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Thanksgiving Dinner- Saving Room for Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

I know you might not think to pack a dress for your Thanksgiving dinner, but let’s talk about the stretch factor.  No uncomfortable buttons or snaps to adjust after you’ve eaten too much, just sheer bloated bliss in an elastic and breathable waist.  Not to mention, a forgiving silhouette.  What’s not to love?

Keep it casual with some simple accessories- some pretty purple earrings to pick up the colors of the dress and a watch to keep track of just how long you’ll have to endure your relatives.  Just kidding.  I mean, how much longer you’ll get to enjoy your relatives, the blessings they are.

Spice things up with a pair of cognac boots and boot socks.  How I love the color cognac. It’s pretty much a fall staple and you can’t go wrong when you mix it with some tall boots.

Save room for that pumpkin pie!!

Thanksgiving Dinner- Saving Room for Pumpkin Pie by stylefromthesticks featuring a boohoo dress

Boohoo dress

Resin earrings

Aldo jewelry

Gold jewellery
$28 –

Thanksgiving Travel Day- I’ll Bring the Wine

Thanksgiving Travel Day

Thanksgiving Travel Day

It’s been awhile since I’ve done some actual fashion on the blog, so I’m taking the opportunity this week as many of you are packing for Thanksgiving trips or thinking about what to wear for family gatherings.

As I watch it snow here, I think leggings are perfectly appropriate to wear when you’re traveling, especially in inclement weather.  So long as you take care to wear them with a cute sweater and booties and not a hoodie and some ratty old Uggs.

A wrap coat is very trend this winter and it looks so sophisticated.  No reason not to travel in style.  You will also be seeing these flannel scarves that are really more like small blankets everywhere.  I confess I have one already and wear it regularly.

Don’t forget to bring the wine.  😉

Thanksgiving Travel Day- I’ll Bring the Wine by stylefromthesticks featuring a picnic wine tote

Jane Norman long cowl neck sweater
$55 –

Vero Moda wide pants
$31 –

Suede ankle bootie

MANGO vegan jewelry
$31 –

Blanket scarf

Wedding Week- White Tie

While it may be rare, there does exist one more label on the wedding invitation that may give you pause, white tie.
Basically, if you see this on your invitation, you need to be in a formal.  That means a long evening gown.  The men will probably be in tails and there may even be gloves involved. Think an invitation to the White House.
I know your maxi dress is a long dress but this does not qualify as a formal.  And as much as I loath the LBD, this is the time to dust off that black formal that you keep in your closet for such emergencies.  This is a dress that can be worn again and again.
The same rule as for the black tie invite applies:  be careful not to look like a bridesmaid in a pastel dress with no detailing.  Make sure you have a clutch and not a clunky mom bag. Wear your nicest jewelry.  Think elegance!
Thanks for a great wedding week!Wedding Week- White Tie


Wedding Week- White Tie by stylefromthesticks featuring long evening dresses

TFNC long evening dress
$77 –

Fake black diamond ring

Wedding Week- Black Tie

I’ve posted many a time about what it means when the invitation says “black tie.”  You can read more about that here.
What’s the short version?  Don’t show up in your cotton daydress.  Put on the jewelry that you feel is a little too fancy for work or the playground.  DRESS UP.  You should feel comfortable in a cocktail dress.
One other thing to keep in mind.  Solid color dresses may wind you up in the bridesmaid category.  So be weary.  Also, NEVER wear a white dress to a wedding.  The End.  🙂Wedding Week- Black Tie


Wedding Week- Black Tie by stylefromthesticks featuring gold jewelry

Boohoo dress

LowLuv gold jewelry

Wedding Week- Military

A military wedding can mean different wardrobe choices.  There are informal military weddings.  Most military wedding I’ve seen have meant the men are in their “dress blues” or “blue or white mess dress” which means they are in their fancy uniforms.
If this is what the guys are wearing, don’t show up in your maxi dress.  When the men are wearing something sharp, now is not the time to look frumpy.
For a military wedding, I think something with structure is appropriate.  I like these retro inspired dresses with the full skirts.  They have seaming and shape up top and are a little flirty and feminine on the bottom.
A little bit of the same structure he’s wearing, a little bit girly.  A perfect match to salute that arch of swords!
Wedding Week- Military


Wedding Week- Military by stylefromthesticks featuring a fit and flare dress

Closet sleeveless dress
$89 –

ASOS fit and flare dress
$68 –

Red shoes

ALDO quilted handbag

Ann Taylor earrings

Kenneth Cole earrings

Wedding Week- Destination

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Who wouldn’t want to get outta dodge and go some place exotic or historic?
If you are lucky enough to get to attend a destination wedding, typically the vibe is more relaxed. Today’s outfit is for the tropical destination wedding. I packed a jersey dress, it’ll feel great in the humidity and it’ll pack like a champ. Throw on a pair of easy but pretty sandals, some flower earrings and wear a flower in your hair! 
Now you’re ready for a day in paradise!Wedding Week- Destination


Wedding Week- Destination by stylefromthesticks featuring beaded sandals

Jersey knit dress
$34 –

Barrette hair clip

Wedding Week- Casual

It’s wedding season and many of you have weddings coming up to attend.  What to wear? This week, I’ll give you five outfits to wear depending on your wedding destination.
Today’s wedding is casual.  It can be hard to know if the wedding is truly casual, especially when some venues can be either casual or more formal.
Take for example, a beach wedding or a wedding that takes place in a barn.  Either place screams casual, but there have been lots of weddings lately that have taken that venue and made it elegant.  So be weary.
This is what I would pack.  If you’re absolutely certain that you know the family and it is going to be casual.  This is it.  This dress is easy, the sandals will be comfortable and will withstand sand or dirt.  And yet the necklace makes this outfit just a little more fancy.
And if you’re worried that it might not be “nice” enough, pack a pair of heels and wear your hair up.  It’ll still pass!Wedding Week- Casual


Wedding Week- Casual by stylefromthesticks featuring a braided belt

Braided belt

Forever New pocket purse
$28 –

Summer Concert Series- Tim McGraw

Happy 4th of July!
Your outfit doesn’t have to be literal.  But if you have something red or blue, today is the day to wear it!  While I enjoy Tim McGraw’s Meanwhile Back at Mama’s (his new song), since today is the 4th I included a song that’ll be sure to make you cry- If You’re Reading This.  Don’t forget when you are watching those fireworks, they are to remember the guns, cannons and rockets our country has fired for our freedom.Summer Concert Series- Tim McGraw
Summer Concert Series- Tim McGraw by stylefromthesticks featuring a maxi dress

Charlotte russe shoes

Summer Concert Series- Eric Church’s Give Me Back My Hometown

Happy Birthday to me!  I’m here celebrating it with you and a little Eric Church.  Am I the only one who has a little unreasonable crush on him?
Aviators are a must with this theme.  But I really don’t know why he covers up those beautiful brown eyes with sunglasses anyway?  I think a little laid back supermodel look is right in order for Eric Church.  And of course, beer from the bottle.Summer Concert Series- Eric Church

I think this song is really about drugs overtaking smalltowns but I like to put my own spin on it and I love it more that way.  Here’s the video!


Summer Concert Series- Eric Church by stylefromthesticks featuring blue jeans

T shirt

Dorothy Perkins blue jeans

Forever New crystal jewelry
$22 –

Summer Concert Series- Miranda Lambert’s Automatic

It’s time for a little thing I like to do every summer.  It’s sort of my summer concert series, if you will.  I will feature my current favorite new songs (because most of what I love isn’t new) and create an outfit to go along with the artist.

Weird, I know.  Fun, definitely.

First up is Miranda Lambert’s Automatic.  I’ve written before about how I really think going out with this girl would be a great night.  She seems down to earth and has a sassy personality. And just a touch unrefined.  🙂

And I particularly enjoy this song, not only because she somehow stole my pick up for her video (if I get one, you can be sure I’m having my midlife crisis), but because the lyrics speak to me about how life used to be so much simpler before all of this Facebook, cell phones and Internet.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all those things.  But they lead to insanity.

Without further ado, here is the video-

And here is my outfit-

Summer Concert Series- Miranda Lambert


Summer Concert Series- Miranda Lambert by stylefromthesticks featuring asos jewelry

Diamante jewelry
$4.21 –

Asos jewelry

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