Gwyneth Paltrow-
Gwyneth Paltrow - Tom Ford - Oscars
I wasn’t a huge fan of this dress but she looks very regal in it.  And SO slender!  As we say in my family, she needs to eat a sandwich.  😉
Stacy Keibler-
George Clooney and Stacy Keibler
Who, you ask?  Oh just George Clooney’s latest.  Apparently she used to cheerlead and was also involved in WWF.  Hmm?…  I loved how this dress fit her.  She definitely looks like a trophy girlfriend.
Glenn Close-
Glenn Close
I thought Glenn Close really knocked it out of the park. If she had taken the jacket off, she might have been my best dressed. Wow. She really looks incredible. Again, I’m hoping to look half this good later in life!
Winner! Cameron Diaz-
Cameron Diaz - oscars
That’s right Jessica Biel, take that!  I’m sure Justin Timberlake was feeling a little sorry for himself when he saw Cameron in this dress.    The girl is almost 40 and has a rocking body.  She certainly showed it in this slim dress.  I loved how simple it was up top and how it had ruffles and sparkled on the bottom.  The only thing I would have changed would be her necklace.  I thought it needed a little more intricacy to it.  This one left something to be desired.

(Image courtesy of
Best Hair
Stacy Keibler
I’m very into the sideswept thing lately and I loved how this wasn’t really an updo, but it gave her look a bit of drama.
(All above images courtesy of Instyle unless otherwise stated)

(Image courtesy of
I LOVE Cameron’s hair short.  I don’t know why the girl insists on growing it out.  She looks stunning with a great cut!
Winner! Viola Davis-

(Image courtesy of
While she didn’t win best actress, she certainly won best hair.  It was awesome to see her real hair.  It just shows how naturally beautiful she is.  And you don’t get that from watching her on the Help! Great color, great texture.  And her mama did it.  Love.
What were your favorites of the night?

Favorite Oscar Dresses of Past Years

My Top Ten Favorite Oscar Dresses
Mila Kunis-

Oh, I nearly died when I saw her come out in this dress last year.  She is so beautiful, but then she wore this amazing color.  I have a special place in my heart for lilac.  And the cut of this gown!  Geez.  This was the ultimate in sex bomb.
(Image courtesy of
Gwynth Paltrow-

(Image courtesy of
Apparently she was going for easy here.  But to me it really looks chic and sophisticated in a modern way.  I love how it flatters her body and I also love the use of the broach at her hip!
Renee Zellweger-

(Image courtesy of
This one is from awhile back now, but I love the power of red.  I also love the use of the cut-outs and the open back.  It really was a siren look for Renee.
Michelle Williams-

(Image courtesy of
This dress will go down in infamy for me.  You know how I love a good color and this is done so well.  I love the pop of red on her lips and the dark tone of her jewelry.

Cate Blanchett-

(Image courtesy of
While Michelle looked fabulous in mustard, Cate radiated in sunshine yellow.  While I really enjoyed her dress from last year, this dress is my favorite for Cate.  I loved the pop of color with the burgundy belt and bag.  I also loved the bling on her shoulder.
Penelope Cruz-
Penelope Cruz
(Image courtesy of InStyle)
How do you walk the red carpet?  In a color that flatters you (wow does Penelope look great in navy), add in some beautiful feathers and don a dress that accentuates your curves.  I’m not sure I’ve seen her top this dress yet!
Helen Murran-

(Image courtesy of
This woman may define the word “style” as we know it.  Not only is she in the “upper” age bracket, but she oozes sexy, beautiful and chic.  It leaves all of those mother-of-the-bride dresses something lacking, don’t you think?  I can only hope I look half this good at her age!
Keira Knightley-

(Image courtesy of
As with most of these ladies, it is seriously hard to make them look bad.  But this color flatters Keira so much.  She looks sexy and bold.  And that necklace really makes the whole look perfect!
Kate Hudson-

(Image courtesy of Instyle)
The queen of boho chic really looked all grown up in this dress.  It seems to me that it was the first of many sparkly neutrals to come down the red carpet in those years.
Charlize Theron-

(Image courtesy of
Last but definitely not least is Charlize’s winning moment.  I’m not sure if it is the dress or the hair and makeup, or maybe just a combination of all three.  But she looked amazing, flapper-esk.
I hope you enjoyed my list.  Be sure not to miss tomorrow’s 2012 best Oscar dresses.
What is your favorite Oscar dress of all time?

Top Five Most Memorable Oscar Dresses of Past Years

It’s hhhhhhhhhhhhhh-eeeeeeeeeeeeeee-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ah the Oscars.  Two years ago at this time I was standing in a hospital room while my midwife rubbed my back and coached me through my labor pains.  Where was my husband and my support people?  On the couch relaxing and watching the Oscars.  🙂  Even the midwife was making dress comments!  (I’m not sure yet to this day if they were just trying to get me to focus on the dresses and less on my uncomfortableness and if so, they know what this girl likes!)  The good thing was that my own baby girl was born that night!
This story should show you the power of the Oscars.  There have been years that I’ve missed it.  But the dresses live on whether or not you watch.
Here are a few of my most memorable (look tomorrow for my favorite Oscar dresses).  I wish I could say that I saw Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelley, but I don’t have those moments.  Here’s what I do have-
Top Five Memorable Oscar Dresses
Gwyneth Paltrow-
Gwyneth Paltrow 1999 Oscar
(Image courtesy of
Geez.  Was she engaged to Brad here or dating Ben?  I forget.  But I remember this dress before she was even half the star she is now.
Julia Roberts-

(Image courtesy of
I was not a huge fan of this dress.  I thought the hem in the front was too short, but I must have been the only one who seemed to mind.  This was a dress that you don’t forget, regardless.
Hillary Swank-

(Image courtesy of
Again, not a huge fan of this dress either (I thought her back was a little too thin scary!) but it does down in Oscar history.
Halle Berry-

(Image courtesy of
This was a pretty memorable night at the Oscars and Halle’s dress did not disappoint for a dress that will easily be forgotten!

(Image courtesy of
If you say “swan dress” we all have this image still ingrained in our minds.  ‘Nuff said.
Stay tuned for more Oscar dresses from the past and the 2012 dresses!!