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Graduation Weekend

I thought I’d get this out there a little early in case many of you need to be thinking of what to wear this weekend.
Graduation weekends can be a marathon.  Especially for the family of the graduate.
For travel day, wear something trendy with a fun pair of colored jeans.  Throw on a “look-at-me” pair of shoes and you’ll be set for a long car ride.
When you get there, who knows what all the activities might be- camp fires, helping set up, preparing food, watching kids- having family time.  Wear something that will be very comfortable and versatile.  A maxi skirt and a chambray shirt will help you transition from each task.
And finally for the big ceremony, wear something lightweight with a preppy feel.  You could be sitting for hours, in the hot sun, waiting for your family’s name to be called.  Now is not the time for stiff and weighty fabrics.  Should the weather change, pack a cardigan and coat.
Congratulations to all the graduates!  Hopefully your future is as promising as these outfits.  🙂

Graduation Weekend

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Nature Walk

Stir crazy we all are and just the notion of being out of doors (as they used to say) is tempting enough we’ll brave any kind of weather.  Get some exercise in the process.  What sounds really great, a nice walk.
Suit up in sweats, walking shoes and a cute headband.  Take the pedometer so you know that it was good for your body but you won’t need any kind of instrument to know that your soul was refreshed.

Nature Walk

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A Week of Thanks- Christmas Practice

It’s that time of year again- the annual children’s program at church.  And it brings with it the sweat, tears and weeks of weeks of practice just to get your little ones to say their one line of the Christmas story.  As adorable as it all is, the children are relaying an important message.  And also learning themselves just what Christmas is all about.  Take practice seriously and dress like a lady, but one who can race a preschooler to the bathroom to avoid the potty dance during Away In the Manger.

Christmas Practice

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Where Dreams Come True Theme Park

The kids are in a frenzy of excitement, this is the ultimate in theme parks and they can’t wait to take it all in.  What to pack?  Something comfy, kid-friendly and  rollercoaster worthy.  A bright pair of cropped pants and a long pair of jeanshorts are a good start.  Don’t forget good walking shoes and a fun way to keep your hair out of your way. 
I hope it’s the vacation of a lifetime!

Where Dreams Come True Theme Park

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