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From Polyvore to Real Life- #12

This was another outfit that took as much time to throw together as a plate of mac and cheese.  While it wasn’t utterly thoughtless, it was quick.
Step one:
1)  Boil the water
Throw on some cropped pants.
2)  Cook the noodles until soft.
Add some color with a tank.
3)  Drain and mix in milk, butter and the cheese.
Add some denim for sauce.
4)  Stir until blended.
Add a few accessories that mix it all together.

From Polyvore to Real Life- #12
Here’s the real life version-

Wasn’t that the cheesiest?

From Polyvore to Real Life- #12 by stylefromthesticks featuring stretch pants

Patagonia shirt

2b stretch pants

Cz jewelry
$39 –

Wallis pearl jewelry

Fall Updates- Scarf

There are a few easy pieces you can rely on during this transitional weather to take your summer pieces into fall. I mentioned this in a previous post and, this week, I’ll show a few looks and how to work those pieces in.
For starters, let’s take the scarf.  Your tank top can be worn into cooler weather with the addition of this little accessory.  If you’re feeling brave, pair a printed scarf with a printed tank to enhance the outfit’s visual interest.
No matter how you wear it, the scarf can take you from summer to fall!

Fall Updates- Scarf

Fall Updates- Scarf by stylefromthesticks featuring a cross body shoulder bag